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After the construction field in Romania recorded the biggest dynamic growth In European Union a few years ago, it is now dealing with a high level of difficulty in forecasting consumers' behavior changes because of the local and international economic situation. The impact upon costs, proper planning of budgets, contracts in progress can be felt in the need for a new way of addressing the business partners, customers or suppliers. Coordinating all the activities requires a complex information system, also enabling the integration with advanced project management solutions - an essential element in the construction field, where a developer plans and manages hundreds of projects in the same time.

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Charisma Construction Management

  1. 1. Construction Management Simple | Intuitive | Flexible | Complete
  2. 2. Main value Organizes, simplifies and automates complex processes and workflows; Cross departmental automation and organizational processes that cover multiple departments; Dramatically decrease operational costs and improves employees effiency; Increases the companys agility and competitiveness; 360 view over the performance indicators; Increases customer loyality; Collaborative working environment, focused on satisfying business partners’ needs; Updates and develops customers business needs.Management value Provides key reports and analysis for executives to run business; Reports with the ability to go from high level to low level detail; Comprehensive insight from all departments and systems; Provides executive dashboards, on-spot quick facts and real-time notifications.Employee’s value Clean and friendly user interface; Commonly performed tasks can be automated; Can provide data from other applications and sources; Can access various reports from the same interface; Provides technical support directly from the application interface; Provides development methods and tools for business flows and entities directly from the application.Market value In 2012, Charisma ERP was designated as one of the 5 strongest European B2B solutions in the "Enterprise Vertical Market Solution" segment.
  3. 3. CharismaConstruction Management Modules The Central Eastern European construction industry has recorded over the last several years n Relationship Management Customer the highest dynamic growth in the European n Risk Assessment Financial Union, yet it is currently dealing with difficulty in n Sales forecasting consumer behavior, because of the n & Promotion Marketing local and international economic situation. The n Self Service Partner impact upon costs, proper planning of budgets n Request Approval eExpense and contracts in progress can be felt in the need n eProcurement for a new way of addressing business partners, n Contract Management Supplier customers or suppliers. Coordinating all the n Purchases activities requires a complex information system n Management Projectthat can also enable the integration with advanced n Management Portfolio project management solutions - an essential n Workflow element in the construction field, where a n Management Document developer plans and manages hundreds of n management Inventory projects at the same time. n Stock Replenishment n Warehouse ManagementCharisma Construction Management has made its n Assets Management mark quickly in the construction field, since the n Fleet Management Enterprise Resource Management solution is the n Maintenance & Service only integrated information system that natively n Risk Analysis Project includes an essential element for Engineering & n Controlling Project Construction sector - Primavera Project n Management BudgetManagement. This is the reason why 5 of the top 7 n CashFlow multinational construction companies in Romania n Accounting use Charisma Construction Management to n Treasurymanage their entire activity. In addition to the ERP n (BI) Analyzer solution, Charisma suite offers a complete set of n Alerter powerful, robust software applications, which n Intranet were tested and acknowledged by the greatest n Insurance developers and engineers. n Refinancing n Collection n Legal n HR & Payroll n HCM Portal n Time-Sheet
  4. 4. Mainbenefits End-to-end Solution for Engineering & Construction Sector Charisma Construction Management provides an integrated, modular and scalable solution, which supports the construction industry across multiply phases, from business development, project and contract management, replenishment and maintenance of materials and construction, up to lease or services management, accounting and payroll. Charisma Construction Management, through Primavera expertise, helps companies make better portfolio management decisions, evaluate risks and benefits associated with projects, and determine whether there are sufficient resources suited to accomplish the work. These best-in-class solutions provide the project execution and control capabilities needed to successfully deliver projects on time, meeting budget, and quality and design constraints. Natively Integrated Solution and Unique Provider Charisma Construction Management perfectly integrates Charisma ERP, Primavera, Portfolio Management, Document Management and an information sharing platform, which ultimately provides an end-to-end construction solution provided by a unique vendor - TotalSoft. TotalSoft’s expertise brings the advantage of a complete software system, fully tested and functional attested by key references in the field, reducing