The Tourister - By Ravi


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Hi, welcome to the next step of our journey!

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The Tourister - By Ravi

  1. 1. A presentation about you…!   Welcome to, your next stop on our tour. If you’ve stumbled up on this by accident, you may want to visit and join the tour from the beginning. We’ve brought you here to slideshare because it’s yet another example of what social media can look like.   Here people post the content they create, post comments about content, or can share it with other people – it’s a useful tool and an appropriate place to continue our discussion of social media.
  2. 2. Who is talking about you? In social media people talk about themselves, their family their friends and the stuff that interest them.   Here at there’s a lot of conversation about business – which make sense considering it’s about presentation. But even here the conversations can be broader:  
  3. 3. Broader? Interested in the history of cheese? Interested in weird architecture? So, sometimes it’s cheese, sometimes it’s buildings, but sometimes it’s brands.   And sometimes that brand will be yours.
  4. 4. Your brand....   To find out what ‘they’ are saying about you can use tools like this one: Check it out now if you want, just open the link, it lets you search the social media world for conversations around your brand. (It’s best that you open the link to Sccopler in another window, as we’d hate to lose you). Chances are that right now you are being discussed in social media - everyday people may be talking about your brand or company online.   What are they saying? Why are they saying it?   Is it possible that some of this conversation could be damaging to your brand?   And what do you do about it?    
  5. 5. What you can do…. Firstly, you can start listening into the conversation on a regular basis using a Social Media Monitoring Tool – we’ve got one of our own that we can recommend.   The second thing you can do is start participating in that conversation yourself by embracing Social Media Optimisation (SMO).
  6. 6. About Social Media Optimisation Key to working in the social media space is SMO.   SMO is about: 1. Identifying the on-line spaces where your target markets are naturally found.   2. Identifying the natural ‘conversations’ taking place in these spaces.   3. Creating a ‘natural’ way for your brand to be involved in these conversations – integrating yourself meaningfully into the space where the conversation is happening.   4. Developing conversations around your brand that flow from these natural conversations.   5. Using these new brand conversations to achieve your objectives.  
  7. 7. Deploying SMO   SMO is best deployed as part of an integrated social media strategy – social media strategies are a big subject, and that’s a whole new discussion.   The point is this: if you are in social media right now, it’s worth considering your part in the conversation.    
  8. 8. Next?   You can take the next step on our journey by clicking here Or you can head back to our blog by clicking here: