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Charisma ERP 2012 is an integrated information system for companies’ resource management to optimize and streamline the internal business processes. Charisma ERP is a multi-module system, specially designed to standardize the productive or decision-making processes by introducing the best practices specific to each business sector. The product is the best-selling integrated information system in the mid-market segment in Romania.

The flexibility and ease of adapting to Romanian law and business environment has turned Charisma ERP solution into the best -selling integrated information system in the Romanian mid-market level. Currently, Charisma ERP supports the operations of the most powerful organizations in areas such as distribution, retail, sales and purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, medical-pharmaceutical, construction or services.
Over the last two years, TotalSoft has ranked first among top ERP providers in Romania, according to the market research company, Pierre Audoin Consultants.

Charisma ERP system has complex implementations in 13 countries such as Austria, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece, Moldavia, Ukraine, Albania, Bulgaria and Senegal.

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Charisma ERP

  1. 1. ERPSimple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  2. 2. Main value Organizes, simplifies and automates complex processes and workflows; Cross departmental automation and organizational processes that cover multiple departments; Dramatically decrease operational costs and improves employees effiency; Increases the companys agility and competitiveness; 360 view over the performance indicators; Increases customer loyality; Collaborative working environment, focused on satisfying business partners’ needs; Updates and develops customers business needs.Management value Provides key reports and analysis for executives to run business; Reports with the ability to go from high level to low level detail; Comprehensive insight from all departments and systems; Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts and real-time notifications.Employee’s value Clean and friendly user interface; Commonly performed tasks can be automated; Can provide data from other applications and sources; Can access various reports from the same interface; Provides technical support directly from the application interface; Provides development methods and tools for business flows and entities directly from the application.Market value In 2012, Charisma ERP was designated as one of the 5 strongest European B2B solutions in the "Enterprise Vertical Market Solution" segment.
  3. 3. For over 10 years, TotalSoft has carefully analyzed critical issuesseriously affecting the organizations health. TotalSoft evaluates risk Through Charisma ERP, factors, circumstances that lead to TotalSoft has become the inefficiency, non-quality costs, high no. 1 ERP solutions operational costs, loss of customer provider in Romania loyalty. Chrisma ERP is a multi- module system for Meanwhile, TotalSoft developed companies’ resource with passion and dedication management, designed toCharisma Business Suite. A carefully optimize and streamlineselected range of powerful software productive and decision solutions, reliable and robust, making processes by specially designed to optimize and introducing the bestsimplify the critical activities of any- practices specific to each size organizations. A business business sector. applications suite, perfectly suiting local legislation, acclaimed by the Romanian software industry and validated by over 800 national and multinational companies. It is a software suite that offers the best practices used by leaders of all business sectors.Moreover, the chances of TotalSoft solutions to stand behind your transactionsare 45% when buying a home, 60% when buying any product from the mall,65% when consulting a medical record, 80% when buying a simple medicinefrom a pharmacy or 88% when buying a car. TotalSoft is approaching 100million Euro - a unique performance, unparalleled in the Romanian businesssoftware solutions industry.
  4. 4. Services Technical support Decreased reaction time to any requests; Permanent access to Charisma consultants. Implementation Data migration; Integration with external applications; Quick customization of internal specific processes. Why Charisma ERP instead of other enterprise Business consultancy resource planning solution? Internal processes consultancy; Performance indicators and Because it covers all critical specific processes implementation. aspects to be considered for transforming your company Training into a modern organization Internal courses forwith healthy internal processes application use; and strongly oriented towards Seminars for understanding the needs of your business the benefits of ERP strategies; partners. Training workshops for internal users.And it does this extremely well. Over 400 active clients, national or multinational companies of all sizes prove it. You have the opportunity to see the solution live, visitingone of the reference customers from abroad. In addition, we can provide additional developments to prove our team’s responsiveness.