at the same time the implementation time and costs. Advanced Planning, Multi-Project Environment and Cost Control Thanks to the access at a unique data base, the companies benefit from the reduction and control of costs related to contract management, the increase of the contracts and operations compliant with the companys policies, as well as the reduction of risks and improvement of financial management. Effective company management Charisma Construction Management eliminates obsolete practices and provides modern methods to allocate resources, eliminates redundant work, improves coordination and collaboration with all stakeholders, avoiding and protecting against claims in the same time. It provides a unique solution for managing projects of any size, adapts to various levels of complexity within a project, and intelligently adjusts to meet the needs of various roles, functions or skill levels within the organization and project teams. With the help of Charisma Construction Management, the company will radically improve its efficiency. Monitoring the employees activity, assessing the efficiency of investments and money use, adopting and developing internal, client-oriented processes and practices and understanding customer needs – the solution will help companies to become a modern, agile and customer-oriented organization. 4 5
  5. 5. Predictable ROI and Improved Risk ManagementCompanies often experience unexpected events that derail schedules andinflate budgets. Using Risk Management and Project Planning strategies,companies will avoid delays, improve ROI and predict more accurately thereal long-term cost of their initiatives. “Learned lessons” can be stored acrosstime and the solution can help companies define and further use a series ofinternal policies and rules ("do not sign contracts where penalties exceed acertain threshold").Charisma solution improves capital investment portfolios by deliveringproven capital project planning, management and control solutions thatincrease CAPEX value, minimize risk and reduce costs. Through balancinglong and short-term planning and aligning plans to their execution, portfolioselection process will be improved and unprofitable projects will be reduced.Thanks to identifying/limiting/stopping each acquisition within a project, toenhancing the validation process and to preventing the company exceedingbudget, Charisma Construction Management decreases the companysoverall financial risks.Improves the Financial ManagementThe product improves the financial management due to the decision-makingsupport provided to the management team and an extremely efficientcontrol over financial entities such as advance payments, invoices, payments,guarantees, trust letters, penalties, as well as support in analyzing andplanning the investments (financing scenarios, budget/business plan, cashflow, balance sheet).Efficient Resource ManagementBy increasing the use of labor, equipment, material and subcontractors,thanks to appropriate allocation of workforce resources, CharismaConstruction Management covers the resource management and gives theright priority to critical project phases or tasks.
  6. 6. Mainfunctionalities Quotation Management In a volatile and demanding business environment, constructors must be prepared for any situation and opportunity. It is essential, for any business, to manage the quotation process looking for the right balance between the offer and request. Through versioning/offering scenarios, permanent access to offer history, price management and customizable calculation, comparison with different market indicators and automatically reference computing, Charisma Construction Management supports rapidly and accurately customer’s selection process. All the business processes that involve requests for tender submitted by customers, specifications on tender documents and their approval, requests for supplier tender, internal estimations, last but not least, the contracts with suppliers and subcontractors, are efficiently managed by Charisma. Business development Charisma Construction Management accurately manages the internal estimations about actual costs of the contracts. Through different scenarios, the investor / constructor has the right tool for analyzing and choosing the most suitable way for achieving the established objectives. When looking at a prospective new project, Charisma Construction Management answers the question regarding the optimum budget structure through detailed customer quotation – needed resources, quantities, and types of materials etc, possibility to link it to the project, usage of internal regulations or imported manufacturers regulations. Project managers are able to estimate project costs in an idea stage, can estimate the revenues, can track different financial scenarios and analysis (Cash Flow, IRR with/without exit, for SPVs etc) or achievement stages, and create multiples business plan versions or corrections. Project Management Charisma Construction Management is the most powerful, robust and easy- to-use solution for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing construction projects, programs and portfolios. Through Primavera, together with Portfolio Management and core functionalities, Charisma Construction Management provides a single solution integrated into a project portfolio management (PPM) package, which comprises role-specific functionality to satisfy each team member’s needs, responsibilities and skills, tracks the projects at contract and task level, schedules and designs workflows for project tasks, allows the possibility to assign own or rented resources to tasks and to collect consumptions of materials, tools and labor. Thanks to an integrated view of all active projects and activities, meaning resources, dates, costs, revenues, phases etc., investors and constructors can make strategic planning and schedule decisions for their portfolio. 6 7
