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Charisma ERP integrates institution resource management by automating accounting processes, the depreciation of fixed assets on multiple reference systems, by tracking budgets by recording sale and acquisition invoices entered by companies operating in public or private sector, regardless of their size or complexity. The solution provides parallel management of institution sites (central and local) and allows simultaneous tracking of multiple accounting systems.

Charisma ERP is a powerful and complex tool for monitoring the existing and future cash flows within a retail company, as a whole or by subunits.

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Charisma Solutions for Retail

  1. 1. Solutions for Retail Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  2. 2. Market* value of the retail market in 2011, €23 Bln slight increase compared to 2010 is the market share of trade 98% in stores out of the retail market is the market share 75% of modern retail in cities Romanians will be spending €27.5 Bln for food and non-food products in 2013 Consumer,Consumption demand andexpenditure* changing behaviors consumption expenditure per capita Retailers are influenced by the current consumer 4.600$ in Romania in 2010 behavior, arising from the economic context: the expected consumption expenditure per capita purchase decision takes place after a rigorous 9.200$ in Romania in 2020 research and analysis process; consumers are increasingly demanding and calculated, they 11.500$ expected consumption expenditure per capita spend less, rarely, they are always looking for in Eastern Europe in 2020 promotions or special offers, and pay more attention to the price vs. value ratio. * Source: Euromonitor Total consumption expenditure structure, on destinations, 2011 3rd quarter Source: National Institute of Statistics Education - 0,4% Hotels, cafés Food and & restaurants - 1,0% soft drinks - 40,8% Furniture, household equipment & maintenance - 4,2% Other products & services - 4,2% Healthcare - 4,8% Household, water, electricity, gas & other fuels - 15,1% Communication - 4,9% Alcoholic drinks, tobacco - 7,8% Apparel - 5,1% Entertainment & culture - 5,5% Transport - 6,2 %
  3. 3. Focuson efficiency Innovation is the main differentiation source on the Supply retail market. But what can be innovated in a market routes optimization crowded with competitive products? For over 10 years, Charisma Retail has permanently raised standards of customer loyalty, logistics, inventory Inventory management, customer buying experience and minimization innovation for many retailers. Improved buying experience Performances split on areas, items, suppliers Supply in sync with consumption rate Customer loyalty Highlight relevant types of products Challenges Innovation for retailers formats through new Legislative changes in trade; û Increased costs; û Differentiation û competition; Fierce û visits to retailers; Fewer Declining demand due to lower purchasing power; û û macroeconomic uncertainty; High Difficult access to finance. û
  4. 4. Food & beverage Retail Fashion Retail Faced with a declining real value of their incomes, The local apparel market has the highest potential for consumers have turned to purchasing only food and basic development in Central Europe given that Romania products. Food retailers have turned crisis into a real contributes to 12% sales in the region. Romanians spend, opportunity by aggressively promoting the private labels, on average, 4% of their budgets on such items, while strategic repositioning on lower sales locations, expansion expenses per capita are expected to reach 103 euro in of their store networks and multiplying discounter type 2013, compared to 73 euro in 2010.units. Traditional food and kiosk stores dominate local trade Charisma solutions for fashion provide support in trading with 74,000 units, while modern retail (cash&carry, numerous and diversified fashion brands. CRM or portal hypermarkets, supermarkets and discount stores) has features insure customer loyalty, high performance of on- already reached almost 900 locations. line campaigns and a unique buying experience. Charisma solutions for food & beverage are optimized toautomate the storage, on-the-shelf promotions, compliancewith warranty terms and product lifecycle from producer to consumer, as well as stocks and inventory management; in addition, the solution includes advanced e-commerce features and customer loyalty programs. Pharma Retail Electro IT Retail Pharma retail market is dominated by big chains of Electro-IT retail market reached 1.1 billion euro in 2011, pharmacies; given that, it is increasingly difficult for with an increase of 11% compared to last year. High growth independent pharmacies to stay afloat. Drug retail rates were recorded by small appliances, photo and represents nearly 95% of of the pharmaceuticals market, telecom products, while large electronics and office with a moderate growth of 7% in 2011. On segments, in equipment sales have increased for the first time since ROL, domestic growth rates were 8% for drugs given by 2008. The IT sector had an annual growth of 26% in 2011, prescription in pharmacies (Rx) and 15% for those without while the telecom segment grew by 14%, mainly driven by prescription (OTC). At the end of 2011, the total value of smart phones, which were sold in 2011 in a triple volume drugs rose to 700 million euro. compared to the previous year. Charisma solutions for the pharmaceutical sector ensure that 80% of any pharmacy’s activity is managed by a single computer. The reporting features are validated by CNAS (National House of Insurance), and the system is designed to reduce the sales time, eliminate operating FEFO losses, increase workforce productivity and customer satisfaction and loyalty. 4 5
