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Trash Talk Newsletter (Spring/Summer 2011)


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Trash Talk Newsletter (Spring/Summer 2011)

  1. 1. STONY PLAINS UTILITY NEWS TR AS H Zero-Waste Events talk Planning an event, function or meeting? SPRING/SUMMER 2011 The Town’s Zero Waste Event Package provides information, suggestions and planning tools to limit, if not eradicate, waste produced at events. Download the information package from the Town’s website ( containers mixed paper/Blue Bag (please rinse all containers) boxboardProgram • milk containers will be accepted at bottle depot locations for refund • • office paper cereal boxesDispose of plastics • tin food cans • corrugated cardboardwith the resin code • clear glass food jars • pasta boxesof 1-7 in the blue bag. • refundable beverage containers • hard plastics, household grocery bagsSimply check if the bottles and containers • may be accepted forplastic has the recycling at your localfollowing symbols: heavy paper grocery store (place in separate grocery bag) • newspaper • magazines • telephone books • cataloguesWhat goes intomy OrganiCart? To help you collect organic waste in your kitchen,food waste paper waste purchase a “Kitchen• Vegetable and fruit waste • Wet or soiled cardboard Catcher” from the• Animal, fowl or fish or paper Recycle Town Office. This (eg. meats, bones • Newspaper (for wrapping, smart - use two-gallon pail, or fat trimmings) lining bin, shredded Organicart. complete with lid• Cooking oils or grease paper, etc.) and handle, can be• Dairy or egg waste stored unobtrusively yard waste on your counter or• Grains, nuts, flour, etc. • Grass clippings under your sink.• Soup stocks When it is full, • Leaves• Coffee grounds dispose the material • Weeds in your organic cart. • Garden foliage • Brush or pruningsPaint Products accepted at Electronicsthe Rotary Recycling Centre: accepted• Containers 100ml to 24 litres • Non-catalyzed and non- at the Rotary• Interior/exterior latex paint, nitrocellulose lacquers Recycling Centre: varnishes and urethanes • Concrete and driveway• Porch, floor, fence and (non-tar) paint • Televisions deck paints • Empty containers • Monitors• Primers, undercoats and • Paint Aerosols • CPUs and servers water-repellent sealers • Marine paint - • Laptops/ Notebooks• Enamels free of • Printers• Wood-finishing oils and stains pesticides and printer• Shellac combinations• Rust and decorative metals paint
  2. 2. STONY PLAINS UTILITY NEWS SPRING/SUMMER 2011be water wise Sustainable EventTake care not to waste Arbour Day Because you June 18, 2011 - 10:00 pmthis valuable resource,and save money while care - REPAIR Willow Park Natural Area • Regularly check toilets, pipes and faucets This Spring, the Town will host its first-you’re at it, too! ever Arbour Day, which will be celebrated for leaks and repair them immediately • Leaks can cost anywhere from a few annually, starting in 2011. The TownMake every drop dollars for a dripping tap to as much encourages citizens and community as $1,000 per month for a faulty toilet groups to plant and take care of treescount - REDUCE • The average family loses approximately within our community.• Hot water for showers, laundry and 14 per cent of water usage through leaks, washing dishes is about 20 per cent most commonly in toilets of a typical energy utility bill • Check toilet for leaks by putting a few• Run dishwasher and washing machine drops of food colouring into the tank and Rain Barrel only when full; use energy-saver cycle wait 20 minutes before flushing. If colour begins to appear in the bowl, the flapper ProgramDon’t be a valve may need replacing. Other issues to To encourage water conservation, the consider include: adjusting the chain Town makes available 200 rain barrelsdrip - RETROFIT length and float arm and checking the to citizens to purchase on a first-come,• An average family of four flushes ball-cock for leaking first-served basis. These units typically 400 litres of water a day sell out quickly.• Replace older toilets with new, Think green, Barrels can be purchased for efficient ultra-low flush models that use only three- to-six litres of water real green - $50 + Gst from the Town Office during regular business hours per flush – reducing water use by LAWN CARE (8:30 am - 4:30 pm, M-F). 50 to 85 per cent per flush • Choose a sprinkler that lays down water To pick up your• Adapt or replace older, in a flat pattern. Oscillating sprinklers lose barrel(s), you less efficient appliances as much as 50 per cent of the water they MUST bring a disperse through evaporation copy of your • Water lawn in the early morning purchase or in the evening to prevent evaporation. receipt(s) to the • Water lawn once a week for no more Public Works than one hour Office between • Cut grass relatively high 8:00 am and (6 cm or 2.5 inches) 4:30 pm, M-F. Toilet Rebate ProgramS.O.S. To encourage water conservation, Recycling Trailer the Town has partnered with Climate The Town has purchased a(Save Our Sewers) Change Central (C3) to offer citizens recycling trailer that will be a toilet rebate program.Residents who used at various events andTo keep Stony Plain’s sanitary purchase and install a qualifying toilet will functions throughout the year.sewer system operating smoothly, be eligible for a $50 rebate on low-flush Community organizations aresome items should not be models and a $75 rebate for dual-flush encouraged to use the trailer models. The program is being for their events. Contact theintroduced into any sewer, administered by C3. For more information, Town to reserve the trailer fordirectly, or via kitchen waste visit your group function.disposal units. These include: or• glass • metal • coffee grounds Recycling Statistics• seafood shells • decorative • condoms• paper towels stones (from • sanitary 2010 2009 2008 2007 aquariums or napkins Blue Bag 1,019.01 1,006.46 1101.71 1032.56• diapers, socks, fish bowls) Organic 1,343.76 1,271.53 1177.33 1312.23 rags, cloths • dental floss • plastic objects Garbage 2,951.37 2,933.61 3004.30 2807.00• kitty litter (toys, utensils) Electronics (tonnes) 64,330 40.747 39.944 Paint (litres) 24,000 29,400 12,600 (Aug. 18-Dec.10)Rotary The Rotary Recycling Centre accepts the following items:Recycling paintCentre Hours24/7 access cardboard4505 - 50 Avenue, Stony Plain, AB organics 4905 - 51 Avenue,Attendant on site seven days Stony Plain, Albertaa week, from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. Canada, T7Z 1Y1 blue bagPlease respect the Recycling T 780.963.2151Centre, and clean up any mess(es) F 780.963.2197you make. newspaper E electronics