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Charisma financial risk_assessment


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Charisma financial risk_assessment

  1. 1. Charisma Financial Risk Assessment
  2. 2. General Overview17 years of continuous activity on regional market Largest ERP solution provider in Central Europe +25 M Euro turnover in 2011 30% of company revenue generated by exports  70% of TotalSoft solutions has presence abroad 1500 clients in private and public sector  Multinational clients: +70 international groups 450 full time employees  +400 employees with technical background
  3. 3. International GrowthTotalSoft subsidiaries ria a ga ab i ul ece B re a i a i Ar G rbi r str d Se ata Au Sau UK Q 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Local sales force & client management Level 1 support Training & business consultancy
  4. 4. Strategic ObjectivesDouble current turnover up to 50M EUR with 20% profitability Enter top 10 ERP solutions on four critical verticals  Leasing, Retail/Wholesale, Healthcare and Constructions Impose Charisma as standard group solution for key corporate accounts  Raiffeisen Leasing, Deutsche Leasing, NBG Leasing, ISTA Address small segment with SaaS/Cloud platforms  Business Applications suite based on MS Dynamics & SharePoint technology:  Document Management, Workflows, Time-Sheet, Legal, ESS Migrate from direct to indirect sales approach  Strong partners network in CEE region
  5. 5. Clients Successful complex implementations in 25 countries  USA  Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Sweden, UK, Spania)  Central & Eastern Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine)  Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Qatar)  Africa (Senegal)
  6. 6. Market positioningLeading the top of Romanian ERP providers The most important ERP solution provider for the 2nd year in row (PAC 2010 & 2011) Listed in top 10 international recommended leasing solutions by KPMG 5th place on the most profitable software companies in Romania
  7. 7. Largest Romanian SoftwareCompanies
  8. 8. Financial figuresContinuous profitable growth in the last 9 years Turnover evolution  EBITDA evolution
  9. 9. Successful implementationsFinancial Sector Garanti Leasing “We chose Charisma ERP following a comprehensive tendering process, which was attended by many well known companies in the IT market. This solution proved to be closest to our business needs, responding to the dynamic changes currently occurring in the leasing market.” Okan Yurtsever, General ManagerDeutsche Leasing Romania & Bulgaria & AustriaThe scalability and flexibility of the Charisma ERP solution to be adapted tothe specific requirements of local markets and also the result of theimplementation in Romania determined for the same software platform to beadopted in Bulgaria and Austria.The complex experience acquired after 3years of close cooperation, confirmed by 3 implementations successfullycompleted, makes us look with confidence at the evolution of the partnershipconcluded with TotalSoftGeorg Hansjürgens, Area Manager SEE
  10. 10. Successful implementationsServices Cosmote “Cosmote Romania started working with Charisma ERP system in 2006. TotalSoft system has been chosen because it was offering a very short implementation time, as well as a great price-performance ratio. Thanks to this partnership, TotalSoft has won a great experience in the telecom area, and Cosmote Romania has optimized its business processes using an ERP system “ Sergiu Dumitraşcu, Business Application Manager.” ISTA Leader in water and heating management of collective properties. “The collaboration with TotalSoft has begun with the implementation of Charisma ERP and continued with a customized system for computing and splitting the utilities costs, fully integrated with Charisma ERP” Carmen Sava, Computing Department Director.
  11. 11. Successful implementationsMedical MedLife The largest private medical services provider in Romania “Charisma will improve the company’s information system, providing a single data base of all patients and their flows within the medical unit, their appointments and analysis undertaken, as well as financial or customer relationship information.” Nicolae Marcu, General Manager at MedLife. Medicover Medical services supplier in Romania, Poland, Estonia, Hungary and Czech Republic, annually managing over 1 mil. pacients “Our collaboration with TotalSoft was very productive. Thus we decided to outsource our entire medical systems development project to this company. We strongly recommend TotalSoft for its professional capabilities in the clinical administration and medical services systems." Anthony Cameron, IT Manager - Medicover Poland
  12. 12. Successful implementationsConstructions & Real Estate Bog’Art One of the top 3 Romanian construction companies with more than € 93 million turnover “The results is fantastic, we strongly feel it. We are working now elegantly as the chaos was eliminated. We have now a solid information basis. Information processing time was reduced at least at half, and in some cases, we gain much time on operations namely many days each month", Alex Cârstoiu, Manager IT Bog’Art. Impact One of the largest Romanian privately owned real estate Developers; €42 million in 2008 “Charisma was the only solution that included an essential tool for construction – the project management module. Several other companies that we had prospected didn’t have the planning and contracts modules which were very important to us”, Florin Chiriţă, Marketing Manager
  13. 13. Successful implementationsRetail and Distribution Germanos Romania “We implemented Charisma in 2004 – the benefits of our choice were immediately visible. We obtained a centralized database for all stores and the stock and retail management efforts were streamlined; thus, we were able to focus more on sales. Obviously, all these improvements led to an overall increase of the operational efficiency.” Gration Vlad, Retail Chain Manager Mediplus The largest Romanian Pharma distributor: 64.000 distributed products, 12 warehouses and a 122 auto utilities distribution fleet. „Given the complexity of our business, who would have had the courage to implement a financial and controlling system in only 2 months? We trusted in TotalSoft and we weren’t wrong. On the other hand, if you look at the performance - cost ratio, Charisma deserves its money” Bogdan Dumitrescu, IT&C Director
  14. 14. Successful implementationsManufacturing Caroli The second largest company in the meat industry in Romania € 70 million turnover “The company is attentive to the feedback provided by customers and believes the solution meets our requirements. In fact, this is the reason why we chose to work with TotalSoft”, Mioara Abagiu, IT Manager Constanţa Shipyard The largest Romanian shipyard: over 4 mil delivered tdw and 2.300 employees The solution integrates 11 software applications for document tracking, management and allocation of costs and workmanship on each stage of a ship building and provides a clear picture of profitability related departments, projects etc.
  15. 15. Charisma Business LineKey Points Trusted business partner for +1000 companies  The largest installed base in Romanian enterprise software sector  Sustain companies that counts for more than 25% of Romanian GDP  Complex implementations in 13 countries Focus industries drive double-digit growth Banking, Services, Retail & Wholesale, Manufacturing The largest local innovation power 250 dedicated developers; 40 Project Managers
  16. 16. Primavera Project ManagementKey Points Technological modernization at Petrom wells  2 years, 5,000 wells, 5 million labor hours, 50 consultants Promoters of the project management concept in Romania  TotalSoft has over 15 years of experience in implementation, consultancy, education and support for Primavera Leader on the project management solutions market  90% of companies that use such solutions have implemented Primavera through TotalSoft Over 5000 students trained in Primavera system  Students receive internationally recognized certificates at the completion of the course 11 consecutive years in the Primavera President Club  Only 7 companies in the world achieved this performance
  17. 17. Charisma Days 2011The largest business community builtaround a software product 2 days; 5 technical workshops; + 1000 participants (Romania, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria and Qatar)
  18. 18. Software DevelopmentMain Projects
  19. 19. Why Charisma?Business value drivers for organization Industry Expertise Trusted Partner  +16 years experience in complex software  Double-digit growth based on business solutions customer recommendations  Industry best practices accelerate time to  Top references on 11 industry value verticals  Service enabled to deploy without disruption  + 800 installed customer base Business value Lowest TCO  Improve financial management  Proven implementation methodology  Enhance business agility  Flexible platform due to modular  Enforce operational excellence architecture  Unify and simplify mission-critical  AdaptiveTM proprietary technology for business processes quickly covering any specific needs