  5. 5. The flexibility and ease of adapting to Romanian law and business environment has turned Charisma ERP into the best - Benefits selling integrated information system in the Romanian mid- market level. Currently, Charisma ERP supports Traceability well as the changes and their date the operations of the The system enables tracking any and time. most powerful primary document within the Configurability organizations in areas company (source documents The solution provides high such as distribution, /destination), as well as the persons configurability of document flows, retail, sales and who work and perform changes in the transactions, accounting methods, purchasing, database. specific reports, accounting charts manufacturing, Interoperability and cost centers.transportation, medical- The solution integrates the entire Adaptability pharmaceutical, activity of a company into a consistent Initially developed for the Romanian constructions or system with a unique database. market, the system is successfully services. Charisma ERP Flexibility implemented at companies in 12 is positioned as a “Tier The system is designed for companies European countries and adapted to1” solution, which is the in all business fields thanks to its the business environment and specific highest classification of specific, flexible and fast configurable law of these. ERP systems, due to extensions. Reporting complex features and high adaptability to Modularity The system ensures the projection of customer needs in a The structure of the system is the entire business in sets of standard reasonable time and modular and each aspect of a reports enforced by the law or specific without significant companys business is treated in a ones. development costs. specific and adequate manner. Archiving data Scalability The system ensures a completely One can start from a minimum configurable data archiving method Charisma ERP has configuration while additional with the purpose of increasing the complex modules can be added afterwards. efficiency in using the hard-disk space implementations in 12 simultaneously and achieving an Security European countries increased work speed. The system ensures a high level of such as Romania, security, the user rights or restrictions Compliance with organizational Poland, Serbia, Russia, reaching the level of the fields in the objectives Hungary, Czech database. Charisma ERP provides and increased Republic, Greece, Complete database audit and real time control over the Moldavia, Ukraine, business, ensuring optimization, The solution identifies and records efficiency increase and support in the permanently the users who work and strategic decision making processes. perform changes in the database, as
  6. 6. Solutions Over 100 consultants, business analysts, Thus, you’ll obtain: implementers and post-implementation à Fast implementation – the products already include specialists are ready to adapt Charisma connectors and know-how from existing ERP to meet the most demanding needs, implementations; all packed in a unique user experience on the business software solutions market in à in purchasing – our consultants are ready to Flexibility Romania. help you identify the most efficient acquisition method: SaaS, hosted, on-premise, on-line; Charisma ERP is a solution specifically designed to connect easily with other ERP à change – our local team is permanently at Speed of systems and allows the integration with your disposal. advanced business solutions developed by SAP, Oracle, IBM or Microsoft. Charisma ERP Asset Accounting Treasury Sales Purchases Business Management Core Budget Inventory Cash Flow My Tasks Foreign Trade Management Management Leasing Leasing Wholesale Refinancing Vertical dedicated Operaţional Credits Financiar Financiar modules Portfolio Stock Insurance Manufacturing Web Credits Management Replenishment MRP (Material WMS (Warehouse Retail Requirement Planning) Management) Cell Monitor SFA Fleet Utility Expense Additional eOrders eDecont eShop modules Management Management Financial Risk Facility Litigation Factoring Self service Workflows Assessment Management Management Charisma Charisma Charisma Charisma Document Management Office Automation Cost Control Collection solutions Other Charisma CRM Charisma HCM Charisma BC Charisma BC Pharm Charisma Analyzer Charisma Primavera Charisma Medical Mobile Solutions
  7. 7. AccountingAccounting module is a robust software solution thatcollects all data from the Charisma ERP operationalmodules and integrates them into an accounting form.Regardless of the structure, size, internationalenvironment, language, currency or companys chart ofaccounts, the module has the capability to providecentralized financial-accounting data, essential The economic environment is andinformation about the financial status of the company or will always be in a permanentresults and progress of its financial performance over change. NBR laws and norms, EUtime. charges and loss of “boundaries” between regions, countries, industries, technology development, diversification and investment of financial tracking methods are few of the causes that significantly increase competition, but also the difficulty of a company to remain agile in the capitalization of business growth opportunities. You need a flexible and friendly manner to retrieve, integrate and present the company’s financial data.Financial and Operational Benefits “An important role played in the Reduces the operational costs Charisma purchasing process was By reducing time and human resources needed to the accounting activity, covered very integrate the business processes at organization level, well by the system, considering also the Accounting module significantly reduces the that at the time Charisma was the operational costs and improves the coordination at only solution that ran on bank department level. accounting, according to central Reduces the time needed for mandatory reporting to bank regulations; the the state implementation of the new The solution reduces redundant work, relieving accounting system did not require overtime performed in the reporting periods. additional efforts on our part.” Saves time and money Deutsche Leasing By closing much faster the accounting periods, the Florin Maxim, time and money saved generate a quick return of IT Manager investment. Reduces the commercial risks By early risk factors forecasting, the module reduces the risk of the commercial relationships.
