How to Write Kickass Sales Emails


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182 Billion Emails Are Exchanged Every Day. How Will Yours Get Noticed?

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  • Great, great presentation guys! I hate receiving crummy sales emails, so I also wrote a blog post about what I'll actually respond to:
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How to Write Kickass Sales Emails

  1. 1. 182 Billion Emails Are Exchanged Every Day. How Will Yours Get Noticed?How to WriteKickass SalesEmailsBrought to you by Email Happiness Officers at ToutApp
  2. 2. 7 Actionable Tipsfor Better Emails1 182+ billion emails are sent every day. How do you make yours stand out and drive engagement? ToutApp’s sales communications platform has facilitated and tracked millions of emails. Here’s what we’ve learned.
  3. 3. ToutApp, Inc.Re: Subject line 3 Tactics You CanMost salespeople stress over the Apply To Get Yourbody of their emails. You shouldspend more time on the subject Email Viewedline.Think of catchy, short, and 1. Personalize with a point relevantinformative subject lines so that to the person you are emailing, likeyour email actually gets opened. “Hunter Sullivan suggested IRemember: Only 20% to 40% of contact you,” or “Thanks for youremails actually get opened but blog post on x.”most subject lines get seen. 2
  4. 4. ToutApp, Inc. 2. Hook ‘em. Share information that allows them to learn something interesting: “The future of sales emails.” 3. Give a little mystery. Be vague enough where they are curious and want to read on, “Strange question” received 20% higher open rates than average. 3
  5. 5. ToutApp, Inc.Hi, hello, dear sir,greetings...Be different. You’ll want to comeoff friendly and show you are anactual human - not a machine withgreat grammar.Never use “Dear Sir or Madam” or“To Whom it May Concern.”Show that you did some research. If you don’t have an introduction, a plainThis can be in the form of referring old “Hello” or “Hi [name]” will a common connection or gettingan actual introduction. 4
  6. 6. ToutApp, Inc. Don’t do monkey work. Use Email Templates and ToutApp. It’ll let you automatically fill in fields like: {{first_name}} or {{company}}. Templates save you time on the Personalization is key. repetitive stuff like re-attaching a PDF or writing the part that Mention the person’s first name. describes what your company Mention their company. Mention does so you can focus more of recent press or product launches. your valuable time on Show that you took your time to personalizing. research the person. 5
  7. 7. ToutApp, Inc.Keep it simple Don’t get too bogged down with internal terms or abvs.stupid. Your prospects likely aren’tTweet sized emails. Realize that familiar with them, and youryou can’t close the deal and make message won’t resonate.the sale on that one email.Think in terms of the series ofemails that it’ll take to establish arelationship over email and writethem accordingly.The simpler and shorter the better.Simplicity drives curiosity and itdrives action. Embrace it. 6
  8. 8. ToutApp, Inc. Show that you have a pulse. As a salesperson you need to humanize yourself, show that you care about what you are sending and who you are sending it to and show that you aren’t just sending an email en masse. 7
  9. 9. ToutApp, Inc.Don’t ask them for Keep your call to action topermission only one motivation.When you send someone an email,you need to ask yourself what it isyou would like them to do.Make it dead simple easy forthem to say yes.Want a meeting? Suggest meetingtimes in the email. Want a phonecall? Say: “call me right now at X fordetails.” 8
  10. 10. ToutApp, Inc.Make your call to actions 
 Check out ToutApp Live Trackingtrackable.Sometimes people won’t respondto your emails but will click onyour links.This is a great example of aengaged prospect who’s notnecessarily ready to commit.A service like ToutApp can helpyou track these clicks in real-timeso you know who’s engaged. Track when your prospects view, click and browse your site in real time with ToutApp. 9
  11. 11. ToutApp, Inc.Mondays are theworst.Email Marketing data shows emailssent Monday mornings are lesslikely to be read.On the other hand, Tuesdays andWednesdays are great times tosend emails. Try to avoid the Monday traffic hoursAnd, our tracking data shows (between 12:00-2:00pm) andbusiness professionals continue to schedule your emails to be sentcheck emails through a holiday like before or after the traffic.4th of July thanks to mobilephones. 10
  12. 12. ToutApp Email Scheduling R EVIEW 1.1 Midterm Reviewhelps you hit “Send” now The first thing someone notices about my email is:and have emails delivered atthe most opportune times.
 A. Subject Line B. Email BodyJust because Sunday night C. Send Dateis when you finally get D. Who Sent Itaround to prospectingdoesn’t mean you shouldsend them Sunday night. Check Answer 11
  13. 13. ToutApp, Inc.Clean up your digitalcommunication. • Stop using colors (especiallySpeaking clearly, enunciating bright yellow)your words, and being respectfulof other people’s time is • Stop using Comic Sans (youimportant in business meetings. know who you are)The same things are equally • Stop using fancy graphics orimportant in your digital layout, they just scream “canned.” Simpler emails 
communications. convert better.Make sure you are projectingthe right image online. 12
  14. 14. • Start having a complete Email Signature linking to your online assets• Start using lists to organize your thoughts and keep things bite sized.• Start making it easy for them Bold important to say “Yes” sentences. 13
  15. 15. ToutApp, Inc.Send yourself Look at your Inbox andyour Sales Email ask yourself:A magical thing happens 1. Would you open that email?when you start reading an 2. If you did open it, would youemail in your own Inbox. You spend more than 2 secondsstart to think more like a 
 reading it?customer. 3. If you spent more than 2 seconds, would you know what to do next? 14
  16. 16. ToutApp, Inc. Go back to writing your email and ask yourself: 1. Why am I sending this email? Share This 2. Why should my prospect Did you find this useful? Share care? this book with others here: 3. Assuming I convince them to care, what do I want them to do next? 4. Did I follow all the other 
 actionable steps in this book? 15
  17. 17. ToutApp EmailAnalytics2 Our Sales Communications platform helps write emails faster and track engagement across your prospects and leads. See how it can help your business.
  18. 18. ToutApp, Inc.Tout Helps With Take ToutApp for a Free Trial Its simpler than ever to connect ToutApp into your CRM, EmailYour Emails Client and mobile phone. You can start a free trial and see how ToutApp can help your sales process. Start Free Trial: Talk to SalesToutApp Helps Sales Teams: We have a dedicated team of Email Happiness Officers to help you understand and evaluate ToutApp as your Sales Communi-1. Write sales emails faster with Email Templates cations Platform of choice.2. Track engagement of day to day sales emails with Schedule a call: Live View, Click, Reply tracking. Call Right Now3. Drive consistent messaging and training across the team shareable templates 866-548-19274. Automatically keep CRMs up to date with the latest sales activity5. Measure sales messaging and effectiveness based on email communications data. 17
  19. 19. G ALLERY 2.1 Screenshots of the ToutApp Sales Communications PlatformToutApp’s Live Feed gives you a real-time view into what your prospects and leads are doing.