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The exceptional modularity and the unlimited possibilities of configuring the application, the licensing flexibility, using the collaborative work environment provided by SharePoint technology, native Web architecture that allows accessing the data from everywhere in any moment make Charisma Office Automation the ideal solution for simplifying and automating the specific activities of the companies operating in the services area.

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Charisma Office Automation

  1. 1. Office Automation Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  2. 2. Main value Organizes, simplifies and automates complex processes and workflows; Cross departmental automation and organizational processes that cover multiple departments; Dramatically decrease operational costs and improves employees effiency; Increases the companys agility and competitiveness; 360 view over the performance indicators; Increases customer loyality; Collaborative working environment, focused on satisfying business partners’ needs; Updates and develops customers business needs.Management value Provides key reports and analysis for executives to run business; Reports with the ability to go from high level to low level detail; Comprehensive insight from all departments and systems; Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts and real-time notifications.Employee’s value Clean and friendly user interface; Commonly performed tasks can be automated; Can provide data from other applications and sources; Can access various reports from the same interface; Provides technical support directly from the application interface; Provides development methods and tools for business flows and entities directly from the application.Market value In 2012, Charisma ERP was designated as one of the 5 strongest European B2B solutions in the "Enterprise Vertical Market Solution" segment.
  3. 3. Services Technical support Decreased reaction time to any requests; Permanent access to Charisma consultants. Implementation Data migration; Integration with external applications; Quick customization If you have a company specialized in of internal specific processes.providing consultancy services, IT solutions, law, advertising, architecture or Business consultancy engineering, you certainly faced the Internal processes consultancy;questions such as: how profitable is actually Performance indicators and the business? How many of our projects specific processes implementation. were completed on time and budget? Do our teams know to sell the most profitable Training services, in a professional manner? Are we Internal courses for using billing the worked hours? Such questions the application; occur due to intense work practices, Training workshops overloading or high number of projects for internal users. which lead to low productivity or inefficiency within the company. In order to answer these questions, TotalSoft designed a solution for the automation of processes in the companies operating in the services field. CharismaOffice Automation generates a quick returnon investment by improving the operational efficiency, increasing the employees profitability, through the reputation gained among the customers and through the better approach of the projects. You have the opportunity to see the solution live, visiting one of the reference customers from abroad. Moreover, we can provide additional developments to prove our team’s responsiveness.
  4. 4. Charisma Office Automation is a professional service automation solution, dedicated to companies providing services for the management and automation of business activity. The solution generates a quick and substantial ROI by improving the operational efficiency, employees profitability, reputation among customers and by continuously tracking the projects’ deployment.Why Charisma Office Automation Using SharePoint principles and Licensing flexibility functionalities Charisma Office Automation is also available By using SharePoint principles and cutting- as Software as a Service, providing you all edge technologies from Microsoft, Charisma the benefits of this licensing model: low Office Automation offers a collaborative initial cost, fast implementation, minimum work environment, where all the employees support and IT training, cutting the can consistently access the information infrastructure and application maintenance stored in secured databases, based on costs, high security for accessing the access rights granted to predefined roles or databases. user groups they belong to. Thus, you eliminate the downtimes, the routine tasks Native Web solution and the redundant work usually spent Charisma Office Automation can be looking for the information or their accessed from any mobile device with integration in a consistent insight upon the Internet access, regardless the companys activity. configuration. Thus, the field agents can access any time, from anywhere, the Exceptional modularity and scalability projects stored in the databases within the The exceptional modularity of the company, and they can send the information application and the possibilities of in real-time in order to inform the decision interfacing with any other solution in factors regarding the field situation. Charisma business suite allows achieving an integrated end-to-end solution for the Speed and flexibility during installation complete automation of the internal and implementation processes, with cross-department real-time Business expertise and advanced, data transfer, within organizations of any specialized consultancy encompassing size or complexity (multi-company, multi- Charisma Office Automation significantly sites, multi-localization, multi-currency etc). decrease the total implementation costs, while providing fast return of investment.