  8. 8. Featuresn simultaneous tracking ofAllows accounting posting models configuredmultiple accounting systems, local or on system initialization.general (local, IFRS, USGAAP, group etc.). Integrates the risk management – the nEach operational transaction will be system forecasts and standardizes thedifferently accounted based on the companys revenue by calculating thespecific accounting method; standardized provisions;n parallel management ofEnsures n operating manual accounting Allowscompanys sites or other companies entries for special situations by usingeither as parts of a holding or default layouts or directly by ancompletely standalone; authorized user;ndefining financial periodsAllows Attaches to each accounting note ntracked by the system and accounting (automatic or manual) multiple analysisperiods, ensuring data security both at dimensions (departments, projects,operational and accounting level; contracts);Provides a solution regarding NBRn n annual accounting result Allowsregulations and CRB reporting of consolidation for the companies, part ofcustomer debts related to IFN a holding, based on a predefinedcompanies; consolidation plan;n a high degree of configurabilityEnsures Provides all the legal reports (local, n- charts of accounts for each accounting regulated by the National Banks or bysystem, cost centers for allocating the European Union) and a wide range ofrevenues and expenses, accounting usual reports: general accounting ledger,methods for each operational general ledger, monthly general ledger,transaction, account classifications, VAT account records (multiple periods,rates. multiple currencies), sales journal,n simultaneous work in twoAllows acquisition journal, VAT declaration, VIESdistinct periods (months, years); and Intrastat, configurable accountingnIt’s a multi-currency system - enables balance sheet, balance sheet, profit-and-recording data in any currency, in loss statement, VAT and budget taxequivalent legal currency and, statements;simultaneously, their conversion to a n a reporting engine; Includesreference currency, other than the legal n configuring all special summary Enablesone (RON, BGN, RUR, LEK) with the reports in a very simple and user-possibility to generate reports in any friendly manner;currency; n from accounting data BenefitsThe accounting entries aren export/import features needed forautomatically created for the reporting or coming from externaloperational documents, based on the sources.
  9. 9. TreasuryTreasury module is a powerful and complex tool formonitoring the current and future cash flows within acompany, as a whole or by subunits. Thus, the informationobtained by integrating all the relevant data related to cashflow within the company can be used for future business While companies track the profit inanalysis and operational efficiency. particular as a general performance indicator, money as an entity, is not a negligible aspect. It represents the basic element in any business, ensuring the possibility to run the daily operations. Only an integrated software solution that would supervise the cash flow within the organization can ensure cash forecasts, a greater control over financial risks and a more efficient cash management.Financial and Operational Benefits “Charisma is a management Increasing the efficiency of the financial operations interface with great possibilities of Due to automatic retrieval of the relevant financial configuration and extremely flexible data from all information systems, the solution in terms of financial - accounting significantly reduces the time and manual effort spent and allows transactions between on entering the financial data. Additionally, the documents - advantages that existence of a unique information source on the helped us a lot in shaping the final financial indicators provides transparency on the solution implemented by GE companys progress and performance, offering the Money.” management the possibility to make proactive decisions in order to increase the operational GE Money efficiency. Daniel Tudosie Reducing the operational costs IT Project Manager Thanks to the cash flow control within an organization, Treasury module reduces the costs with bank charges and the related risks by improving and better supervising these flows.
  10. 10. FeaturesMonitors the receivables and debts ofn n the communication with banks, Enablesthe financial partners: account receivables and payables -being n all amounts received/paid Manages compliant with the electronic bank through "Bank" and "Cash" sub- statements provided by various banks; modules, in RON or in any other Identifies trends of the financial n currency. All the amounts are split evolution: by partners, invoices or equivalent n and retrieving historical Collecting documents; current data; n features for cross charging Provides n Calculating the main financial between multi-partner and multi- indicators and their analysis based currency invoices, receivables and on the companys profile and debts; business seasonality for the current n invoice offsets for special Provides period or for previous periods; situations and small amounts; n online all the receivables and Tracks n or automatic reallocations Manual debts, regardless of their nature. The of receipts and payments, based on payments with the providers and their allocation rules; assignment by the received invoices are n a complete revaluation of Provides tracked, as well as the receipts from the receivables and debts in foreign customers and their assignment by currency, also maintaining the initial invoices; history exchange rates of the Provides an automatic system for n documents; generating the mature payments, using n types of bank documents, Uses all the chosen payment methods, bank and each with its specific treatment; bank account;n and efficiently manages theQuickly Provides all legal reports and a wide npaid/received advance payments, range of usual reports, such as bank andallowing automatic close of the advance cash records, open customer/supplierpayments with the invoices that have invoices, balances for partners by timeoccurred afterwards; intervals, matches between invoices andn the retrieval of internationalAllows payments, open advance payments;receipts and payments; Provides reports related to the nn the possibility of defining anEnsures companys financial situation:unlimited number of currencies; receivables and debts presented byAutomatically identifies the exchangen partners, periods, agents, locations;rates differences for transactions Simplifies the communication with the noperated in foreign currency; auditors or the company group throughn management of expenseIncludes an integrated and consistent view ofdeductions with employees or third financials.parties;
