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2018 Southwest Showcase Luncheon Keynote


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Enjoy another look at this year's Luncheon Keynotes Speaker's presentation. Toni Blake delighted an audience with a message featuring The Butterfly Effect. Toni Blake illuminates the five key life lessons that lead to empowered personal decision making: Exploration, Vision, Commitment, Determination and Celebration. She shows how using these principles can help you overcome challenges and achieve goals that have seemed out of reach. Inspiring examples include Olympians, famous CEOs and world leaders who changed their heart and mind to bring greatness to their world. The Butterfly Effect—revive your spirit and passion with universal strategies to live your life with purpose. You can contact Toni at or call her office at 970-378-6784

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2018 Southwest Showcase Luncheon Keynote

  1. 1. Toni Blake Keynote Speaker
  2. 2. It was originally thought: a small change in the beginning would create a small change in the end. However, when it was discovered that a small change in the beginning can create a HUGE difference in the end, the Theory of Chaos was born!
  3. 3. January 24, 2017 Will you make a butterfly move today?
  4. 4. Hanging Lake! 1 mile up 1000 foot gain in elevation My husband Doug has been to over 70 summits
  5. 5. Explorations can have BIG results!
  6. 6. I reached the top!
  7. 7. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger!
  8. 8. All the way to the top of the Continental Divide Trail!
  9. 9. Hallet Peak distinguishable 12,713 summit. A cairn-marked path follows the contours of the Continental Divide over the broad shoulders of Flattop Mountain and Tyndall Glacier to the summit, where spectacular 360 views await. 10 miles +3,238' net elevation gain (+3,375' total round trip elevation gain)
  10. 10. 5 hours to the top 6 hours to the bottom 11 hours to complete my goal!
  11. 11. I want to know better!
  12. 12. Don’t let your decision be influenced by cost comparisons & market rates alone! Emotional experience has a measurable value. New voices for positive change!
  13. 13. Decisions are not simply made by the mind (cost), they are heavily influenced by emotion and the heart. People want BOTH – an event they can afford AND at a place they WANT & LOVE to stay! I can afford this ONE I WANT this one! People do not choose attendance on price alone!
  14. 14. What is the value of a Corona? What do you pay in the grocery store? 6 pk. $1.49 each
  15. 15. What is the value of a Corona? What do you pay for one with this view? $4 – 7 each What small moment is going to MAKE a guest’s experience?
  16. 16. If you want that beer with a hotdog at an NFL Stadium – average cost $7.42
  17. 17. Everyday, we choose our attitude! Your choice can impact your event reputation
  18. 18. How many bad attitudes does it take to destroy a company reputation?
  19. 19. User Generated Content UGC – more powerful than any marketing plan
  20. 20. Southwest Airlines has a clear vision and purpose !
  21. 21. Everything is turned around! ME Culture WE Culture
  22. 22. ME Culture WE Culture Considering Others Selfless Considering Self Selfish
  23. 23. They risked their trucks, their boats and their lives to save others. A clear commitment and determination we can admire!
  24. 24. The Phelps's Face Self-centered commitment and determination
  25. 25. Did Phelps make a change in his vision?
  26. 26. Zwei Straßen divergierten in einem wald, und ich nahm den pfad, weniger leuter gewahlt haben und das hat den großten unterschied in meinem Leben gemacht.
  27. 27. Because a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!
  28. 28. According to the research at the HeartMath Institute, heart health is directly affected by a shift to appreciation.
  29. 29. Posted: Apartment Leasing Ideas Fabulous Fundamentals – NOTES
  30. 30. In 2013 with aging parents we decided to do sugar jars as a family Christmas project. Everyone brought sugar to share in each family member’s jar.
  31. 31. January 24, 2017 Will you make a butterfly moves today?
  32. 32. Time to pour some sugar out on this ROOM!!!!