  7. 7. Contract ManagementThrough Portfolio Management application, the companies benefit from acomplete product, dedicated to companies of any size and especiallydesigned for managing works/projects/contracts, with contractors andsubcontractors, or customer contracts. It perfectly manages all the entitiesand activities within the company, from tendering, negotiation, signing,tracking, execution, changing to completion. Being perfectly integrated withthe other applications within Charisma Construction Management solution,the Portfolio Management application brings the advantage of eliminatingthe risks, increasing profitability and efficiency of the contracting process ofcustomers, suppliers or business partners.Charisma system provides thorough support in creating, storing and queryingcontracts, projects or pieces of work deployed by the company, as well as themanagement of documents and resources used. It fully and efficiently trackscontract stages and details, manages involved parties, issues bills at contractlevel based on work sheets, tracks revenues and expenditures by costcenters, improves operational effort through configurable approval andsigning workflow. It manages perfectly all the entities and activities withinthe company, from tendering, negotiation, signing, tracking, execution,changing, up to completion.Thus, the subcontractor management becomes an easy task by using acorrect solution, dedicated to this type of activity. It covers the entiresubcontracting process, from determining, collecting and comparing theoffers, up to configuring the approval flow and negotiation support, includingwork sheets management (acceptance phase, tasks, resources and rentcosts, timesheets).Workforce ManagementThe Company crew communicates their status, percent complete or issues bytasks through timesheets. In any moment, the project manager has acumulative situation per project of worked hours or future planed activities.Planning at the project or any WBS level, tracking the resources progress andaccessing the allocation, availability or skills and capacity data in aconsolidated view are only a few tools for optimizing the use and assigning ofthe resources.Dedicated to human resource management, personnel cost managementand human capital development investments, the HCM solution providesemployees management and organization chart, the parameterization andimplementation of payroll calculation, salary types, benefits, sick leaves,holidays, withholdings, as well as generation of payroll budgets, performanceassessments, competence tracking and development and many more.
  8. 8. Project Controlling & Risk AnalysisWhen deviations from the project schedule occur, remedial actions must bedetermined allowing the project to be finished on time and within budget, ifat all possible. This will often require replanting the order of the remainingproject activities.Calculations associated with building projects involve monitoring the timeand money disbursement in accordance with the project’s working plan, aswell as the resulting product quality or performance.In an integrated environment, the company will control large-scale programsand individual projects in dynamic conditions. With a better visibility acrossresources, projects, assets, subcontractors, operational transactions,Charisma Construction Management provides a tighter control of budgetsand procurement process, cash flow increases and, last but not least,supports decision making through consistent and integrated information.Primavera Risk Analysis solution is a full lifecycle risk analytics solutionintegrating cost and schedule risk management. The Risk Analysis provides acomprehensive means of determining confidence levels for project successtogether with quick and easy techniques for determining contingency andrisk response plans. The solution will provide an objective view of requiredcontingency to account for cost and schedule uncertainty as well as analyzingthe cost effectiveness of risk response plans. It successfully identifiescommon scheduling pitfalls that may result in misleading schedules or riskanalysis results, integrates pre-developed risk registers and defines new riskregisters, addresses full lifecycle risk management through advanced MonteCarlo-based cost and schedule analytics and reports confidence levels withregards to finish dates, costs, float, internal rate of return and net presentvalue.Sales & Collection ManagementThrough their expertise, TotalSoft consultants can help the company listenbetter to customer needs, understand these and proactively respond tothem by developing and enhancing processes and practices among all theemployees who interact with the customers. By increasing the agility in amore and more competitive market, companies can respond easier to theircustomers, encompassing the services with a professional attitude and byempowering its employees with a modern, robust and innovative customerrelationship business tool.In case of increasing the number of late payments or renegotiation ofpayment terms, Charisma Construction Management brings the advantage ofa dedicated and integrated solution for managing the collection of debtsfrom different customers, legal files resolution processes and repossession,as well as any remarketing activity - reselling, renting, refinancing. 8 9
