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Charisma HCM Talent Management


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Charisma HCM Talent Management is the result of many years of experience gained by supporting companies in the capitalization of human capital. We managed to combine advanced features with vertical expertise, so that Charisma HCM Talent Management would ensure a unique experience for all users.

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Charisma HCM Talent Management

  1. 1. Talent Management Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  2. 2. Main value Organizes, simplifies and automates complex processes and workflows; Cross departmental automation and organizational processes that cover multiple departments; Dramatically decrease operational costs and improves employees effiency; Increases the companys agility and competitiveness; 360 view over the performance indicators; Increases customer loyality; Collaborative working environment, focused on satisfying business partners’ needs; Updates and develops customers business needs.Management value Provides key reports and analysis for executives to run business; Reports with the ability to go from high level to low level detail; Comprehensive insight from all departments and systems; Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts and real-time notifications.Employee’s value Clean and friendly user interface; Commonly performed tasks can be automated; Can provide data from other applications and sources; Can access various reports from the same interface; Provides technical support directly from the application interface; Provides development methods and tools for business flows and entities directly from the application.Market value In 2012, Charisma ERP was designated as one of the 5 strongest European B2B solutions in the "Enterprise Vertical Market Solution" segment.
  3. 3. Charisma HCM Talent Management is the result of many years of experience gained by supporting companies in the capitalization of human resources. We managed to combine advanced features with vertical expertise, so that Charisma HCM Talent Management would ensure a unique experience for all users.  The solution modules. Performance ì Management, Skills & Competency Management, Compensation Management, Career & Succession Planning, Training and 360 Degree Feedback are natively integrated with Charisma HCM; The solution provides flexible support for both ì individual and organizational competency management; ì instant access to information about Allows global, national or functional business skills and provides users with advanced analysis and reporting features; ìQuick and easy access via the Internet to the solution, which is fully 0 360 Performance internationalized into over 50 Feedback Management languages; ìAllows secure storage of information, strictly controlled access and configurable workflow with Career & an intuitive navigation. Succession Talent Training Planning Management Skills & Compensation Competency Management ManagementThe solutioncomprises a series ofmodules perfectly adapted toHR activities, which addresses the development of thecompany’s human resource potential:ì  Performance Management;ì Compensation Management;ì & Competency Management; Skillsì Training;ì & Succession Planning; Careerì Feedback. 360 °
  4. 4. Performance Management Performance Management module works seamlessly with other modules such as Career & Succession Planning to help identify people who are ready for leadership roles or who have specific development needs. By integrating with CompensationCompanies and people perform better when they share aligned Management, you can make agoals, measure performance and reward success. Performance visible link between individualManagement provides employees, managers and HR teams with performance and your total pay andthe tools and insights to inspire people to perform to the best of reward packages.their ability. Rewards programs help ensure thePerformance Management transforms the traditional performance readiness and retention of your highreview, aligning the individual goals of employees to the performers, and allow you to createorganization’s strategic objectives. Managers and employees work a high-performance culture withtogether to define, review, measure and update objectives, well planned career paths for talentanywhere, anytime, through intuitive, Internet-based self-service within your organization.portals. 4 5
  5. 5. Benefits and featuresn an increased productivityEnsures Empowers managers and HR specialists n Cascaded organizational objectives High-level overviews and drill-down across functions and departments align information on locations, teams and company, manager, team and employee individuals allow better decision-making goals for maximum performance. for managers and HR professionals.Enhances company performancen Improves processes n The solution builds a shared vision and Assisted performance reviews facilitate drives organizational unity. consistent, best practice evaluations, while pre-configured reports for HRWin-Win scenariosn managers support compliance and Flexible, intuitive review processes quality monitoring. increase employee engagement and simplify the administration tasks for line n time Saves managers and HR professionals. Comprehensive analytics and built-in reports save time and optimize the usen visibilityEnables of performance data. Comprehensive graphical views allow managers to easily monitor n employee engagement Raises departmental KPIs. Collaborative planning, monitoring, development and performanceSelf-service featuresn recognition capabilities maximize Employee and manager Self-Service employee potential, job satisfaction and areas help define performance plans, set retention. and review objectives and evaluate outcomes. Streamlines the workflow n Timely reminders, prompts andn the solution adoptionDrives scorecards support line managers in Multi-lingual, browser-based access delivering effective performance encourages employee uptake, regardless management processes. of their location.
