How to Download College Textbooks to Your iPad for FREE


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Visit now to start downloading free college textbooks

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How to Download College Textbooks to Your iPad for FREE

  1. 1. How to Download College Textbooks to your iPad for FREEIf you want to download college textbooks to your iPad or any other electronic device for free, then,you must check out We all know that college education is a very expensiveinvestment. You need to pay hefty tuition fees plus board and lodging, as well as pay exorbitantamounts of money on books. Wouldn’t you want a way to save money on textbooks so that you canspend it on something else? The solution is the services offered by TouchTextbooks.The TouchTextbooks website has a large collection of college textbooks online. It actually has overthree million encompassing five thousand varying subjects. All you need to do is pay a low one-timeregistration fee and you will have a lifetime’s worth of downloading books to further your education.If you are wondering about the devices that are compatible to download college textbooks, the greatthing is that no matter what device you have, as long as it is capable of reading eBooks, then, youwon’t have a problem reading the content. For iPad users, it offers many advantages because readingyour book on this device liberates you from carrying heavy and cumbersome textbooks every day. It isreally that convenient. You can also download as many times as you want. There is no limit.If you download college textbooks from the TouchTextbooks website, it is one hundred percent legal,because TouchTextbooks has already purchased the right from the publishers to distribute their work indigital format. This is where the bulk of the onetime registration fee of $49.95 goes into; the rest is formaintaining the services of the website. It is worthy to note that once you pay this amount, you won’tbe bothered about any additional charges ever again because this is not a subscription based service.If you download college textbooks from the TouchTextbooks website, you have the option to getbooks in several languages anywhere you are in the world. Most are in English language format, butyou can also get in German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Spanish and Mandarin, just to namesome. You also get 24/7 chat support to answer any concerns or queries you may have about yourdownload. If, for some reason, you no longer need the service, a full refund is offered as long as it isrequested within sixty days from registration. All you need to do is write an email and you will haveyour money back, no questions asked.If you value your money, simply download college textbooks onto your iPad, Kindle, PC, Mac, etc sothat you will not only have the convenience of a lifetime’s worth of content, you can also improve youracademic performance greatly because you will be able to zoom, highlight, bookmark, look updefinitions or meanings, copy and paste entire sections and so much more. Additionally, you can easilytransfer it to your other mobile devices such as a laptop or a smartphone. This means unprecedentedaccess anywhere you are, anytime you want.Are you a student or know someone that’s a student? Tell them to visit nowand enter Promo Code STUDENT2012 for a 20% off the registration free. Unlimited textbookdownloads for only $39.96!