  5. 5. Charisma Solutionsfor RetailEn-detail sales to end customers are permanently subject to the pressure of buyers preferences,buying power decrease, fluctuant demand and compliance with new legal regulations, both localand international. How can you increase your market share in such difficult conditions? Customerretention, skills development, flexible trade policies, products or seasonal discounts campaigns,supply costs minimization, appropriate quantities of items in stores, as well as transparency of theentire retail activity can now be simplified and automated by tailored-retail solutions.Charisma Retail is the most complex and popularPOS (Point of Sale) solution in Romania, especiallybecause of the flexibility in rapidly covering eachoperational requirement of any point of sale. Thesolution insures product sales optimizationthrough different payment methods (cash or/andcredit card/gift vouchers/value tickets by EFTPOS), and facilitates the management of allspecific documents and financial instrumentsbetween stores and end consumers.Financial and operational benefitsReduces operational costsThe relevant information is centralized in a single data warehouse; thus, data miningefforts are reduced significantly, as well as the operational costs. The solution providescompanies with a rapid return on investment, regardless of their business area (fromsports equipment stores to supermarkets), quick access to a top of products sold andaccurate decisions for the procurement process.Increases salesThe solution plays a crucial role in increasing sales and profitability by quickly identifyingsales downtime and peaks, and by providing package offers and promotional products tomeet any preference and financial capability.Increases customer loyaltyCharisma Retail supports customer loyalty through cards with bonus points, as well aspromotions, discounts or reduction of the sales time.
  6. 6. Advantages and featuresn sales process:Efficient installment and proforma sales invoice by§Automatic product/ service selection according to installment; code, name, barcode, batch; n uses and tracks different types of value Defines,§Configurable pricing policy (discounts for products, tickets from multiple providers, by their number category of products and clients, promotional and nominal value; packages); n Generates sales invoice upon request, after already§Elimination of “out of stock” situations and faulty issuing a fiscal receipt; inventory management; n Manages the inventory process by counting and§Multiple payment methods: cash, tickets, card, scanning the items based on counting documents vouchers; and optimizes stocks via inventory differences§Direct sales invoice; protocols;§Total or partial returns, compensation with n Manages the reception process via requisition products; invoices, provider notices, internal transfers, GRNs§Secure transactions for collection and delivery; (goods received note);§Operational sales closing, similar with cash register n product reservations based on proforma Manages closing; invoices;nMarketing advantages: n product selection by multiple criteria – Ensures§Loyalty programs - loyalty cards can be defined, barcodes, scanner, manual search by code, name, issued, distributed and managed both in store or by batch, provider, stock logistics features; e-mail; the loyalty cards grant the accumulation of n partial or total sales returns by Manages value points and help customers get future automatically generating the return documents: customized discounts; payment order, customer return protocol, reversal§Promotional campaigns via e-mail based on data sales invoice (if a sales invoice was issued); filled in by customers at the retailer’s request;§Efficient price management with the possibility to set up and use discounts by product, product category, customer, promotional package or rebate;n with any cash register;InterfacenIncreased ergonomics via Touch Screen Ready technology; configurable and user-friendly interface that enables both using the keyboard or directly touching the screen;nAdvantageous use of composite products; it automatically suggests the entire kit in case of separate sale of basic items; possibility to track the sales by kit or basic items;nmonitoring by item or composite-packageStock product (kit);n payment methods - cash, card and valueVarious tickets, as well as easy selection of documents to be issued: fiscal receipt, fiscal receipt and sales invoice, sales invoice, proforma invoice, sales invoice by 6 7
