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2 Integrated Social and Business Stategy


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Part 2 - SocialCRM in a Marketing Campaign.

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2 Integrated Social and Business Stategy

  1. 1. Nick Baggott FCIM FIDM Twitter @njbaggott Social CRM: Integrating Social & Business Strategy
  2. 2. Nick Baggott FCIM, FIDM, Course Director CIM – Navigate Consulting (Digital & CRM) – Microsoft, Google, HP, RBS, Lloyds, Legal & General, American Idol, Jani King, Juniper Networks, BP, Reuters, Vodafone, Ernst & Young, Rolls Royce – Chemistry Communications Group, Group CSD
  3. 3. Agenda • Integrating Social & Business Strategy • Why take social seriously? • Setting goals & measures • Customer engagement
  4. 4. How the world is changing... “The same rules still apply: We are just working on a broader canvas with a richer set of colours” Mohan Sawhney Kellogg School of Management OLD RULES – NEW TOOLS
  5. 5. What do these mean to you?
  6. 6. Why take social seriously?
  7. 7. Statistic Mar 2013 Mar 2012 Mar 2011 Mar 2010 Sept 2009 Facebook active users 1.1 bn* 901m 640m 350m 250m Twitter registered users 500m 465m 175m 75m 10m LinkedIn 200m 150m 100m 50m 49m Google+ 359m 90m 10m Pinterest 48m 12m Social Media Global Stats *1 in 8 people in the world! SOURCE: 2009 to 2011 stats - Mar 2012 & Mar 2013 stats - & Global Web Index Data
  8. 8. ‘OWNED’ MEDIA Radio Mags Newspapers Online display ads Outdoor TV ‘Advertising’ Email Corporate website Community Product site(s) Campaign site(s) ‘BOUGHT’ MEDIA ‘EARNED’ MEDIA Digital media landscape Natural search campaigns Affiliate Sites YouTube Channel Facebook Page Twitter Social Media
  9. 9. Integrating Social with Business Strategy
  10. 10. Why are you using social media? CIM Social Media Benchmark Report – wave 1 April 2012
  11. 11. 12 How does it relate to business strategy? Business strategy Marketing strategy Marketing plan • Aspirations & goals • Business/market scope & assumptions • Opportunities & threats • Products & services • Capabilities & resources Customer value Market/customer needs Value drivers & market positioning Value creating marketing strategies • Targets • Activities • Comms • Resources • Budgets • Measures & controls
  12. 12. Brand Market Organisation OBJECTIVES What does success look like? RESEARCH Where are we now? INSIGHT What are the implications? STRATEGY What do we need to do? Developed by Baggott, Hansell and Lumley 2012. Consumer PROGRAMS How will we do it? MEASURE Did it work?
  13. 13. Setting Objectives
  14. 14. Setting objectives Purchase Behaviour EmotionalEngagement Low High Unaware Aware Consider Conversion Purchase Loyalty
  15. 15. Efficiency AND Engagement MARKET EXAMPLE: • 14 activities evaluated; • Four activities = 45% of marketing spend which achieves or exceeds goals; • Four activities = 30% spend which appear effective but do not provide a satisfactory RoI; • Two activities = 10% provide a reasonable RoI but have limited impact; • Four activities = 15% of spend but under-perform against effect and efficiency measures. WHAT STEPS WILL YOU TAKE?
  16. 16. 4 Steps of Customer Engagement
  17. 17. Navigate Behavioural CRM Framework ACQUIRE PARTICIPATE SHARE ENGAGE Copyright: Navigate Consulting Ltd 2011
  18. 18. Digital media choices... STAGE CHANNELS Share Viral, Social sharing Engage Webinars, events, crowd sourcing, podcasts, Twitter, YouTube channel, wikis, forums Participate Blog, web site design, web surveys, quick video testimonials, landing pages Acquire Search, promotions, thought leadership, digital PR, online advertising
  19. 19. Behavioural engagement modelling Event Driven “Programmed” RM Comms ACQUIRE PARTICIPATE ENGAGE SHARE Visited web site Called contact centre Register Opted In Prefer- ence data Sign up for email newsletter One question survey Read email newsletter Clicked on a link Visited more pages on web site Download white paper View video Join Facebook or LI group Completed online test Take part in survey Attend an event Comment on web content Upload a video Take part in research panel Accept privileged member- ship Recommend a friend Send on viral promotion Retweet Host event Joint PR activity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Customer Commitment Scale / Customer Engagement Index