Reports on industries and positions in Charisma Analyzer


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Reports on industries and positions in Charisma Analyzer

  1. 1. Reports by industries & positions Charisma Analyzer
  2. 2. Charisma AnalyzerStart a new dialog with your dataThe solution is adapted to any type of dataIt delivers integrated reports no matter the source (either internal or external) orthe type of dataThe integrated reporting covers the entire decision flowIt suits operational employees, managers or top managementEfficient tracking of the business covering all dimensionsSales, financial, support, manufacturing, partner relationship
  3. 3. Charisma AnalyzerWhat recommends us?+ 100 implementations in companies in all industries & positionsRetail, distribution, manufacturing, constructions, services, medical …Sales, accounting, financial, human resources, supply chain …High qualityFast data delivery, easy-to-use interface & fast connection to all sources of dataSeamless integration with TotalSoft’s suite of solutionsCharisma ERP, Charisma HCM, Charisma Medical Software, Business Applications,Primavera, ACOLLADA (Software development)
  4. 4. Charisma AnalyzerReports by industries and positionsLeasing Human ResourcesRetail & distribution Supply chainManufacturing SalesMedical Financial & accountingOil & Gas
  5. 5. Charisma AnalyzerLeasing
  6. 6. LeasingNew business, outstanding, overdue New business, outstanding, overdue  Multiple perspective over the evolution of types o contracts with considerable changes – types of items, industries, sales agents, geographical regions, rating etc.
  7. 7. LeasingNew business, outstanding, overdue New business, outstanding, overdue  Multiple perspective over the evolution of types o contracts with considerable changes – types of items, industries, sales agents, geographical regions, rating etc.
  8. 8. LeasingNew business, outstanding, overdue New business, outstanding, overdue  Evolutions of type of industries included in the analysis
  9. 9. LeasingNew business, outstanding, overdue New business, outstanding, overdue  Evolutions of type of contracts according to ratings
  10. 10. LeasingNew business, outstanding, overdue New business on sales agents  Evolutions of contracts on type of businesses and sales agents
  11. 11. LeasingNew business, outstanding, overdue New contracts on business segments  Evolutions of contracts on types of businesses and sales agents
  12. 12. Charisma AnalyzerRetail & distribution
  13. 13. Retail & DistributionSales on geographical regions & counties Sales on geographical regions & counties  Sales are grouped according to item categories  Dynamic reports – by selecting one region, only items belonging to that region will be displayed
  14. 14. Retail & DistributionFiscal receipts for a determined period Fiscal receipts for a determined period  The number of fiscal receipts is divided into week days, months or individual days  The number of fiscal receipts is highlighted on stores – for a certain threshold they are red, over the threshold they are green
  15. 15. Retail & DistributionFiscal receipts for a determined period Number of fiscal receipts on stores and days
  16. 16. Retail & DistributionSales on item categories and geographical regions Sales on item categories and geographical regions  Sales on counties and profitability rates are displayed on the map  The sale is indicated by the size of the circle, while the profitability rate is indicated by the color – under a certain threshold the profitability rate is red
  17. 17. Retail & DistributionSales and margins on item subcategories Sales and margins on item subcategories  The profitability is highlighted with different colors  The report shows the evolution of the sales on years & highlights the trends
  18. 18. Retail & DistributionSales and margins on item subcategories Sales and margins on item subcategories  The graph shows immediately the most profitable products and the ones with the lowest sales
  19. 19. Retail & DistributionPareto analysis Pareto analysis  Analysis on items and brands – the analysis highlights the 20% of the items that incur an 80% profit for the company
  20. 20. Retail & Distribution,,What if?” analysis What If?  Dynamic analysis scenarios can be created – with 3 variables (unit price, cost & quantity) users can analyze the impact of the price decreases over margins and revenues
  21. 21. Retail & DistributionItems sold top Top 10 sold items
  22. 22. Retail & DistributionSales vs. target analysis Sales vs. target analysis  Company or detailed level, here sales agents.
  23. 23. Retail & DistributionSales indicators monitoring KPI monitoring  Dynamic analysis of the most profitable indicators for each store – out of stock, shelf void, on shelf avalibility, share of market etc.  Indicators can be individually selected by each user according to the depth of the analysis
  24. 24. Retail & DistributionImpact of promotions Impact of promotions  The graph shows a comparative analysis between 3 stages of the companies– sales before promotions, during promotion & post-promotion  Filter by geographical area and promoted items
  25. 25. Retail & DistributionPlanogram performance Items best sold according to planogram  The report shows the commercial status of different types of items the way they are distributed in the planogram and according to their history
  26. 26. Charisma AnalyzerManufacturing
  27. 27. ManufacturingQualitative indicators of the manufacturing flow Qualitative indicators of the manufacturing flow  The report shows the analysis of orders in progress on the available machines at a certain date  Time allocated to equipment preparation, functioning, downtime, operating speed
  28. 28. ManufacturingAnalysis of production bottlenecks on geographical units Manufacturing quality  In dashboard, users can pick analysis on each type of equipment available on the preferred location  The results cover the manufacturing period, number and types of errors
  29. 29. Charisma AnalyzerMedical
  30. 30. MedicalMedical units profitability analysis Medical units profitability analysis by market  Managers can see the profitability sources for each medical unit according to their geographical location  Outs on specialization & profit, and the impact & cost of the promotions
  31. 31. MedicalShare and costs associated with all diseases Share and costs associated with all diseases  The information included – percentage of costs/diseases, distribution of diseases/patients, costs atrase associated with diseases/patients, age selector for additional investigations. The information is useful for managers and medical services insurers.