  7. 7. nCustomized document printing - sales invoice, §Cumulated sales report - sales cumulated by each internal notice, fiscal receipts; site and at the top level in the item hierarchy;nAutomatic generation of documents related to §Inventory reports: Inventory report with sales price product compensation; - the inventory value at the list price;n and fast access to the Cash Register in eachSecure §Sales vs. inventory by site report - quantity point of sale; inventory and sales by site at a certain date, wherenReporting and daily sales closing, similar to cash the sales are shown from the point of view of register operations; access to an overview of cash quantity; registers grouped by day, site and cash register; n on tracking and reimbursement of value ReportsnDesigned for large retail chains thanks to its multi- tickets – provider, number of tickets, amount; store capacity, real-time integration with Charisma n on loyalty cards – cards issued within the Reports ERP, data accuracy, security, consistency and business unit, granted discounts; management control; n / off-line work environment – the On-linenReal time reports: application is permanently connected to the central§Sales reports – Daily inventory report, Daily sales database and, in special cases of lost connection it record, Monthly sales record, Analytical sales becomes off-line, ensuring the continuation of the ledger; selling process;§ Report – the sales performed with detail sales Z n technical infrastructure – the product uses Latest fiscal receipt, document by document, grouped by .NET Framework 3.5 technology, "ClickOnce" easy currency and payment type (cash, credit card, value installation features, "BriefCase" model in case of tickets); off-line activity and provides 24/7 availability,§ Report - multi-VAT - the sales performed with Z ensuring the highest performance among other sales fiscal receipt; solutions on the market;§Daily sales record - all the fiscal receipts paid with n High security due to configurable access rights at cash and cash receipts; user level or user group; remote access enabled.§Item sales report - customer name and sales document date, quantity on the document line, price, amount without VAT and amount with VAT in RON;§Sales by item hierarchy report – quantity and quality sales (with VAT) for each node in the item hierarchy;§Sales per hour report - sales grouped by site for each interval in the 8-24 hours interval;§Sales by customer report - list of sales performed with the following sales documents: sales invoice, reversal sales invoice, export invoice, fixed asset sales invoice, foreign currency sales invoice, sales shipping notice, customer return shipping notice, reversal shipping notice, fixed asset shipping notice;§Sales by site report - sales cumulated by site, item and sales price;
  8. 8. Solutions & benefits TotalSoft has developed with passion, for over 10 years, a wide range of powerful, robust solutions covering the needs of the largest national and multinational retailers in Romania. In 2011, TotalSoft carefully selected the most useful features and included them in a single package of seamlessly integrated modules, known as Charisma Solutions for Retail. Charisma Solutions for Retail is an end-to-end, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-site solution, covering both front-office and back-office operations, and providing a full picture of the business for the entire store network. Charisma Solutions for Retail provides specific solutions for clothing, electronics and home appliances, pharmaceutical or food retailers. In addition, over 100 consultants, business analysts, developers, implementers and technical support specialists are ready to adjust Charisma Solutions for Retail to meet the most demanding needs of any retailer and ensure a unique user experience on the Romanian business software solutions market. Integrated Retail Solution RetailBusinessApplications ERP HR Inventory HCM Core CRM Cost Control Management Sales Accounting (HR, Payroll, ITM, D112, Reports, Occupational Medicine) Asset Access Document Purchasing Treasury HCM Portal Self-Service Management TimesheetManagement Foreign Talent Cash Flow My Tasks Budgets Trade Management OnlineCommerce Intranet Budget Mobile HR Document (eShop) Alerter Management Management Cell Monitor Charisma Analyzer 8 9
  9. 9. Charisma Mobile Charisma HCMCell Monitor How do you improve your clients’ first contact with the company? First impressions matter most, and employees are thoseDid you know that sales can be increased by using who contribute decisively to the customer’s buyingmobile technology, which provides a faster circulation of experience. Charisma HCM offers a range of tools thatinformation? are intended solely to increase labor quality throughTotalSoft helps your business gain mobility and secure training and specialization programs, performanceaccess to all internal processes - anywhere, anytime. evaluation, compensation and benefits policies based on individual results - all suited to the Romanian legislation.Successful retailers have begun to understand the powerof mobile technology – so they use mobile devices such Charisma HCM successfully deals with complexas iPads, to communicate more effectively with business problems faced by retailers: difficulty in managing highpartners. Thus, retailers can inform in time all parties employees turnover, high volume of employeeabout the company’s performance and operational documents, accuracy of timekeeping data and theirindicators and can better plan their business activities. integration in bonus and payroll schemes, lack of reports providing a dynamic perspective on the company’sCharisma Cell Monitor provides a graphical, intuitive and development (active employees, absenteeism rates,updated overview of your company. forecast scenarios and impact on wages budget), difficulty in managing requests from employees (leaves, certificates, employment or change of position), management or external partners (suppliers, distributors), lack of coordination between employee development programs and performance evaluations (talent management). Charisma HCM helps HR departments become the main guarantor of employee performance.
  10. 10. Charisma Analyzer Charisma ERPHow well do you know your company’s everyday Have you ever lost track of customer orders or lackedactivity? How easy do you get a report on product sales relevant information for their proper management?per hour, day or season, so as to plan accurately the Once an order is placed, it starts a long journey in thestocks? company, which may cause either delays or losses.Particular attention should be given to “intelligent” Nobody knows exactly the order’s status because, forsoftware products, especially in case of merchandise instance, the finance department has no access to the(merchandise planning, assortment, size, space, price, information of the warehouse department to see if thepromotion, optimization and reduction), information order has already been delivered.about customers (marketing automation, optimization of TotalSoft provides all features necessary for a store ormarketing and market analysis), operational information network of stores, through a powerful and complex cash(portfolio management, labor optimization) or flow monitoring solution. This tool may inspire yourcompetition. company to view trade from another perspective.There are many factors that have led retailers to adopt Charisma ERP offers customized retail components to"intelligent" software solutions: maintaining profitability meet specific requirements of any retail organization inindicators under difficult economic times, increased use an efficient and optimized manner. The basic packageof credit cards, and the impact of the internet as an includes 10 different modules, adapted to criticalalternate sales channel or the popularity of loyalty cards. processes in the retail industry: Accounting, Sales,These factors have created a wealth of information that Foreign Trade, Cash Flow, Purchasing, Treasury, Budgetmost retailers are increasingly using. Management, Inventory Management, AssetCharisma Analyzer provides a complete set of analysis Management and My that enable the access, use and sharing ofinformation in an efficient manner, which willsignificantly improve business performance andmaximize profits. 10 11
  11. 11. Charisma Charisma DocumentSelf-Service ManagementEvery month retailers pay thousands of Euros to call Did you know that sales increase also due to processescenters so as to provide clients with information on past and flows properly integrated and connected within theinvoices or promotional offers; they also invest in company?printing large piles of documents required periodically. These ones favor efficient monitoring of internalProfit maximization can be reached with transparency documents. Moreover, behind each and everyand loyal partners such as customers, suppliers, purchasing invoice many pieces of printed or electronicdistributors or employees. Thus, a self-care partner information lay, which in turn must be managed forplatform becomes mandatory. efficiency.Charisma SelfService is a fast and efficient All these aspects can be easily streamlined withcommunication platform between the retailer and its Charisma Document Management. The result will be abusiness partners, customers or suppliers. The solution highly effective information procedure that willreduces operational costs through a web platform which automate employee processes and improve theprovides back-office information (invoice status, response time to customers, suppliers and auditors.payments, returns) and on-line payment methods,notifications via e-mail or SMS, or fast printing of Most retail documentation regulates the relationshipsdocuments of interest. with the suppliers and possibly customer contracts or order documents. Thus, the access of different departments to available and timely information is essential in order to allow real time order placement and to maintain customer