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  • At present, for non-visitors, we rank well below the culinary giants of France and Italy and even below Germany, when it comes to places to visit for food and wine. Only 26% of those who have not been to Australia associated Australia with good food and wine. That figure rose to 60% amongst those who have visited. It’s a perception gap we can close as we know that as a destination we can deliver excellent food and wine.What an opportunity for Australia.
  • This is not a new campaign. There’s nothing like Australia is the campaign, that isn’t changing. Food, wine and beverages just add depth to the campaign.
  • Phase 1 is the rally cry and it launched on 7 April with a soft launch of the content hub. From this date, the hub will be able to receive content via an online form, or through the #restaurantaustralia.Tourism Victoria has been working Tourism Australia, RTB’s and industry associations to ensure industry are aware of this phase of the campaign.During the Rally Cry phase and beyond we need you to encourage the Victorian industry to upload their food, wine and beverage experiences on the content hub Australia.com/restaurantaustralia. A dedicated TA content team will be constantly monitoring the submitted content in order to select the most unique and compelling experiences to promote both on the content hub and via social media.Phase 2 is Ignite the World. During this phase, Restaurant Australia activity will launch across 12 key markets, including media and consumer events as well as advertising featuring the new TNLA assets. In addition, activity may include competitions and prizes where consumers win a trip to Australia to review Restaurant Australia during Phase 3 - Invite the World to Dinner.Phase 3 is Invite The World to Dinner. TA will invite 80 of the world’s most influential food and wine critics, bloggers, chefs, personalities etc to Australia to try our amazing culinary experiences. They will be hosted on a famil by all 8 STOs and their trip will end with a Gala Event. These global influencers will return home and continue to share our food, wine and beverage stories with the world.The great thing about this campaign is unlike traditional media buys Restaurant Australia continues to live and breathe if you continue the conversation. This campaign doesn’t have an end date that ends with the last time our TV was on air.
  • This is the form on which content can be submitted, and this is the information that the content team will receive in order to consider whether they will promote the experience.It’s important to make this content really compelling as this is what will be used to determine whether your business becomes an experience we promote.Important to note – you can enter multiple experiences for your business. May be different experiences for each of the 7 pillars – Restaurants, Wine, Produce, Festivals, People, Experiences, Seafood. Remember to think about video, images, awards, quirky facts, seasonal produce, quotes etc which can be used to differentiate your experience.Each submission will receive a listing – the more interesting and informative your submission, more likely it will be profiled and showcased to a greater extent – and potentially have TA develop more content around the experience.
  • Sharing experiences using #restaurantaustralia is easy. If industry have a facebook page, google plus, twitter or instagram account, post on Australia’s page and just type #restaurantaustralia at the end of their comment. This will allow Tourism Australia’s social media content team to see their commentary.For Facebook TA want stunning high res images, ideally 300dpi, that showcase Restaurant Australia experiences. Beautiful images which show a food & wine experience set within a unique or stunning location. Tagging with #restaurantaustralia gives TA permission to repost it onto our own social media platforms or on to Australia.com/restaurantaustralia. For Twitter & Instagram the images don’t have to be as high res as 300dpi. For instagram TA also want 15 second videos that capture a food & wine experience, destination or event in an engaging, hip and visual way. Twitter TA will be looking to retweet links to interesting food and wine themed articles, quotes from influential chefs and foodies, links to video content and Instagram photos that showcase food, wine and destination.
  • Campaign assets for Victoria will include 3 minutes of film covering every state and territory of Australia and a 30 second cut for Victoria (Tourism Victoria is waiting to receive a copy).
  • Example of the home page for Victoria – examples only and the best place to see the pages is on australia.com/restaurantaustralia
  • Visit will culminate in gala dinner which will see produce from around Australia prepared and served on-site at MONA in Tasmania on November 14.Victoria’s food and wine experiences will be represented at this event. Details to be confirmed.
  • RTB Restaurant Australia Communications Kit

    1. 1. Restaurant Australia Update – May 2014 1. Strategy & Objectives 2. Rally Cry 3. Ignite the World 4. Invite the World to Dinner
    2. 2. People who have not visited don’t rate Australian food, wine and beverages...creating a perception gap Source: Consumer Demand Project 2013, BDA
    3. 3. For those who previously travelled to Australia, visitors from the UK, USA, France, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea ranked Australia as the No. 1 destination for Food and Wine.