  11. 11. Fixed AssetsFixed Assets module provides correct and efficient trackingof tangible (fixed assets and inventory goods) andintangible assets with depreciation (computer programs,licenses, patents, trademarks). Fixed Assets moduleprovides a consistent view of the fixed assets held by the Once the business volumecompany, as well as of the assignments, quantities, sites, increases, any organization beginsmaintenance and depreciation of these fixed assets. to face a series of new challenges such as tracking the assignments, quantities, sites, maintenance or depreciation of the fixed assets. Whether they are managed by inventory numbers or barcodes, the permanent and correct tracking of the companys assets is an important activity that shows how many fixed assets the company has, their locations, their responsible, the last check, their maintenance schedule, as well as their costs and depreciation.Financial and Operational Benefits Reduces the expenses "Thanks to the application support Thanks to the centralization of information regarding we managed to handle a four times fixed assets into an unique database, the system monthly volume of contracts, and prevents losses or "wanderings" of fixed assets and not by multiplying by four our staff.” significantly improves their maintenance. Furthermore, the system reduces the purchasing rate of new equipment by correctly managing the available Ţiriac Leasing fixed assets in some locations and unused ones in Adrian Alexe various operations. President and CEO Reduces the volume of time consuming tasks Thanks to the quick access to information, based on companys internal security policy, the qualified personnel can immediately obtain the updated status of the companys assets value, but also other relevant information preset in the system and available in complete and perfectly customizable reports. Additionally, the module calculates with better precision the depreciation rates and expenses based on the depreciation plans, reducing human errors.
  12. 12. FeaturesManages tangible and intangible assetsn assets groups for determining commonby storing data regarding: features; n tangible fixed assets based Owned n multiple depreciation systems Allows on the fixed asset sheet (that that vary by type, duration, currency, includes all the information related application method (linear, accelerated, to recording into inventory and its declining, declining with tear and wear, evolution across time); decrease of 20%, etc.) bringing the n fixed assets within the Tangible advantage of parallel tracking of multiple company under financial or depreciation plans defined by totally operational leasing contracts; different structures; n Intangible fixed assets (licenses, n structural changes, increases/ Allows programs); decreases of value, site, cost center; n and cumulated Monthly n different re-assessments Allows depreciations; requested by law or companys policies;n all changes in logistics, value,Covers n the history of changes performed Tracksdepreciation method of the fixed assets, on fixed assets in the entire activity,as well as technical, localization and during the lifecycle of the fixed asset;accounting allocation features; Provides all legal reports and a wide nn class definitions for fixedIncludes range of usual reports, such as depreciation journals, list of inventory numbers; n the Fixed Assets Includes Registry – tracking the assets for any important business entity.
  13. 13. SalesSales module is a mandatory component of Charisma ERPintegrated system, specially designed to ensure a correct andefficient management of the sales operations specific toeach business field. The module automates and centralizesthe requests for quotations, offers, invoices, orders, notices,discount or promotion campaigns, customers’ types, salesareas or delivery areas. Under the pressure of an increasing competition, you need to work smarter and achieve more with limited resources. Sales module helps you run the commercial strategy by using more efficiently each internal resource for serving and increasing the number of customers, regardless of your business field. “Before implementing Charisma, a sales report required at 14:00 p.m. was completed at 17.00 p.m.; now it is done at 14.02 p.m. and theFinancial and Operational Benefits information is much clearer and more reliable.” Improves the relationships with customers Due to consistent, complete and permanently updated portfolio of products and services, credits and Arsis Trading discounts granted to customers or ongoing campaigns, Liviu Mirea the system provides all the tools necessary for creating Commercial Director a unique voice of the organization in the relationship with the customer. Increases sales Thanks to the relevant information about the progress of customer buying preferences, the company can address the products and services oriented towards the satisfaction of these preferences, thus helping the increase of sales and customer loyalty. Reduces the costs and increases the employees’ productivity Thanks to a unique database which is 24/7 available and accessible, and to access rights, the system eliminates the redundant work, thus reducing operational costs and increasing employees’ productivity.