satisfaction. In the retail industry, perhaps more than in any other industry, retaining existing customers is much more important than maintaining profits.Charisma CRM Charisma eShopHow do you build a unique buying experience for your Two main components are critical to boosting sales -customer? speed and quality. Speed is the most important attribute of online retailers - be it intuitive site navigation, quickMost retailers spend their budgets to attract new identification of products by various display filters,customers instead of focusing on maintaining existing buying process simplicity, fast delivery and order status.ones. The quality of the Customer support services is essentialAn adequate CRM solution is able to maximize the to any business’s success.customer lifetime cycle by turning them loyal to a certain Within Charisma eShop, customers can place differentproduct or service. Charisma CRM was developed based types of orders, and the administrator can add newon MS Dynamics platform and designed to support any products or services. The solution allows selling productscustomer loyalty strategy. and services based on loyalty points, and providesCharisma CRM addresses retail specific requirements, advanced search features, display filters, in-stockcovers various formats, communication channels and notifications, list of most purchased products ormultiple unique relations – all daily activities of any products recently viewed – the information is displayedretailer. in a professional manner, adapted to each retailer’s requirements.
  12. 12. CharismaCost Control Charisma IntranetOperational costs’ control is one of the largest challenges Do you want your employees to be aware of allthat a retailer has to face. Charisma Cost Control promotions in progress? Would you like them to receivereduces the financial risk by controlling the expense information in time so as to deal quickly with customerbudgets, especially when sales volume increases and inquiries?expense approval flows are difficult to track. Any company, regardless of its type or size, needs aThe solution monitors the procurement process (RFP, single and structured communication platform betweenRFQ, bids), streamlines the bidding process and employees, so as to provide a common knowledge baseimproves the company’s opportunities’ capitalization. In for the entire organization.addition, Charisma Cost Control ensures the TotalSoft addresses these needs with Charisma of the suppliers’ payment approval Charisma Intranet helps your employees stay updatedprocesses, as well as the history of contractual with the latest information about products and services,relationships with business partners. promotions in progress or legislative changes; theCharisma Cost Control helps you standardize and solution ensures thus a much more productive andcentralize acquisition needs between departments, efficient working environment.keeping under control the entire process. Use Charisma Intranet to connect all employees, whether they are at the company’s HQ or on the field. Use it to improve communication within the organization and distribute all the information necessary for your business to prosper. Charisma Solutions for Retail is ranked in top Charisma Solutions for 5 European solutions by IT Europe forum, Retail is an end-to- which examines and awards the most end, multi-language, important software development companies multi-currency and across Europe. multi-site solution, which covers both back and front-office operations. 12 13
  13. 13. We are recommended by…90 highly qualified specialists are dedicated to 400 companies recommend TotalSoft’s solutions anddeveloping, testing, implementing and post professionalism:implementing our specific solutions for the retail n our clients are highly satisfied with 24% ofindustry: TotalSoft’s solutions and would recommend us ton The average 5+ year experience in TotalSoft others; guarantees the unique business expertise of our n85% of our clients’ feedback is positive. Over consultants;n The 24/7 customer support and communication TotalSoft is the largest ERP solution provider in channels ensure us an unparalleled response time Romania according to the market research & analysis on the Romanian market; company, PAC, in 2010 and 2011:n The flexible platform, modular architecture and n growth rate in the ERP segment in Highest AdaptiveTM proprietary technology, which allows Romania; a rapid coverage of any type of development n 1st place on the local market in terms of turnover; needs. n the 5 most profitable Romanian IT One of companies, according to the Ministry of Finance; n500 clients using Charisma generate 25% of Over Romania’s GDP. 32.9% of TotalSoft’s turnover in 2011 was generated by the retail industry. Over 2,400 stores, national and multinational companies use Charisma solutions for Retail. Agroalim, Carrefour, 10 years of Caroli, Arsis or Germanos are just a few of experience in them. retail solutions stand as guarantee for fast implementations, no business interruptions, rigorously checked methodology in national and multinational companies.
  14. 14. References COSMOTE & GERMANOS SOLMAR TRADING TELECOM (Mango, Desigual, Parfois, Karen Millen, Max Mara Weekend, „Cosmote and Germanos Romania Marina Rinaldi) implemented Charisma in 2004 – the benefits of our choice were “We were looking for a system immediately visible. We obtained a validated by the retail market, centralized database for all stores capable to support the and the stock and retail development of a multinational management efforts were group such as Solmar Trading. streamlined; thus, we were able to With the implementation of focus more on sales. Obviously, all Charisma we achieved more these improvements led to an objectives at once: we integrated overall increase of the operational in a unique system the activity of efficiency. When we transferred our 6 brands, we managed to the financial accounting configure interfaces for each brand operations to the group solution, according to the promotion we decided to keep Charisma in all policies of the group and obtained COSMOTE and Germanos shops, an automated stock management. being confident that it was the Charisma gained our trust due to best software solution for our its rapidity and flexibility to adapt retail activity.” to our needs.” Grațian Vlad Luiza Bechnak Retail Chain IT Manager General Manager ARSIS TRADING "Before implementing Charisma, if I asked for a report at 14.00 I would receive it at 17.00; now, I receive it at 14.02 and the information is much clearer and reliable.” Liviu Mirea Sales Director 14 15
  15. 15. CARREFOUR ROMANIA FARMACIILE DONA"We believe we have achieved our “We are opening new pharmaciestarget, i.e. having a unique online each week and the number ofdatabase for all our stores, employees is continuouslycontaining all the information increasing. Our HR department isrequired for human resources, due to constantly manage itspayroll and timesheet operations. activities efficiently and in lessAs a major benefit, we have to time. Charisma plays a crucial rolemention the possibility to in this respect.”continuously develop and adaptthe application to our specific Maria Comşaneeds." HR ManagerAna DumitruHR ManagerMEGA Image PET PRODUCT (Animax)“Charisma HCM is a software “We had to either update oursolution developed by people for software or search for a solutionpeople. I believe the technical able to provide the featuressupport and teamwork invested by required by the business. We choseTotalSoft in this project, add great the latter option. Charisma ERPvalue to the system and enhance was seen in the last moment – atits performance” that time, we already knew what facilities a true ERP solution shouldGianina Maria Nița provide for our needs. WhatPayroll & Personnel Manager. convinced us? During the solution presentation we began sentences and TotalSoft team completed them – this was the chemistry necessary for a successful relationship. Charisma assures us that we have a strong and capable software solution to support our growth.” Cristian Pop Director General
  16. 16. © TotalSoft 2012TotalSoft Headquarters Planned SubsidiariesActive Subsidiaries TotalSoft Implementations Sweden Senegal Estonia Russia United Kingdom Poland Germany Belgium Czech Rep Ukraine Slovakia Austria Moldova France Hungary Qatar RomaniaUSA Italy Serbia Saudi Arabia Bulgaria UAE Spain Albania Greece TotalSoft Headquarters Global City Business Park, 10 Bucharest - Nord Street Building O2, 8th Floor, Voluntari, llfov,România P: +4021 335 17 09 W:,, E: Austria | Greece | Bulgaria | Qatar