    4. 4. Objective 2 Close the perception gap of potential travellers, by moving Australia’s position as a quality food and wine destination from 6th to 3rd. Objective 1 Add more than $500M to food, wine and beverage expenditure by travellers by December 2015.
    5. 5. A place where, every second of every day, we’re serving up unique and brilliant food wine and beverage experiences in awe-inspiring locations. Far from a place with very few culinary credentials, it’s a place where everywhere you go, amazing food, wine and beverage experiences await you. The idea is to reframe the country as Restaurant Australia and invite the world to experience it
    6. 6. The campaign will be housed under There’s nothing like Australia • Food, wine and beverages adds depth to There’s nothing like Australia • There’s nothing like Australia brings place and people to food, wine and beverages
    7. 7. Closing the perception gap with the world’s biggest restaurant requires a whole of industry effort PHASE 3 INVITE THE WORLD TO DINNER NOVEMBER 2014 Australia invites 80 of the world’s global food critics, influencers and bloggers to Restaurant Australia Continue the conversation PHASE 2 IGNITE THE WORLD FROM 7 MAY TA select the most unique and compelling experiences to promote around the world Media launch 7 May: website live, $5M+ marketing and promotions across 12 International markets PHASE 1 RALLY CRY FROM 7 APRIL 2014 Tell us your story…
    8. 8. Restaurant Australia 1. Strategy & Objectives 2. Rally Cry 3. Ignite the World 4. Invite the World to Dinner
    9. 9. Phase 1 - Rally Cry Encourage Victoria’s operators with a food and wine focus to get involved ahead of the promotional stage by listing stories on the campaign website • Soft launch of content hub on April 7 – the hub able to receive content via an online form or through #restaurantaustralia • australia.com/restaurantaustralia is key hub for content during the campaign
    10. 10. Share your experience at australia.com/restaurantaustralia • Submit the best food, wine and beverage experience and you will be listed on the site. • You will need: • your business details • a great photo • a description of your food and wine experience that captures people, produce and place.
    11. 11. Share your experiences using #restaurantaustralia • On google +, facebook, twitter and instagram, promote your best people, produce and place experiences. • Tag with #restaurantaustralia and TA’s content curators will find it and promote it if it meets requirements. • It won’t just be TA. The rest of the world will be able to see your experience too.
    12. 12. Share themed experiences Product Pillars (Australia) Wine story People Seafood Produce Restaurants Experiences Events Key Themes (Victoria) Iconic restaurants Laneway experiences Coffee obsession Multi-cultural cuisine Eat streets Festivals and events Wine regions Trails, farm-gates and produce Seafood and coastal villages Micro-breweries and ale trails
    13. 13. What else can we do? • Unearthing the best food and wine experiences in Victoria is critical to maintaining our credentials – encourage industry to become involved • Submissions (photo, video and description) must be accurate and interesting in order to be selected to be profiled over and above the listing • What is the PR angle? New news, history, personal story, quirky
    14. 14. What else can we do? • Ongoing and evolving campaign – always need more new and exciting experiences to be uploaded • Enlisting support of Regional Tourism Boards and their PR agencies • Highlighted in industry newsletter, corporate social media channel and at ATE
    15. 15. Restaurant Australia 1. Strategy & Objectives 2. Rally Cry 3. Ignite the World 4. Invite the World to Dinner
    16. 16. Phase 2 – Ignite the World $5 million marketing and promotion across 12 countries • Greater China, Hong Kong, UK, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, India, Canada and Indonesia • Media and consumer events • Advertising featuring new assets • Competitions and prizes where consumers win a trip to Australia to review Restaurant Australia during Phase 3
    17. 17. Examples of website structure australia.com/restaurantaustralia
    18. 18. Restaurant Australia 1. Strategy & Objectives 2. Rally Cry 3. Ignite the World 4. Invite the World to Dinner
    19. 19. Phase 3 – Invite the World to Dinner 80 key influencers and 80 consumers will experience and review Restaurant Australia • Nation wide familiarisation program – 80 influencers will travel to different parts of the country to cover food and wine experiences on offer in every state and territory during a week long visit in November and capture their experiences through their media and online networks internationally • Victoria will host up to 10 influencers supported by key ambassadors such as Shannon Bennett, George Calombaris, Stephanie Alexander and Ben Shewry, who will offer unique and bespoke experiences and insights