  5. 5. Charisma Office Automation Charisma Office Automation is a service dedicated particularly to suppliers, which simplifies the tracking of projects, streamlines the resources involved in their execution and maximizes revenues associated with contracts concluded. Charisma Office Automation streamlines and automates the billing and collection cycle under timesheet hours, manages documents of interest and provides support in management decisions based on metrics and performance indicators. Through Charisma Office Automation, TotalSoft answers the questions regarding business development, as well as its afferent problems.ModulesThe exceptional modularity and the unlimited possibilities of configuring theapplication, the licensing flexibility, using the collaborative work environmentprovided by SharePoint technology, native Web architecture that allowsaccessing the data from everywhere in any moment make Charisma OfficeAutomation the ideal solution for simplifying and automating the specificactivities of the companies operating in the services area. Time & Expense Management Management Management Management Management Management Document Resource Financial Contract Analysis Project Office
  6. 6. Time & Expense Management Time & Expense Management module is a self-service tool, providing transparency both to the employees and organization, being designated to efficiently track the hours worked. This module helps the company to automate the collection, validation, approval, billing processes or any other information provided by the employees regarding the worked hours, in a project- oriented business. Financial and Operational BenefitsIncreases the employees productivity Reduces the operational costsEasy-to-use and user friendly tool forn n The timesheets recorded into a singlerecording timesheets; location, including documents, tasks,n online accessing, in any momentAllows incidents, calendar, provides theand from anywhere; advantages of working with a singlen various options to record theProvides application – low costs of learning andtimesheets: real-time or at the end of using, fast adoption by the employees,the period; consistently displayed information forn detail or summary view ofAllows the entire organization;timesheet period calendar, completely n tracking the timesheets recorded Allowsconfigurable: day, week, month; by an unlimited number of projects,n the effort spent, from anyCaptures tasks, customers or employees;section of the solution; n flexibility for implementing the Providesn automatic transformation of theAllows timesheet model, depending on thetask list into time tasks; characteristics and working pattern ofn flexible schedules of tasks, asIncludes the company;well as the comparative review of the n using timesheet templates, Allowsscheduled vs. output. according to each company needs; n a visual, intuitive marking of Includes timesheet cell status: not validated,
  7. 7. validated, invoiced, closed; n the comparisons with the job Easesn e-mail or message boardOffers descriptions, which are useful innotifications for various alerts - periods performance assessments;without timesheet, hours to be validated n holidays, overtime, sick leaves; Recordsor invoiced etc. n displays the split of the reported QuicklyIntegrates with other human resourcesn hours by project type, phase, task orapplications for transferring data, customer;loading/unloading organization charts, Calculates the costs of the tasks - tracks ncosts by employee type, dictionaries of the hours performed by employee,positions within the company; project, activity or detailed task;Integrates with MS Project or Primaveran Validates in real-time the timesheets, nfor the automatic recording of the based on automatic notifications;employees timesheet into both n distinct types of activities: Recordsapplications. billable or non-billable, actual allocated hours or customer hours;Increases the efficiency of managerial Processes the approval of multi- ndecisions resources timesheets in a flexiblen the allocation and yield of theTracks manner, tailored to companys needs;employees over time periods or at n the timesheets by period or Groupsproject level; account, project, resource.
  8. 8. Project Management Any project is based on a set of operations, where the activities are performed against a time and money budget, an ongoing calendar, allocated resources and multiple deliverables. Finally, the success or failure of the projects depends on the efficiency of each operation. Charisma Office Automation includes a powerful module, dedicated to project management that targets the tracking assessing and improving all the operational activities within a project. Financial and Operational BenefitsEfficient tracking of projects or of costs related to the projects;contracted services Simultaneously manages the budgets nn and tracks at central level all theDefines assigned to the projects, at task, project,issues related to a project: objectives, task type or resource level;costs, deadlines, calendar, events, n revenue forecasts, cost budgets Allowsresources, risks, incidents, invoices, (time or money budgets) or tracking ofreceivables; the output vs. the schedule.n projects based on templates,Createsallowing predefining the project plan Increases the operational productivitystructure, with the available tasks and Easy and quick assignment of the nWBS (Work Breakdown Structure), as resources;well as the categories of timesheets by n reviews and adjustments at Allowsactivity type; project level or resource allocation;The possibilities to define and monitorn Provides the employees focus on their nmultiple simultaneous projects, responsibilities and not onregardless their type or size. administrative tasks;n advanced functionalities ofProvides n tracking of both internal and Allowsproject planning: WBS, stages, tasks or customer posted incidents, at projectmilestones; level; capturing and managing then complete and methodic cover ofAllows comment history, severity, persona project: kick-off, planning, execution, responsible for solving;control and closing; n discussion forums, where the Offersn and accurately captures any typeQuickly employees can disseminate best
  9. 9. practices. decisions for reaching the goalsStreamlines and automates all then nto deliver the projects on time and Helpsoperational activities; budget;Uses To-do list at project level, with drill-n n and tracks the budget by Definesdown and tracking capabilities for resource, task, project or customer;various tasks; n quick identification of the AllowsProvides quick notifications related ton employees or tasks with deviations orthe main events recorded at project delays vs. the budget;level; Provides centralized and intuitive nMinimizes the non-invoiced hours andn information for ensuring the rightensures revenue increase through a resources within the projects;better planning of the projects and n the project schedules, by Tracksresources; displaying overdue or currentn the integration with any projectAllows milestones;management solution and natively Reduces the differences between the nintegrates with MS Project and budget strategy and project schedule;Primavera; Updates in real-time the project status nn data import / export andAllows based on the hours in the timesheets ofsynchronization of schedules with other the resources for the projects tasks andapplications. stages; Provides permanent and secured access n Increases the efficiency of managerial to project information.
