Introduction to the Toyota Way


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The entire Toyota organisation is structured by a long-term philosophy, the Toyota Way. This includes five core values: Genchi Genbutsu, Kaizen, Challenge, Respect and Teamwork. All Toyota employees apply these values every day to ensure that the company’s dedication to uncompromised quality in products and services stand the test of time.

The Toyota Way is a distinctive way of thinking and working that helps us to build trust and mutual respect with employees and customers. Within Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE), this constant learning process supports our mission and vision: to be the most reliable partner for our customers and to grow stronger together.

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Introduction to the Toyota Way

  1. 1. The Toyota Way >>>What is the Toyota Way?The Toyota Way is the corporate DNA that permeates and structures the entire Toyota organisation. It is an integral partof the companys culture, ideals and standards. This set of beliefs and core values influence business practices andemployees behaviour within the Toyota family every day.This Toyota philosophy is based on two core pillars: "Respect for people", promoting "Teamwork" and "Respect", and"Continuous improvement", promoting "Kaizen", "Genchi Genbutsu" and "Challenge". These 5 values havebuilt Toyotas reputation and long-lasting success over the years.Applying the Toyota Way in daily business at all levels provides: • a healthy behaviour identity that all employees are invited to follow • a focused, effective and enjoyable working environment • the continuity of good practices across the different Toyota businesses • the desire to constantly set standards and to work towards reaching them Teamwork Toyota stimulates personal and professional growth, shares opportunities for development and maximises individual and team performance. Respect Toyota respects others, makes every effort to understand others, accepts responsibility and does its best to build mutual trust. Kaizen Continuous improvement. As no process can ever be declared perfect, there is always room for improvement. Genchi Genbutsu Going to the source to find the facts to make correct decisions, build consensus and achieve goals. Challenge To maintain a long-term vision and meet all challenges with the courage and creativity needed to realise that vision.