  14. 14. FeaturesImproves the management ofn n automatic stock decrease based Enables customers and commercial contracts; on the configurations performed atn multiple classificationEnables transaction level (notice, invoice);hierarchies of customers or products, n from the permanently or Benefitswith the purpose of increasing sales and temporary "stock reservation" featurereporting efficiency; on the Customer Order document;Manages the complete document flown Simultaneously issues or records nwithin a sales cycle (request for documents;quotation, offer, customer order, Automatically charges the revenues on ncustomer order confirmation, shipping cost centers;notice, sales invoice); n selling in more measuring units Allowsn the specificity of the organizationMeets and packing types, regardless of theby invoicing in the format specific to the measuring unit in which the product wascompany, country or group; purchased;n simultaneous batch invoicing forEnables n automatic operations: issuing Definesmultiple customers (thousands) based sales invoices based on previously issuedon the contract terms and the delivery notes, and notes based onoperations performed with those confirmed orders;customers in a certain period; Supports specific requirements at nn from a price engine based on aBenefits government, services, education,commercial policy with high degree of medical assistance, level;configurability (enables discounts and n from a powerful package of Benefitspromotions, separately or sales reports, both operational andsimultaneously applied by product, managerial:customer, payment term, agent, product nstatements by customer, item, Salesgroup, customer group); period (drilling down to time level),n using multiple price lists in RONEnables agent, sales area;or in any other currency; n Item offers;Classifies the customers in portfolios byn n Customer registry;agent or trading areas; n Statement of the items invoicedProvides credit control regarding then without shipping.debt and the delay days, allowing toblock or to warn when selling;n managing the targets byEnablescustomer, sales agent, area, as well astracking these targets achievement withautomatic bonus calculation;
  15. 15. PurchasingPurchasing module covers all the basic features of anintegrated information system designed for the automationand optimization of supply and purchasing processes,starting from the item purchase request, and finalizing withthe purchased items management. The purchasing moduleis used by the most powerful Romanian organizations, and An integrated information systemis perfectly adaptable to the specific of each company, that supervises and optimizes theregardless of its size or complexity. supply and purchase processes can lead to important minimizations in the financial and operational costs. Such a system returns its investment in less than a year, providing the organizations management with a total transparency on suppliers and business partners, as well as the possibility to negotiate the volumes through an accurate account management.Financial and Operational Benefits "Charisma provides us with detailed post-calculation analysis and Increases the employees productivity productivity reports, and also the Thanks to the exceptional flexibility and configurability possibility to complete a thorough of the module, the system automatically generates the analysis of costs on cost centers. requisition based on the default items and price lists, Considering these and the improved ensures the traceability of documents and assigns the financial-accounting management expenses on cost centers, optimizing the operations basis, we were able to reduce specific to the purchasing process and relieving the operational costs.” employees of redundant and time consuming tasks. Reduces the analysis costs Popeci Utilaj Greu Purchasing module provides total transparency on the Sorin Dumitrescu supply and purchasing processes, generating real-time IT Director reports according to each customers needs. Improves the purchasing power The system provides an updated and consistent view of the negotiation opportunities, information and account balances of business partners, being an important tool in the negotiation with third suppliers.
  16. 16. FeaturesManages the suppliers and then n the reception of items using the Allows contracts with the suppliers; barcode scanner (internal or suppliersn setting suppliers lists and canEnables ranges);create constraints to use only these Reserves items (the received items nsuppliers on the purchase orders, assigned to an order are available onlypossible with a certain priority; for the requisition that had generatedMaintains detailed data about items,n the order);taxes and price lists, multi-currency, Receives the items in a receiving / nmulti-discount; inspection storage area, in warehouse,n the items according both to theTracks or for sale (a difference of accountinginternal catalogs and to suppliers meaning);catalogs; n receiving items without a EnablesManages the full document flow withinn previous order or without beinga purchasing cycle (purchasing requests assigned to orders, the assignment being(requisition), the requests for quotations done later;from the suppliers, the purchase orders, n entering the items directly into Enablesthe purchasing invoice, proform) with all inventory, removing the reception /the connections between them; inspection step;n the purchase request approvalTracks n the financial targets by supplier, Trackspolicy; in order to get the most efficientGenerates the requisition directly basedn quotations;on the existing stocks, pending orders Completely and efficiently tracks the nand various information about the entire supply chain;requisition; n the full traceability of the Ensuresn on the approved requisition,Based purchasing documents and the relatedquickly generates the purchase order to purchased items;a supplier (at the same time, the Automatically splits the expenses on npurchase order may be subjected to an cost centers;approval process); n printing of all documents in the Enablesn the reception and/or inspectionAllows company’s specific format;of goods coming from the suppliers and Generates complex standard reports nensures the traceability of the items and and benefits from the customized anddocuments used. Automatically quick report generator.generates the report of differences whenthese occur. The reception can be doneby batches or series and allows thereception of similar items (these will beassigned to orders);