  20. 20. 2011 Business achievements  Enforce international presence  Projects in 4 new countries: Austria, Spain, Dubai & Saudi Arabia  New subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece & Qatar  Extensive devs: new clients in new countries  SATORP Saudi Arabia, Deutsche Leasing Austria, ISTA Spain & Dubai, Mowasalat Qatar, Lafarge Moldova  Intensive devs: B2B solutions for mobile devices  Analyzer, Cell Monitor, SFA, EMR, Portfolio Management, Medical Software – both on Android and iOS platforms  Embedded wireless technologies  Ford, Volkswagen Group  Future automotive design projects on Android
  21. 21. CHARISMA BUSINESS SUITESoftware solution for the management of organizations in all business fields
  22. 22. Charisma Business Suite Modular design  Three-tier architecture  Runs in a single location or in a system of multiple locations with distributed or centralized databasesEnterprise Stock Accounting Financial Sales Purchasing Fixed Assets BudgetsManagement Management Financial Operational Financial Broker Refinancing Factoring Insurance Leasing Leasing Wholesale InsuranceSpecific Stock Warehouse PortfolioBusiness Production MRP eOrders Replenishment Management ManagementNeeds International Office Cell Monitor Credit BC Medical Software Commerce AutomationCustomer Relationship Sales Force Marketing After-sales CustomerRelationship Mobile SFA Dashboard Management Automation Automation Services IntelligenceManagementBusiness Human Capital Fleet Cost Control Collection SelfService eShop AnalyzerSupport Management Management
  23. 23. Charisma Business Suite Enterprise Management Stock Accounting Financial Sales Purchasing Fixed Assets Budgets Management Activity based  Accounts Payable  Client account  Supplier account  Multiple depreciation  Versioning  Multi-warehouse costing  Accounts  Multi-currency  Advances and methods  Multiple analysis  Multi-cell Product Cost Receivable support Proforma  Changes History centers controlling Planning  Bank Journal  Offers flow Administration  Cost center  Cost centers  Raw materials and Cost Object  Cash Journal  Tax and bills  Supply monitoring analysis products Controlling  Cash Flow  Targets analysis requirements  Revaluations &  Planning vs. administration Multi-branch analysis Termination Accounting  Bar codes  Reallocations  Miscellaneous analysis  Purchasing flow  Automatic loading in  Automatic  Product cost  Automatic measuring unit Actual Product management administration assignation calculation revaluation of types Costing  Intra-community  Manual entries  Stock debts  Automatic General Ledger acquisitions replenishment document  Multi-currency Accounting generation and  Export facility  Stock traceability P&L traceability  Multi-administration Multi-accounting selling systems VAT declarations
  24. 24. Charisma Business Suite Specific business needs Financial Operational Financial Broker Refinancing Factoring Insurance Leasing Leasing Wholesale Insurance Front& Back-office  Fleet Management  Credit Management  Financial Objects  Partners Debts  Policy Administration  Commission Management  Fixed Assets  Multi-Currency and Management Management  Leasing Contract Management Leasing Documents Management Multi-Bank Support  Dealers and  Financing Requests Integration  Policy Management Flow Management  Rents Accounting  Credit Contracts Supplier Management  Insurance  Insurance Fixed & Variable  Multiple Deals Management Management  Automatic Penalty Conventions Conventions Interest Support Termination  Schedule  Fees and Calculation  Insurance Vouchers  Insurance Vouchers Multi-object Type Methods Management Commissions  Financing Lines Management Management Financing  Financial Products  Fixed / Variable Management Management  Damages and  Insurance Commission & Fees Usage Interests Support  Collaterals Support  Cash Withdrawals Wreck Management Installments Deferring  Leasing Contract  Disbursements & Control  Activity Journals Deductions Interest Accrual Integration Reimbursements  Collaterals Support  Payment Schedule  Activity Journals Payment Schedule  Payment Schedules Control  Multi-Currency & Multi- Management  Configurable  Multi-currency Location payment schedule History Management  Multi-currency Credits  Web-access  Multi-currency IRR/ XIRR  History Management Calculation Multi-Role Financing Approval Flow
  25. 25. Charisma Business Suite Specific business needs Stock Warehouse Portfolio Production MRP eOrders Replenishment Management Management Release Management  Materials  Orders Management  Bar Codes  Client Orders  Project Management Production Tracking Requirements  Products Movements Administration Platform  Contract Management Management Control  Supplier Management  Stock Management  Direct Orders  Document Product Cost  Suppliers  Products and Management management  Stock control Management Management Documents  Orders & Contracts  Services Cost Control  Multi-Warehouse Order management  Stock Management Management Management  Multi-Branch  Financial & Operational Quality Assurance  Final Product Cost  Goods Reception  Products Risk Management Employees Management  Picking & Delivery Management  Financing Scenarios Performance Control  Purchase Order  SFA  Shopping Cards  Budget Management Management  Efficiency Management  Searching Filtering  Project Expenses  Stock  Warehouse Space Control Replenishment Administration  Lot Measure  Properties Grouping Algorithms  Performance Indicators
  26. 26. Charisma Business Suite Specific business needs International Office Cell Monitor Credit BC Medical Software Commerce Automation Financial & Non-  Front & Back Office  Collaborative  Suppliers  General Configuration  Time Management Financial Indicators Management Supply Chain Management  Emergency Room  Expense Real-Time Reporting  Offers, Analysis, Management  Warehouse  Outpatient Ward Management Visual Company Approval, Signing &  Content Management  Ward Management  Contract Performance Tracking Management  Drugs Stock Management  Pharmacy & Warehouse Multi-Branch Analysis  Multi-object financing  Buying & Selling Management  Resource  Medical Examinations Numbers, Matrices,  Credit Contracts Goods / Services  Financial Management  Morph Pathology Charts Management Management  Project  Collaterals Support  eOrder/Purchasing  Electronic Medical Management Management Records  Fixed & Variable interest  Document  Delivery  Imaging  Financial Products Management Management  Schedules Usage  Financial  Automatic Income  Promotion &  Medical Decision Management Recognition Fidelity Cards Support  Office Analysis  Document Management Management  Process Traceability
  27. 27. Charisma Business Suite Customer Relationship Management Relationship Sales Force Marketing After-sales Customer Mobile SFA Dashboard Management Automation Automation Services Intelligence Portal Integration  Opportunity  Lead Management  SLA Management  Territory Planning  Market Surveys  Pipeline Visibility Content Management  Campaign  Case Management  Route Management  Customer  Product Velocity Syndication  Account Management  Incident Tracking  Account Satisfaction  Customer Document Management  Event Management  Self-Service Portal Management  Profiling / Segmentation Management  Contract  On-Line Marketing  Contract Segmentation  Campaign Outlook Integration Management  Telemarketing Management Effectiveness Project  Team Selling  Request & Delivery  Operational Management  Forecasting Management Efficiency  Quotation  Invoice Management Management  Dashboard  Real-time Reporting
  28. 28. Charisma Business Suite Business SupportHuman Capital Fleet Cost Control Collection Self Service eShop AnalyzerManagement Management Payroll  eProcurement  Overdue Accounts  Customer  Product Catalog  Advanced BI  Lease & Contract Personnel  ePurchasing Management Registration &  Search & Filtering engine Management Administration  Contract  Debt Collection Authorization Engines  Standard &  Fleet Cost Organizational Management Management  Customer Data  On-Line Stock Customizable  Procurement & Management  Vendor  Delinquency Ticket Maintenance Availability Check Reports Disposal On-Boarding Management Management  Product Inquiry  On-Line Payments  Real time  Rental / Leasing Comp & Ben  Catalog  Promised Amount  Availability Check  Fidelity Campaigns synchronization  Transportation Time & Attendance Management Management  Order Status Management  Time Comparison Schedule  Requisition /  Legal Incident Management  Cross Selling  Financial & Non-  Warranty Recruitment Purchase Order Management  Trouble Ticket Campaigns Financial Forecasts Management Career Planning Management  Repossession Management Management Performance  Remarketing Appraisal Competencies Reporting Self-Service Administration
  29. 29. CHARISMA FINANCIAL RISK ASSESSMENT Complete image & quick evaluation of your business partners
  30. 30. Why Financial Risk Assessment?Business value in decision process Reduces operational Reduces Business Risks costs Due to centralized information Due to “in depth” analysis of the financial and quickly access, by one click, situation of business partners, starting from directly from Charisma ERP early stages of tendering, Charisma Financial interface, Charisma ERP solution Risk Assessment significantly reduces the risk significantly reduces operating of concluding contracts in a disadvantageous costs of people involved in the way. verification of information.Provides support in decision makingBy generating comprehensive financial reports on business partners, the solution willundoubtedly provide a substantial support in decision making, contributing significantlyto the validation or invalidation of possible new business contracts.
  31. 31. Financial Risk Assessment • Operational and Financial Situation • Negative Data Report: negative financial indicators, overdue Stability & debts to the state;profitability rates • Risk Rating, Credit Limit, Risk Securities, Payment Incidents, Financial Module EUR/RON, Financial Ratios • Provides Financial Statements from the last 5 years (balance sheet, profit & loss, etc);Company history • Reveals company development, from very beginning to date: Number of employees, ownership structure, capital, insolvency news; • Provides parameterized and information support for a proper scoring engine; Scoring • Brings credit risk ranges in decision making process
  32. 32. TotalSoft Headquarter Global City Business Park, Building O2, 8th Floor, Bucharest, Romania T: +4021 335 1709 F: +4021 335 1712 ; www.totalsoft.roRequest a free demo at