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Malmö Demography 1


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Published in: Technology
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Malmö Demography 1

  1. 1. 93 nations 56 60 92 63 41 81 59 88 37 A total of 171 nations are represented in Malmö
  2. 2. everyday movement of people. some stay, som leave and some coming in to Malmo day ns a rso pe 70 c< 40469 60 m alm cop f2 al o ö - enh Tot K<14160 co age ns both live an pe n- e rso dw nh ma ag lm V I< 31231 9 2p o en o 1 H<18634 7 rk 90 15 760 ins R<21904 84 0 p pers ide S. I< 32752 ers ons M on H<31016 almo s F< 40509 To tal of 582 0 6 pe rsons a day L. B<37059 o< 11234
  3. 3. abilities ts tale though ledge nts know ide ledge as know e le dg e idea s g as ow tleld nts e ide though wa ts kn ts s abilitieth o knowledge talen oughts kn abilities e dg ideas le nts though ow tale ts abilities kn