  17. 17. Budget ManagementBudget Management module enables defining, planningand enhanced controlling of budgets through differentperiod of times, within organizations of any size orcomplexity, regardless of their business field. BudgetManagement module is a powerful tool to streamline acompanys financial activity, by early identification of In difficult economic situations, theopportunities to save money for future known or unknown companies are facing a maximumexpenses. pressure for optimizing their operational flows. The cost reduction is critical for surviving and maintaining a minimum profitability threshold. In order to take advantage from the market opportunities, there are needed strategic decisions based on the market context, as well as on the financial constraints faced by any operational unit in real time. Budgeting means planning operations and effective planning is crucial in achieving the desired result.Financial and Operational Benefits Reduces the time needed to create the budget Thanks to the centralization of all budgets and information used in the decisional process into a single “Implementing Charisma, we could database, the solution provides real-time reports, (as a plus) expand the business significantly reducing the time needed for the budget management on item calculation, consolidation, allowing the focus on strategic decisions. which makes it easier to track the nature and type of expenditures. In Reduces the operational costs addition, the BI solution provides Thanks to reducing the number of persons involved in the necessary flexibility for the the consolidation and centralization process of the creation of ad hoc reports and drill- information, the solution reduces the operational down data analysis.” costs, eliminates redundant work and downtime wasted on repeated checkings, as well as human errors caused by the use of several applications. A&D Pharma Bogadan Dumitrescu Exceptional business expertise IT&C Director Thanks to a large number of complex implementations in different business fields, the solution benefits from the support of a team with remarkable experience that guarantees the projects success.
  18. 18. Featuresn the expenses and revenues, bothTracks n the distribution keys according Definescentralized and by analysis center to percentage or amount, fixed orhierarchies; variable;Controles and distributes budgets atn n and prioritizes the distribution Ordersemployee, signed contract, project, process;department, direction, cost/profit center n the analysis indicators of the Defineslevel or at organization, centralized level; budget execution;Structures the budget on analysisn n to enter budget accounting Abilityperiods defined by the user (month, notes;quarter, semester, year); Generates and updates budgets in real nn organization of the budget, sizedMatrix time;by the calculation items and analysis Multiple budgets for versioned past or ncenters; future periods;Uses revenue, expenses, current assets,n n budgets in various currencies; Entersoffsets, receivables accounts for n budgets; Closingcreating the budget; correlation n reporting of the budgeted vs. Quickbetween the analysis centers and the achieved, centralized, sized by analysisaccounting notes; centers and calculation items;Accounting integration with all then n data organized in Excel for Exportsoperational segments; future analysis or external reporting.Allocates the recorded result by manualnor automatic distribution keys;
  19. 19. Inventory ManagementInventory management module provides efficientmonitoring and management of complex stocks with rawmaterials, materials, end products and unfinished goods,as well as inventory goods. The solution is successfullyimplemented and used in Romanias most powerfulorganizations, and is perfectly adaptable to the specificity In a modern, healthy organization, aof each company, regardless of its size, complexity or basic component of thebusiness field. development operational strategy is based on the inventory management and an efficient management of the direct and indirect costs. Charisma ERP brings the benefit of independent and parallel accounting and logistics management of the companys stocks, providing an exceptional support to the management for exactly detecting the fluctuations in the supply chain.Financial and Operational Benefits "By implementing Charisma, we Maximizes customer satisfaction have greatly reduced the time Due to optimal inventory and integration with the needed to browse the product list purchasing processes, the solution ensures a and to achieve partial or total permanent availability of products on stock; inventories. Now, by simply scanning the product code, we Maximizes net profit know its stock and we can plan the Thanks to the minimization of the stock level according orders for each store depending on to the customer demand and specific seasonality, the the supplier and what the system solution eliminates the risk factors and minimizes the indicates us.” purchasing, logistics and transport costs; Maximizes the organizations market share La Fourmi By relieving the human and financial capital and by Răzvan Mustaţă strategically using it in tasks with great added value, IT Manager the module ensures the increase of market power. Reduces the time and operational costs Thanks to the automatic storage, handling, inventory or release processes, the module reduces the time consuming activities and operational costs.