  6. 6. Skills & Competency Management Skills & Competency Management is a key component of Charisma HCM Talent Management solution. Skills & Competency Management works alongside Training and Career & Succession Planning modules, helping the company plan individual development activities and make better-informed decisions regarding training, promotions, redeployment or pay and reward.In a global economy, the competitive advantage comes from the Skills & Competency Managementability and dedication of your people. module provides HR specialists with a complete overview of everyDo you know what skills and competencies exist in your individual’s abilities and potential,organization? Will these support your company’s future strategy? development, career planning andSkills & Competency Management module helps you identify remuneration. Managers canpeople with the skills and competencies, qualifications, knowledge conduct comprehensive skillsand personal qualities you need, and to plan for their development analyses and identify potential skillaccording to your organizational goals. gaps. The library comprising overIdentifying and placing people in the right position at the right time 400 key competencies in 18 coredramatically increases their motivation and reduces retention risk, areas allows you to profile andavoiding recruitment costs, disruption and loss of critical evaluate any role or position,knowledge. establishing individual and organizational readiness. The search and filter features allow you to find the right people for every position. The search is multi-dimensional, enabling searches not only on skills and competencies, but any combination of experience, qualifications, certification, language proficiency, mobility, and project experience. The Best Fit Search feature identifies those employees that closely match your requirements, accelerating the selection process and helping you find the right person for every job. 6 7
  7. 7. Benefits and featuresn your talentLocates Mobilizes the company’s talent nIdentifies employees with relevant or Supports international relocations bytransferable skills, qualifications and identifying and encouraging people withexperience, using a powerful search overseas ambitions to develop the skilltechnology that integrates with any they need to make the move.other HR systems. Optimizes the workforce nn flexible and customized profilesCreates Uses search features to find the best-fit Builds your own competency models or teams and people for projects and leverage 400 pre-defined competencies vacancies, and builds organizational in 18 core areas, allowing you to easily bench strength through effective profile key current and future roles. planning and development.Identifies skill gapsn Supports the strategic HR planning n Plans intelligently for promotions, Enhances leadership and vision with a internal mobility and business growth by comprehensive overview of all identifying future skill gaps and creates organizational talent. needs-based recommendations for training and development measures for individuals or teams.
  8. 8. Compensation Management Compensation Management module works seamlessly with other modules such as Performance Management and Career & Succession Planning, to make a visible link between individual performance and your total pay and reward packages. These practices help develop anCompetitive and flexible compensation creates happier, more organizational culture that canmotivated employees, with reduced retention risk and optimized connect each employeefinancial performance. Compensation Management module performance and development withprovides executives, managers and HR teams with the tools and the appropriate salary thresholds forinsights to develop attractive, competitive and motivating an increased equity in the companycompensation structures at all levels, based on both market level and in relation to the market.comparisons (e.g.: salary surveys) and corporate objectives. An appropriate pay and reward structure will not only improve your financial performance, but also makes it easier to attract, retain and motivate the best talent. Compensation Management module allows HR employees, line managers and executives to work together to build a compelling and competitive approach to base salary pay, bonuses, long and short term incentives and company benefits – the approach is simple, flexible and transparent, as well as easy to compare against industry benchmarks. 8 9
  9. 9. Benefits and featuresn the decision-making processImproves Provides consistency nGives executives an instant, complete Compensation reviews ensure consistentoverview of your organization‘s salary revaluation processes, whilecompensation structure, helping them analysis and reporting help you createmake the right decisions based on compensation packages and action plansaccurate data. for individuals or target groups.Balances the compensation budgetn Ensures your company meets the Compensation Management comprises financial obligations with better salary two key capabilities: planning, tight budget control, and appropriate merit increases with the n Total Compensation. Builds and reviews help of value-added data. comprehensive compensation profiles to motivate employee performance andn high performanceDrives reduce retention risk. The module Creates a compensation management creates dynamic, in-depth compensation strategy that links performance to strategies covering base salaries, long reward, engaging and motivating staff at and short-term incentive plans, bonuses, all levels. health care plans, stock options andn and retains the best talentFinds more. Integrated reporting allows you to Uses the latest market data and research regularly monitor internal equities and to compare compensation across jobs, your compensation policies’ overall industries and locations. In addition, it effectiveness. The Compensation Review helps you benchmark your report eases annual adjustments, compensation system to retain talented creating configurable programmes for people and attract the best external target groups and individuals based on talent. performance and merit scenarios.Provides fairness and transparencyn n Compensation. Maintains your Market Creates consistency across teams and market competitiveness, comparing your skill areas, with review processes that current compensation structures against avoid internal or external imbalances real market data, with easily definable and minimizes the retention risk. market rates via multiple surveys. With an informed view, the company isIncreases efficiencyn equipped to award market leading Reduces administration costs via salaries and benefits whilst maintaining automated workflows, integrated accountable, up to date outlooks on scenario planning to analyze and adjust compensation expenditures. all compensation components, and enables data roll-up throughout the organization.
  10. 10. Training Training Module works alongside Performance Management and Skills & Competency Management modules to identify individual and organizational development needs against corporate objectives. Training module also complements Career & Succession Planning, helping the company make better- informed decisions about promoting people into leadership roles. With the help of the TrainingThe right training programme allows you to deliver against your skill module, the company can fullyand competency needs by aligning training programmes to manage all learning, training andindividual needs, corporate objectives and available budgets and development processes, fromresources. analyzing internal trainingTraining module helps the company motivate the employees and requirements to course their commitment by showing that you value them enough Workflows and reminders facilitateto invest in their future. The solution helps you create and manage effortless, efficient planning for evenan efficient, cost-effective learning culture, based on identified the most complicated training setup.personal and company needs. Communication between participants and trainers occursTraining module enables you to transform needs and requirements automatically, encouraging a deeperinto specific training measures. The integrated reporting system and collaboration.advanced evaluation methods help you control training costs, focustraining needs, evaluate effectiveness and allocate your resources HR professionals benefit fromeffectively. extensive analysis options and an overview of all employee and participant training histories. The solution provides support for coaching, mentoring, job rotation, on and off the job training, as well as other learning formats. Employees can request relevant training activities using an online catalogue, with managers approving or amending requests. 10 11
  11. 11. Benefits and featuresnEmpowers the employees: n and reports: AnalyzesSelf-managing a personal development Integrated reporting, advancedplan allows your workforce to select evaluation and feedback methodsdevelopment activities that match enable administrators, supervisors andidentified training needs and take a employees to manage trainingmore active role in development requirements proactively.planning and maintaining professional n training: Promotescertifications. An easily accessible training cataloguen success:Measures and self service functions for managersMonitors individual progress against and employees encourage them to findbenchmarks, ensuring that all and select just the right developmentemployees, managers, HR and training activities, with an integral approvalteams understand key performance process.indicators. n relevance: IncreasesnStreamlines the process: Defines internal training needs based onReduces administrative effort with recommendations suggested by theworkflow management for scheduling Skills & Competency Managementand automated correspondence, and module.bulk nomination of training participantsusing filter functionality.nbudgets:MeetsAllocates training costs accurately toimprove cost and quality control.
  12. 12. Career & Succession Planning Career & Succession Planning is one of the main components of Charisma HCM Talent Management. The solution works seamlessly with Skills & Competency Management and Performance Management modules, helping the company establish the right development and rewards programmes. The solution ensures the readinessCareer & Succession Planning module manages every step of the and retention of high performers,career and succession planning process, tracking information about and helps you create a high-people’s future potential, past performance, career aspirations and performance culture with wellretention risk. planned career paths for talentComprehensive interactive analysis tools and reports provide within your organization.invaluable input to formal talent review processes, helping toidentify talented individuals for the future, regardless of location.Employees can clarify and record their own career preferences,including geographic mobility, preferred next steps and any crossfunctional development required, generating a balanced careerplan. Key indicators oforganizational health such asbench strength can easily bedetermined using powerfulreporting tools. 12 13
  13. 13. Benefits and featuresn riskManages Simplifies the career and succession nIdentifies key positions or areas of the planning processesbusiness vulnerable to future succession Maintains a real-time organizationalgaps and works towards low attrition to view of individual career histories andensure minimum disruption and risk. current and projected readiness, and proactively identifies potential gaps inIncreases visibilityn bench strength. Supports management decision-making by supplying detailed information on key Empowers and engages employees n positions and potential successors, Keeps your employees motivated and including reports, charts and analysis. challenged through their personal development and individual careern for the futurePlans plans, with proactive career Builds detailed succession plans and a development. complete picture of your global talent pool across critical functions, countries Improves your options n and regions, including talent balance The application tests out ‘What-if‘ sheets to assist talent management succession scenarios that support reports. development of effective, agreed succession plans.Provides an internal viewn Reduces the company’s dependence on hiring external talent by identifying and developing internal successors.
  14. 14. 360 Degree Feedback 360 Degree Feedback is another key component of Charisma HCM Talent Management. It supports key Talent Management processes such as Career & Succession planning by identifying strengths and development needs in people who are ready for leadership positions or other critical organizational roles. The advanced features of theComparing self assessments with external perceptions from module ensure objectivity andrelevant stakeholders in an employee‘s working environment is a clarity and helps ensure a high-powerful and objective way to drive development and improve performance culture with wellperformance. 360 Degree Feedback module creates balanced, planned development paths forindividual assessments of potential, strengths and needs, building talent within your organization.great pipelines of experts and leaders. The module provides clarity and promotes objectivity regarding360 Degree Feedback helps individuals become more aware of their personal development andbehaviors and actions. It helps them channel their focus on building performance improvement. It is anupon personal strengths and on improving areas requiring essential tool for the maximizationdevelopment. Feedback is tracked via multi-sourced, confidential of employee performance based onassessments from all relevant sources, including supervisors, peers, internal and external feedback.subordinates, partners or customers. 14 15
  15. 15. Benefits and featuresnDrives changes Preserves confidentiality n360 Degree Feedback provides a fully Delivers anonymous, honest androunded view of the strengths and needs unbiased feedback supported byof every individual in a clear, transparent processes.comprehensive and confidential manner. n for excellence StrivesBalanced and reliable information Integrated analysis and reportingfosters positive behavioral change and support feedback recipients in fullydirectly supports highly personalized understanding their results and pointdevelopment. them to actions to improve themselves.n configurable processesCreates Detailed, easy to understand reports Automates processes to collect 360 help compare self-image versus the degree feedback, from creating perception of others, forming the basis questionnaires, selecting providers and for tailored personal development of collecting feedback from internal and identified talent. external stakeholders, to results analysis Provides clear reports n and individual coaching programmes. A comprehensive set of reports alsoEmpowers peoplen enables effective planning and Supports employees in selecting preparation of appraisal discussions, appropriate participants by easily development planning and subsequent selecting the feedback sources to coaching and mentoring. include in 360 Degree programmes. Provides efficient collaboration nComprehensive evaluationn Sophisticated scheduling and The solution sources full internal and collaboration tools help mentors and external feedback, including self coaches assist employees in interpreting assessments, subordinates, team feedback and building actionable career members, peers, customers and development plans. management. Provides self service features nReduces complexityn Efficient administration via Self-Service Visual aids help feedback recipients and features reduces administrative providers ensure that reliable feedback overheads via automated, secure is obtained in the easiest, most efficient workflow processes. way. In-context help guides users along and shows them their progress, from easily selecting appropriate feedback providers to entering and understanding feedback.
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