  32. 32. MedicalPatient location according to age and postal code Patient localization on the map  The report segments all patients according to specific criteria & medical supervision period
  33. 33. MedicalManagement of patient cycle time Waiting time at reception, investigation room, check-out  The report shows the improvement of the patient cycle time on each stage of their flow within the medical unit
  34. 34. MedicalAppointments Management Trend for a dentist’s appointments and patients’ profile  These information help managers make better decisions in areas that deserve promotion for patient flow equilibration
  35. 35. Charisma AnalyzerOil & Gas
  36. 36. Oil & GasManufacturing areas performance Analysis of the manufacturing history by units
  37. 37. Oil & GasUpstream Upstream  The report allows the allocation of resources, manufacturing capacity and an overview of the available resources
  38. 38. Oil & GasCross-stream Cross-stream  This report integrates various types of data location of drilling wells, tectonic activity in the area, the cost associated with installations, operating depth, unproductive days
  39. 39. Oil & GasRaportare macro Report on installations on locations or drilling trends
  40. 40. Charisma AnalyzerHuman Resources
  41. 41. Human ResourcesWorkforce planning The report allows you to make presumptive scenarios and impact analysis on the number of employees who are under a particular retirement target Profiles at the bottom of the company provide a complementary perspective: distribution of employees on departments according to similar activities
  42. 42. Human ResourcesStaff analysis Staff analysis can now be achieved through a single report that captures the dynamic global trends of personal information, with option for further analysis by department and time intervals according to changes in position, employment or business interruption Performance KPI: employee categories (manager, executive, auxiliary) or leaves
  43. 43. Human ResourcesSuccession planning Visual analysis helps to identify risk areas where you can lose a significant number of employees. The report displays all groups of employees in the company according to age and number: very few groups who have targeted elderly members to develop succession plans and so to reduce the risk of the positions occupied
  44. 44. Charisma AnalyzerSupply chain
  45. 45. Supply chainRoutes and logistics Routes and logistics  When selecting a town, the available route is highlighted, as well as the weather forecast for the area  It displays distances between supply centers and business locations
  46. 46. Supply chainAvailable merchandise Available merchandise in each location  Integrated view of all products according to their availability  In addition, it includes QOH and sales by region forecasts
  47. 47. Supply chainKPI forecasts KPI forecasts  Multiple modeling methods can be defined – agressive, deterministic, cost optimization etc.
  48. 48. Supply chainPerformance indicators Advanced performance indicators  Various type of indicators can be group in one dashboard – sales, geographical information, YoY evolutions and comparisons with pre-established thresholds etc.
  49. 49. Supply chainTurn time Turn time  The report shows the number of days required to complete a certain stage of the production and the volume that was processed and the equivalent percentage
  50. 50. Charisma AnalyzerSales
  51. 51. Sales“What If?” analysis “What if” analysis?  The report includes different remuneration scenarios according to sales trends and performance of the sales agents. Users can change mix components such as compensation value, estimated sales quota and commissions.
  52. 52. SalesSales and sales agents performance Commercial performance indicators  The report shows the company’s current status on different components - % of sales achieved out of the total, individual performances of the sales agents (have/haven’t reached the afferent quotas), regional distribution of sales.
  53. 53. SalesPerformance and sales pipeline analysis Evolution of sales on regions and items  Every user can access the types of items he/she is responsible for and can consult the history of their trends  Total sales are then divided into geographical regions and periods (weeks)
  54. 54. SalesSales volume on dimensions Dimensions – (weeks, semester) on groups or individual
  55. 55. Charisma AnalyzerFinacial & accounting
  56. 56. Financial & accountingBalance sheet Balance sheet  Report configurable on dimensions included in the balance sheet, with the possibility to consult the budgeted vs. planned areas, information reported in multiple currencies and locations (holding, Company1, Company2 etc.)
  57. 57. Financial & accountingCash flow Cash Flow  The information reported can be consulted in many currencies configured in the system., while their separation is done for each entity of the organization.  Users can compare actual vs. budgeted.
  58. 58. Financial & accountingEconomic-financial indicators Mixed indicators  Dynamic graph evolution on configurable periods of time and evolution of indicators after selecting specific dimensions
  59. 59. TotalSoft HeadquartersGlobal City Business Park, Building O2, 8th Floor, Bucharest, Romania T: +4021 335 1709 F: +4021 335 1712 ;