  20. 20. Featuresn manages the stocks, taking intoFlexibly instant CMP, global CMP), as well as inaccount: any currency; n The number of warehouses; Manages different inventory turnovers n n The storage spaces (locations) in such as Input, Output, Returned Input, each warehouse; Returned Output, Check Inventory, n The storage areas (cells) within the Appreciation, Depreciation, Initial location/warehouse. Inventory;Manages all the stored items:n Provides the platform required to n n coding possibility with Flexible create cost calculation simulations; automatic code generation or Completely separates the logistics n manual code recording; information (location, properties, n Each item can have an extended list quantities) from the accounting of features (properties) that serve information (prices and releasing costs); to the easy identification of items; Uses retail/custody features; n n Possibility of item identification Provides data accuracy by using a range n through barcodes; of validation rules, which ensure their n Provides extended classification integrity. It also generates a range of possibilities - allows items grouping analysis, allowing to identify and depending on different criteria, as instantly correct the issues; well as establishing parallel Provides stock planning - optimizes the n hierarchies, with unlimited number stocks based on the minimum/maximum of levels; safety stocks and generates the n the items in the inventory Tracks replenishment requisition; by lot, series, revisions, by a n from a high degree of Benefits combination of these or depending configurability – booking system, on other assigned properties; availability formula, virtual stocks; n Detailed "publishing" of logistics n automatic document generation Allows information on warehouse based on the data in one or more content; existing documents (according to then defining multiple measure units,Allows default flows), also ensuring theas well as the automatic conversion in documents traceability;order to cover all the issues related to n stock traceability by tracking Ensurespurchasing, reception, storage, sale; the quantities during their route withinProvides complete management of then the company, from arrival to exit;inventory items; n the possibility to sell from two IncludesCalculates the inventory cost in anyn inventory locations;method, in parallel (FIFO, LIFO, STD,
  21. 21. Foreign TradeForeign Trade module automates and optimizes the entireoperations specific to the import and export activities,regardless of the business field. The module ensures ordertracking from external providers, goods routes, lohnoperations, temporary or permanent imports and customsprotocols in the European Union, taxes and customs,providing an essential support in reducing the operational The disappearance of borderscosts of organizations of any size. between regions, countries, industries or the diversification of finance tracking and investing methods are just few elements that significantly increase both the competition and the difficulty of remaining competitive in a market with increasingly lower entry barriers. A modern company can become an important player in its business field only with the help of integrated information systems that comply with international applicable laws and support business development with international partners.Financial and Operational Benefits Improves the decisional system Due to a fast adaptation to legislative changes and key "Comparing the investment with the information, the module improves the decision making results, I must say that the benefits system based on data compliant to the international of using Charisma are ten times context. greater than the cost of the system, in a short to medium run.“ Increases the international competitive power Provides the possibility to choose the best offers according to internal company criteria, and supports NBG Leasing both the increase of power in negotiation processes Dan Dănăilă and increase of business competitiveness by reducing CEO costs and increasing operating margins. Reduces the operational costs By eliminating the manual and redundant effort required to manage the external purchases and sales, the Foreign Trade module significantly reduces the operational costs and time spent on redundant tasks, with the help of external documents associated to the distributed merchandise.
  22. 22. Featuresn the foreign providers orders byTracks n the proper handling of Ensuresconfirming the shipping and receiving reception differences and thedates; reconciliation with the foreign provider;Registers the Packing List of the foreignn Automatically generates the Export nprovider, a document that accompanies Customs Statement (DVE) based on thethe freight; customs codes and the exportingCalculates the taxes and customs basedn country;on the international customs codes; Provides management of import nn the conformity of the pricesTracks purchases by automatic generation ofagreed with the foreign provider (foreign the Import Customs Statement (DVI),currency price lists); Intra-community purchase protocol andn goods pre-storage by keeping inAllows the Reception Note (NIR), withcustody the goods of the business automatic assignation in the productpartners; price of customs and other relatedCalculates the price of recording inton expenses, such as freight, insurance;the inventory based on CIP price, taxes n inward progress - recovering or Followsand customs, and the related services not paying the customs and VAT in the(freight and insurance); customs for the imported products usedn and tracks invoices for differentRecords as raw material for the exportedexternal or internal services related to products;the import (freight, customs); n the Lohn sub module - the end IncludesOperates with multiple currencies, alson product can be exported to the samehighlighting the exchange rate foreign partner that had provided thedifferences; the cost of goods sold is also raw material without paying customs;tracked in the historical exchange rate; n the temporary imports and their Tracks justification to the customs for the related exports (lohn); It is natively integrated with the core n modules of Charisma ERP suite: Treasury, Sales, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, Budget Management, Inventory Management, Foreign Trade, Insurances and Refinancing.