  10. 10. Financial Management Financial Management module manages the operations and project execution from the financial point of view, regardless the type or nature of the concluded contractual terms. The solution includes complex financial management tools, covering all the financial flow, from issuing the invoices to the customers to recording the payments and closing the debts on contracts and projects. Financial and Operational BenefitsIncreases the efficiency of the financial n regular forecasts upon the Providesoperations organizations revenues;nthe budget management byEases n and improves the transparency of Tracksdefining and tracking them by resource, the cash-flow, providing support for theproject or contract; decisions regarding the futureSimplifies the project and contractn investments of the company;invoicing, the billable costs being n recording the receipts by Allowscalculated and grouped by resource or customer or contract, with automatictask type; invoice matching;n accuracy in issuing the invoicesProvides n the customer receipts with Matchesat detail level and in the format invoice details and allows quick retrievalpreferred by the customer; of rates by resource or resource type;n flexibility in issuing theProvides n automatic calculation of Allowsinvoices, by determining and grouping exchange rate differences, based onthe rates, periods, services and expenses payment and invoice be included, as well as by setting thespecifics at project level regarding the Maximizes the billable revenuesbilling process; n quick and automatic selection of Allowsn further review of the invoices,Allows valid spent hours as being billable;changing their content, as well as n real-time access to the statement Allowsadjusting the hours to be invoiced from of costs by resources or projects on athe total worked hours; chosen period;n managing different invoice types;Allows Automates the invoice issuing based on n
  11. 11. the invoice schedule agreed under the and money consuming work;contract; Automates the retrieval and grouping nn the possibility to use differentProvides the data related to budgets, costs,invoicing rates, by resource, used allocated resources and deliverables atprofessional education, contract or contract or project level;project. Includes alerts at invoicing terms or n other financial events;Improves the relationships with the n the implementation of workflows Allowsorganizations customers for invoice approval after issuing,n quick and complete invoicing,Provides according to the business specifics ofas well as lower costs per project or each single customer;contract; Provides quick and permanent access to nn a correct and easy financialOffers customer account record;management of the customers Includes alerts, quick access and naccounts; efficient analysis of the existing overdueIncludes advanced possibilities to usen amounts by contract and/or project;and record the advance payments or n planning the activities for Allowsincomplete payments from the receiving the overdue amounts and theircustomers. tracking until completion; n automatic marking of timesheets AllowsReduces the internal costs and as invoiced;increases the companys productivity Integrates with Charisma ERP or with nn the redundant, manual, timeRemoves any other accounting or ERP system.
  12. 12. Resource Management Resource Management module schedules the companys resources by projects in an efficient manner, by providing the best usage, without doubling the efforts, based on the competence profile and skills of the employees, thus providing the best resources for the projects success. The solution takes into account the experience in the fields, interests, competences or psychological profiles, so that the created teams are able to deliver the projects within the restrictions enforced by time, cost and quality.Financial and Operational BenefitsIncreases the profitability at Quick and best support for the migrating the resources fromcompanys resources level companys goals one project to another;n the resource selectionAllows n online and real-time Allows Provides quick and transparent nbased on the existing management of all the human access to the availability of anyallocations, updated in real- resources existing in the resource within the company;time; company; n quick notifications for OffersEliminates the overloading orn n the management of Allows increasing the workflowover-allocations of the employees profiles in order to efficiency, by e-mail orresources; optimize the allocation process; dashboard. Thus, the availabilityn multi-project, multi-Allows n the resources by Assigns of a resource is notified, as wellstage, multi-task allocations; matching their abilities, based as the delayed, current ornstandard rates at resourceUses on the projects specifics and by completed tasks;level; their availability at company Provides access to a centralized nn customized ratesAllows level; calendar of all the projects andaccording to the specific of each Organizes and classifies the n involved resources;project or contract; companys resources based on n integrates with Nativelyn tracking and using theAllows the organization chart or using Charisma HR or with any otherresources per task, phase or WBSs (Work Breakdown human resources managementproject. Structures); solution, allowing the retrieval Includes roles and / or n or matching the costs per professional categories resource or per resource matching; category. Prioritizies the projects by n
  13. 13. Contract Management Charisma Contract Management is a module especially designed for recording and managing all types of contracts concluded with the customers and partners of a company. This module centralizes and manages the services execution, according to the agreed terms and conditions, immediately notifying any deviation, thus supporting a professional, agile work environment, based on a strongly customer-oriented culture.Financial and Operational BenefitsReduces the costs and company; customer history;optimizes the operational n tracking the costs by Allows Provides different invoicing nprocesses contract; methods, such as flat price,Maintains in an easy to accessn ncontract templates, Uses milestones or completedmanner all the data related to reducing the routine work and percentage, advance as security,the companys customers and saving valuable time for other initial payment and equalthe contracts concluded with activities. installments or based on thethem; execution schedule;Provides permanent andn Increases the quality of the Includes quick support for nsimultaneous access to provided services and improves invoicing and paymentcontractual data; the relationships with the allocation to the customers;na resource allocationUses customers n tracking and access to Allowscalendar for by contracts and n tracking different types Allows the entire repository oftask schedules; of contracts and provided customers and their accounts;n the implementation ofAllows services; n the management of Allowsnew workflows for changing and n the customization of Allows confidential accounts.approving the contracts, based rates and invoice schedules,on the specifics of each single depending on the category and
  14. 14. Document Management Document Management module is developed based on the latest technologies from Microsoft, providing easy to use and automation for the management activity of any type of content, regardless the format. The product perfectly integrates with online or offline ERP or PSA solutions, providing exceptional flexibility and configurability in order to meet any specific needs.Financial and Operational BenefitsIncreases the efficiency of adapted to the companys n and quickly adds, changes Easilyworking with documents image; and manages the documents,n comprehensiveIncludes n different configurable Includes thus relieving the employees offunctions for saving, archiving, filters, for allowing advanced routine and time consumingrecovering, history, control, searches; tasks;versioning and reporting; Organizes the documents, n Simplifies the activity by using nProvides permanent public orn created or loaded into the document templates.private access to the required system, on tree structures.information, based on the Optimizes the project andsecurity policies of the Reduces the internal costs contract managementorganization; n the paper waste and Reduces Manages the documentation at nn the implementation forAllows the related maintaining costs. contract, customer account ordocument workflows with The physical files can be project level;multi-level approval; scanned and electronically n electronic storing, Allowsn versioning and historyAllows loaded into the system;. archiving, access and controlchange keeping at document Eliminates the effort of n upon the valuable informationlevel, with timestamps and logs managing physical documents. needed for project execution;of users and related comments; The electronic documents are Integrates with Charisma ERP nn workflows for increasingCreates easily administrated and for retrieving the back-officethe efficiency of document organized by structure and/or information or with any othercircuit within the organization; operational flows; enterprise resource planningn the information in aDisplays Manages different types and n system.graphic customized manner, sizes of files;
  15. 15. Office Analysis Office Analysis module includes a set of reports especially created for supporting the decisional process and the agility of the organization. Perfectly integrated with the operational flow defined by the other modules within Charisma Office Automation suite, these reports provide critical information regarding the companys performance, from resource usage to profitability per customer, project, task, employee, team, department or company.Financial and Operational BenefitsIncrease the control over the Provides full traceability of n projects and tasks, on thecompanys processes hours, from timesheeting to invoiced hours vs. billable hours,n color and symbolicProvides billing and payment receiving; reported hours vs. billable hoursperformance indicators for a n a complete and Offers etc.;quick analysis through transparent status by projects, n determining and Allowsdashboards with advanced drill- tasks, resource allocation, monitoring performancedown or drill-through functions; incidents and risks. targets;Includes standard detail reportsn n advanced analysis and Allowsfor the project managers; Increases the revenues and the scenarios using different ratesn generation andAllows companys profit assigned to resources, such asconfiguration of ad-hoc reports, n profitability metrics, at Includes internal rate, rate at customerseasy to accessed by the users; resource, invoicing or site, rate outside the city orn fast calculation of costAllows completeness level; abroad.per resource, project or n a correct and actual Providescontract; image of the time spent on
  16. 16. © TotalSoft 2012TotalSoft Headquarters Planned SubsidiariesActive Subsidiaries TotalSoft Implementations Sweden Senegal Estonia Russia United Kingdom Poland Germany Belgium Czech Rep Ukraine Slovakia Austria Moldova France Hungary Qatar RomaniaUSA Italy Serbia Saudi Arabia Bulgaria UAE Spain Albania Greece TotalSoft Headquarters Global City Business Park, 10 Bucharest - Nord Street Building O2, 8th Floor, Voluntari, llfov,România P: +4021 335 17 09 W:,, E: Austria | Greece | Bulgaria | Qatar