How to Save 5K by Creating Your Own Product Videos


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Your videos can go two ways you can always whip out the flip camera, shoot some action and upload it to YouTube for free (wasting your time) OR you can always use a video production company to produce and edit a quality video for around $4k to $10k (wasting your $$$). Over here at ToutApp we found a happy medium. By using some awesome tools and resources we saved big bucks and ended up with some quality videos.

Shoot out to Screenflow, Tunefruit, Wistia, VoiceBunny and Deposit Photos for making our videos

About ToutApp: ToutApp is the Complete Sales Communications Platform. We help you streamline your sales process with real time Email Tracking, powerful customizable Templates and Analytics around your emails.

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  • Toutapp is super-cool! Have you used also along with it? Great tool for friendly follow-up emails straight from your inbox.
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  • Thanks for the feedback Tara! You most definitely should check out the tools. As Head of Communications at VoiceBunny I am sure you are sending out emails on emails daily. ToutApp may make your life a bit easier - check us out
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  • Thanks so much for putting this together! Admittedly, I'm a little biased since I work at VoiceBunny, but, as a marketer for a startup, I'm always looking to cut costs for high quality content. I am definitely going to check out the tools mentioned in the video. Thanks again and we love you too. ;)
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How to Save 5K by Creating Your Own Product Videos

  1. 1. How You Can Save 5K By CreatingYour Own Product VideosTips and Tricks by The Happiness Officers @ToutApp
  2. 2. You can always whip out the flip camera…
  3. 3. Shoot some action
  4. 4. And upload toYouTube "for free
  5. 5. Or you can use a video production companyto produce and edit a quality video…
  6. 6. Or you can use a video production company toproduce and edit a quality video… for around 4k to 10k.
  7. 7. So youare eithersavingbundles of$$$...
  8. 8. So youare eithersavingbundles of$$$...
  9. 9. creating a not so high qualityfinished product.
  10. 10. Or
  11. 11. Emptying your bank account…
  12. 12. Emptying your bank account…
  13. 13. with a polished professional video.
  14. 14. So you are either wasting your time
  15. 15. or wasting your money.
  16. 16. Great.
  17. 17. Great.
  18. 18. So over here at ToutApp we found ahappy medium.
  19. 19. By using the following tools andresources…
  20. 20. By using the following tools andresources…
  21. 21. By using the following tools and resources…We saved big bucks and ended up with qualityvideos.
  22. 22. If I could hug Screenflow Iwould.
  23. 23. Screenflow offers screencasting andscreen recordings.
  24. 24. It captures theentirety of content •  Mac desktopon your… •  Your iPhone •  Video camera •  Microphone •  Your computers audio
  25. 25. Super simple. Easy to use.
  26. 26. Offers powerful editing: Easily add images,text, video transitions Even freehandcallouts, and video &audio filters.
  27. 27. It can be difficult to create an explainervideo of your product or service…"""but Screenflow, I kid you not,makes it effortless.
  28. 28. When you’re ready toship its out…Screenflow let’syou publish it to anymedia player (i.e., YouTube, Vimeo, flash,exports to any Quicktime format)"
  29. 29. Don’t believe me? Check out their overview video.
  30. 30. While you’re at it check out how we usedScreenflow this create product video."
  31. 31. Seriously, round of applause forWistia.
  32. 32. Wistia provides professional video hostingoffering reliable delivery and professional tracking.
  33. 33. While their servicesare phenomenal,their content isextraordinary
  34. 34. They offer seriously amazing content and videos that teach you unbelievable tips and trickson video editing, production strategy and even video marketing.
  35. 35. We recently created our first customer testimonialvideo and only dropped $100 at Home Depotand Amazon to create professional looking lighting.
  36. 36. Check out our video.Props to for the tip.
  37. 37. Tunefruit is music to my ears.Literally.
  38. 38. Music trulymakes orbreaks a videoand at times isthe only audiothroughout.
  39. 39. So, choosing the best music to placein your video is kinda a big deal.
  40. 40. In order to make sure our video stay uppityand have emotion we use Tunefruit.
  41. 41. Tunefruit is amodern musicmarketplace, has awide variety ofcontent contributorswith all kinds of greatmusic genres.
  42. 42. You will be sure to find some fresh picksfor your videos.
  43. 43. A picture is worth a thousandwords.
  44. 44. And sometimes in order to create a powerful video imagesare the way to go. Telling a story through images can createserious emotion and inspire your audience.
  45. 45. When it comes to telling a story throughimages we use deposit photos.
  46. 46. They have thebest highquality stockphotos. Andwhen comparedto thousands ofother stock photosites they are theMOST affordable.
  47. 47. Check out how we told a story throughthe power of deposit photos images.
  48. 48. When it comes to creating a professionalvideo the voice over needs to be highquality and engaging.
  49. 49. And if you are looking for high quality andaffordability is your answer.
  50. 50. We love VoiceBunny   They offer fast and professional voices for any type of project. You can choose from thousands of voice actors.
  51. 51. And beyond their voices… VoiceBunny has exceptionalcustomer service. Why you should be using VoiceBunny: •  All talents have professional home studios and equipment •  All audio is screened for quality •  Super high speed, high quality and low cost •  Awesome customer service
  52. 52. It’s up to you how you want togo about your video creations.
  53. 53. In the end if you want a quality product withyour vision, your style at an affordable priceuse these tools and resources…
  54. 54. P.s. After you create your awesome video,Tout it and see what kind of engagement it gets.
  55. 55. How You Can Save 5K ByCreating Your Own VideosTips and Tricks by The Happiness Officers @ToutApp
  56. 56. Brought to you by: