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TotalSoft manages salaries of over       10% of the Romanian active        workforce. Out of over 500                     ...
ServicesTotalSoft provides a wide range of outsourcing services:          Generation of non-standardized employee certific...
BenefitsProfit maximization by reducing costs                      The collaboration with TotalSoft, which provides both  ...
Communication interface between the Provider and the                Solution to three major issues:Beneficiary            ...
HCM Portal                                                                      Defined as the Website of the             ...
Features      The users who can access Portal HCM module      are split in many categories, depending on the      The Mana...
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Charisma HCM Outsourcing


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With more than 17 years experience in 25 countries, TotalSoft dominates the local market in providing complete business solutions, according to Pierre Audoin Consultants study published in October 2011. In 2010, TotalSoft becomes a leader in personnel administration and payroll outsourcing segment. Moreover, TotalSoft manages wages of more than 10% of the Romanian active workforce. Among over 550 Romanian companies and 60 multinational groups that benefit from our dedicated human resources solutions, large companies such as Ursus, BRD, UniCredit Tiriac, Arctic, Alpha Bank and Genpact have already opted for TotalSoft’s payroll outsourcing services.

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Charisma HCM Outsourcing

  1. 1. Outsourcing HRSimple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  2. 2. TotalSoft manages salaries of over 10% of the Romanian active workforce. Out of over 500 Although essential for the Romanian companies and 60 human resources multinational groups benefiting management, these are from our solutions dedicated to time consuming activities human resources, reputable that add no obvious value names such as Ursus, BRD, to the organization. By UniCredit Tiriac, Arctic, H &M, minimizing the routine Inditex, Danone or Mic.ro have activities, human resources already opted for payroll departments can focus outsourcing services provided by greatly on major activities, TotalSoft. addressing organizational Our experience in human culture, health, careerresources, derived from numerous planning, skills, efficiency implementations in all business and employee performance fields and in organizations of any according to the strategicsize, helped us conclude that more objectives of the than 70% of the activities organization. performed by the human resources teams is repetitive.This is why we developed a comprehensive set of payroll and personneladministration services, available for all employee categories:n Top management (reports and organization charts);n HR departments (outsourcing of repetitive processes and routine activities);n Employees (online access to personal data).Regardless of the outsourcing level, we will appoint a HR specialists team inorder to ensure any outsourcing project’s success.
  3. 3. ServicesTotalSoft provides a wide range of outsourcing services: Generation of non-standardized employee certificate. nPayroll HR Business IntelligenceMonthly salary processing;n Intuitive graphs for the top management, comprising nn calculation;Salary personnel and payroll data;n monthly statements and fiscal recordsPayroll, n organization charts (administrative, Variousgeneration; functional);Generation of accounting notes and integration withn Dashboard KPIs; nthe company’s accounting systems; n to a tool that is similar to the “Budgets” AccessGeneration of electronic records for salary payment inn module.bank card accounts;Generation of monthly bank files and payment ordersn Other types of servicesfor salary fees; n Employee records audit;n and distribution of secured pay slips (bank PINPrinting n Retroactive update and error correction in individualtype); labor contracts or employee record books;Submission of electronic pay slips in encrypted .pdfn n Retroactive update and error correction in the uniqueformat; employee register.n access to the pay slips archive.Online All the above services can be requested eitherPersonnel administration separately or mixed with other software applications,n Submission of statements, fiscal records and statistic so that a solution perfectly adapted to your business reports to the authorities; requirements can be created.n Conclusion of individual labor contracts and afferent addendums, maintenance of the relationships with the authorities such as the Territorial Labor Inspectorate for the Payroll submission, labor contracts and addendums registration);n Employment record book update;n employee register update; General “By outsourcing the HR activities to TotalSoft, we streamlined the entire human resources and payroll activity, at high quality standards and significant reduction in administration costs.” Ursus Breweries Alina Sîrbu Human Resource Manager .ro
  4. 4. BenefitsProfit maximization by reducing costs The collaboration with TotalSoft, which provides both nOur services are conceived both at individual andn the software solution and the outsourcing services,global level; we use cutting-edge technology in order brings even more advantages, namely:to increase the business processes speed. The n Vast expertise in payroll calculation due to a largeoutcomes include the productivity increase, error number of clients and diversity ofelimination and processes improvement; implementations;By outsourcing the payroll calculation, any companyn n Exclusion of liability to the authorities, TotalSoftreduces the payroll costs and allows HR specialists to completely taking over, through the contract, thefocus merely on adding-value activities; responsibility of payroll operations;By outsourcing the payroll calculation, any companyn n By outsourcing the payroll calculation, themay also reduce the hidden payroll and personnel company avoids potential internal leaks regardingadministration costs, such as: salaries;n effort to run appropriately the system, as IT team’s n Automation and delegation of HR departments’ well as to withdraw additional information from routine activities, thus helping them concentrate the company’s database (database maintenance, on adding-value activities such as performance archiving, back-up, and restoration, information management, training and courses etc. withdrawal and implementation in various reports etc.); Risk managementn Pay slips printing and distribution costs; n legislative changes or rigid systems can Frequentnwasted on monitoring and understanding the Time generate interpretation errors or delays, which might new legislative changes; time requested by the incur penalties; provider to update the payroll software; n Archiving and storing the information according to thenwasted on submission of statements to the Time legislation in force require additional security authorities; measures;nwasted on filling in various necessary forms; Time n Outsourcing these services to a specialized companyn Licensing, update and maintenance costs, costs reduces risks and maximizes the confidentiality over incurred by an application change or application internal information; users training; n Outsourcing these services improves the internaln incurred by the hardware and software Costs communication between members of the HR infrastructure required for a payroll and personnel department and the rest of the company, frequently administration software; affected by the amount of payroll activities. 4 5
  5. 5. Communication interface between the Provider and the Solution to three major issues:Beneficiary nallocated to payroll calculation; Time HCM Portal provides an optimal communication flow n to obtain accurate, fast and secure outcomes; Effort between the Provider and the Beneficiary, as well as Responsibility afferent to payroll calculation and n the Beneficiary’s access to information: reporting.n Introduction of timesheet directly from the working units of the Beneficiary, avoiding printing costs of the Value brought by professional services timesheet, centralization, expedition and validation n You have at your disposal an entire team of payroll forms; specialists ready to answer your questions and providen Information on employees can be accessed at any you with further support. hour/ date both by the company’s management or any other persons appointed by the Beneficiary;n The Beneficiary can access the legislation section;n The Beneficiary can access at any hour/ date all predefined reports, as well as the configurable ones. The reports are generated according to the date chosen by the Beneficiary (e.g.: one can view both the 2010 and 2011 Payroll reports by introducing the desired date);n and generation of employee certificates Access directly from the web interface;n export of reports in different formats, such as Quick word, excel, pdf, which allow further processing, if the case. “When we decided to outsource the payroll activities, we focused on a company with experience in the field and on a reliable software platform. It’s been more than 4 years since TotalSoft has been providing us with payroll outsourcing services and we must admit that our collaboration definitely meets our expectations.” ARCTIC SA Raluca Avramescu Human Resource Manager .ro
  6. 6. HCM Portal Defined as the Website of the Human Resources department, Portal HCM module plays an important part in increasing the transparency within the organization, improving the communication and motivation, knowing the roles and responsibilities but also other personal information that can lay at the basis of a healthy and motivation-oriented culture, commitment and responsibility of the employees. With Portal HCM module, TotalSoft went beyond the traditional features of a human resourcesFinancial and Operational Benefits management system, developing a Reduces the operational costs powerful and robust tool, accessible The solution enables to eliminate the time needed by anytime and from anywhere via Internet, empowering the the HR personnel to run certain routine time employees to get directly involved consuming tasks such as leaves day calculation, in various processes. The requests for certificates, employee information employees are able to enter certain update. Another eliminated cost comes from the data into the system, such as rest significant reduction of paper needed for the leaves, assessments, training plans, operations ran by the Human Resources department. etc., thus relieving the human resources department of time- Increases the productivity of the Human Resources consuming activities. department The module enables the publication and quick adoption of new internal requirements and “We have outsourced the payroll regulations, and the facilitation of administrative tasks services and we are delighted to necessary for checking if the new regulations were read. Furthermore, the product ensures quick control have chosen TotalSoft. The payroll and access to information about the employees via process has been automated to a Internet, anytime anywhere. large extent by implementing HCM Portal interface. Now we have easy Motivates and empowers the companys employees access to information and reports By actively involving the managers and employees required to optimize the human into complete 360-degree assessments, leave resources work.” requests or other human resources processes, the solution empowers the personnel and increases the motivation by improving transparency, BRD communication and teamwork. Groupe Société Générale Adela Jansen, HR Executive Director 6 7
  7. 7. Features The users who can access Portal HCM module are split in many categories, depending on the The Manager assigned rights: employees, managers, top Apart from the rights assigned to the managers, as well as Human Resources employees, the manager can: department users. The accounts and rights of n View certain information for all his/her these users are validated by the Human subordinates: leave balance, timesheet, Resources department. assessment results, training plans. n or reject the requests initiated by Approve The companys employee his/her subordinates. The companys employees can access public nassessments, training plans or career Fill in information made available by the Human path management for his/her Resources department, and the operations subordinated employees. he/she can perform are: ninformation about the results of Fill in n Accessing the news within the company interviews he/she attends regarding the (e.g.: team building, training or applicants who are to be employed on recruitment sessions, new colleagues, subordinated positions. announcing the employees of the month, etc.); The Top Manager n Accessing the forms used within the Apart from the rights assigned to the company; mangers, the management personnel is able n Accessing public information about the to access the organization charts and active employees within the company, statistical managerial reports. Also, they have enabling the access to each employees a dashboard including information about the personal pages but also to information personnel turnover and the employee such as phone number, e-mail, office expenses, split by companies, business units location etc.; or cost centers. n Simulating the salary calculation, from gross to net and from net to gross salary, The person who enters the timesheet on the with all the employees and the Web employers taxes; He/She has similar rights as the employee, n requests to the Human Resources Sending but can additionally enter the timesheets of department; the employees he/she is assigned to; n Initiating flows such as rest leave requests, requests for certificates, etc. The employee in the Human Resources n Changing certain personal data (address, department personal documents, marital status) if The employees in the Human Resources these rights are configured. department have access to the specific n Self-assessment, by filling in rates for each legislation section for the human resources task/target/competence, depending on management that is regularly updated the assessment model configured by the through version upgrade or by providing a Human Resources department. Web service..ro
  8. 8. © TotalSoft 2012TotalSoft Headquarters Planned SubsidiariesActive Subsidiaries TotalSoft Implementations Sweden Senegal Estonia Russia United Kingdom Poland Germany Belgium Czech Rep Ukraine Slovakia Austria Moldova France Hungary Qatar RomaniaUSA Italy Serbia Saudi Arabia Bulgaria UAE Spain Albania Greece TotalSoft Headquarters Global City Business Park, 10 Bucharest - Nord Street Building O2, 8th Floor, Voluntari, llfov,România P: +4021 335 17 09 W: totalsoft.ro, charisma.ro, acollada.com E: office@totalsoft.ro Austria | Greece | Bulgaria | Qatar