  23. 23. Cash FlowCash Flow module provides support in controlling the cashinflows and outflows within the organization. The objectiveof this module is to inform accurately and correctly thecompany’s management and to maintain an optimal level ofcash flow. Any organization, regardless of its size or industry, wants to control the financial situation thoroughly and permanently. Only through a complex and correct analysis, organizational problems and critical points related to money, can be identified in time.Financial and Operational Benefits Provides financial control over the business activities; "Charisma gives us the assurance that we are supported by a strong Provides support in cost and investment optimization software, which is able to sustain in accordance with real possibilities of the our development, giving us the organization; opportunity to focus mainly on the business." Correctly predicts and manages cash flows within the organization; Pet Product Alerts rapidly the problems related to organization’s Cristian Pop liquidity; President and CEO Provides an intuitive and configurable interface.
  24. 24. Advantages and FacilitiesAutomatically retrieves data from then automatically data extracted fromsystem and examines financial Charisma ERP’s operational modules;components that affect the cash flow: Includes the possibility to develop cash naccount payables, account receivables, flows scenarios and forecasts;investments, , directed expenditures etc. n the association of partners with AllowsPerforms analysis on configurable timen each entry in the cash flow structure;periods (day, week, month and year); It is divided into: budgeted values nn a hierarchical structure (treeIt has (reflect the company’s liabilities at astructure) and drill-down facilities (view certain date or for a preset time interval)documents that contributed to the value and achieved values (reflect theof the report); it contains an initial cash payment of these liabilities at a certainbalance, a final one and the difference date or for a predefined time interval);between the two for each time interval Each budget change leads automatically nrun; to changes in the budget report;The hierarchical structure can ben Facilitates the construction of scenarios nconfigured depending on the type of by changing the date or value manuallyanalysis desired by the organization in the cash flow report without changing(customers – raw materials customers, the date and time of the original report.various clients, salaries; suppliers – Provides comparison and predictiondomestic suppliers, foreign suppliers); tools.Includes manual defining and recordingnoptions for the values, in addition to the
  25. 25. My TasksMy Tasks simplifies the tracking and updating of daily Designed as a collaborativeactivities’ progress. The module is fully integrated with application, My Tasks simplifies theCharisma ERP Core, so that users can easily transfer and tracking of daily activities, groupssynchronize their activities with other planning solutions them into categories, assigns them(like MS Outlook). owners, prioritizes alerts or re-plans them, in case their deadlines are exceeded. In other words, My Tasks plays the user’s "memory" role, providing a permanent link to the activities, flows, documents and processes in the system. It creates and manages own tasks, it delegates tasks to other persons and helps you manage both your personal and professional tasks. Furthermore, the application runs on smart phones and PC Tablets as well. The application provides transparency to all tasks, so thatFinancial and Operational Benefits they can be tracked by others Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty; indirectly concerned with them. Streamlines workflows; Allows tracking daily activities in a simple and transparent manner; Reduces the execution and tracking time; Eliminates redundant and time consuming work; Significantly reduces operational costs; Provides a transparent overview of all ongoing activities and a history of completed tasks;
  26. 26. FeaturesnFast introduction of tasks n Edit tasksTasks can be introduced quickly, directly The application allows editing tasks, so iffrom the application, and can also be a subscriber comments or modifies oneemailed. Tasks can also be created as of the tasks already created, otherCharisma documents (invoices, subscribers can watch the status of thepayments, accounting notes etc.) and actions performed.associated with the document of origin n Synchronization with Charismafor an easy navigation. AppServer via Internet The application provides default values The authentication is based on to the for deadlines, which can also be Charisma username. Thus, the configured by the user. It also provides application allows a collaborative work automatic filling of contextual data on each task, providing automatic and (date, time, task category). real-time updates. Completed tasks are automatically n Notifications and alerts archived. Users can choose to be notified on exceeding deadlines - this functionality isn view tasks for a certain periodPlan and available even when the application is My Tasks allows you to view a list of turned off. tasks, depending on their timeframe, but also on files or importance. If you choose to view tasks according to time, the first category to be displayed will be tasks with exceeded deadlines, while the other categories will include tasks with no deadline.
  27. 27. With over 17 years of experience, TotalSoft is the largest Romanian ERP provider. With 1500 clients in the private and public sector in 25 countries, such as USA, Germany, UK, Austria, Italy or France, TotalSoft has an undeniable expertise in 9 verticals, focusing on retail and distribution, constructions, financial services and medical ones. The company has its own suite of software solutions, namely Charisma Business Suite, to which renowned systems, such as Charisma ERP, Charisma HCM or Charisma Medical Software belong. TotalSoft is member of Global Finance Group, one of the largest private investment companies in South-Eastern Europe, with offices in Athens, Bucharest, Sofia and Belgrade. Global Finance manages funds amounting to over EUR 850 million and has carried out over 70 investments since its founding in 1991.poza
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