  9. 9. Procurement ManagementThrough an intelligence procurement solution, Charisma ConstructionManagement decreases the financial risk by controlling the expense budgetsand by tracking approval workflows for expenses according to theestablished budgets. The solution monitors the acquisition processes (RFP,RFQ, offer bids), increases the efficiency of the offering and ordering processand improves the capitalization capabilities of the company’s opportunities.Moreover, the solution provides the management of the provider’s invoiceapproval, as well as the history of the contractual relationships with businesspartners.The entire project life cycle, from initialization, when the request meets thetender, and up to implementation, is integrated under the CharismaConstruction Management umbrella. Problems related to the company’sexpenses and their approval process, such as unknown budget statuses orstandardization or approval flow based on insufficient information, disappearthanks to the solution’s abilities. Thus, project managers are able to makereal-time decisions evaluating potential partners and their quotation,multiple sources alternatives, up-to-date information related to itemrequested, requisitions, purchase orders or subcontracts, invoicemanagement and delivery process.Materials and Asset ManagementManaging engineering and construction projects to completion on time andwithin budget constraints can have a tremendous impact on asset utilizationand reliability throughout the lifecycle of the asset, and help to sustainprofitability even through the most troubled economyWhile there is a prevalent feeling in the marketplace that the economicrecovery is underway the majority of companies are still impacted by theeffects of the downturn. The top pressure driving the companies to optimizeasset management projects is the need to reduce operational expenditures(OPEX) and constrain capital expenditures (CAPEX). Charisma ConstructionManagement assists in project planning, costing, scheduling and portfoliomanagement and reporting, assisting in prioritizing, selecting and managinga portfolio of projects regardless the company size or business complexity.For maximizing the utilization, profitability and return of investment of theentire portfolio tools and equipment, the company has the right instrumentsfor managing and controlling the requirement process and localizationplanning, calculating the rental cost and transporting fees for all theequipment and tools. Charisma Construction Management indicates in real-time the status of each asset used in company’s project portfolio, togetherwith the proper time/phase when it will be ready for a new assignment.Through insurance, refinancing and depreciation advanced functionalitiesand notifications, the company has full control of internal cost and billingmanagement.
  10. 10. Operational ManagementCharisma Construction Management provides company’s resourcemanagement by automating accounting processes and tracking multiplesystems, depreciation of fixed assets on multiple reference systems bytracking budgets and recording sale and acquisition invoices, together withparallel management of company sites (central and local).The transparency and loyalty of all the company’s stakeholders– customers,suppliers, distributors and employees – are increased, while the operationalload costs are reduced with the help of a web platform providing back-officeinformation (invoice statements, payments, returns) and with the aid of theonline payment capabilities, e-mail or SMS notifications, or quick printing ofinterest documents.Document management and quick access to vital information whatever thecontent type may be and professional or personal data exchange are alloweddue to a collaborative environment for all parties involved within theorganization, significantly contributing to the development of a healthy andprofessional internal culture.Value, Visibility, Agility and AccountabilityToday’s reality is full of conflicting priorities, lack of business alignment, andenterprise visibility, redundant projects, fragmented management processesdue to no accountability, slow reaction time, squandered resources or costescalation. With the help of Charisma Construction Management doing theright things at the right time and place, is transformed into an accurate andcompany-wide transparency - the right people will be located and capitalizedon talent, will supply control through real-time project management and willmitigate risk due to a full life-cycle and risk analytics on the active projects.Risk and operational analytics is an easy-to-use dedicated solution tosupporting the decision process, providing relevant information andstatistical comparisons based on specific financial indicators of the company.The solution maximizes the profit, increases the lifetime of company’scustomers, decreases costs per projects and optimizes the use of resourceswith the help of a complete set of analysis tools (scorecard, analytic grid,analytic chart, reports and configurable dashboards). 10 11
  11. 11. Leaders of E&C field useCharisma Construction ManagementFind out how we supported the success of the most powerful constructionsand engineering companies in Romania. Bog’Art "The gain is amazing; you can feel it very strong. People now work with elegance, no more chaotic working. Now we have a solid information structure. Before, any invoice, even that primary receipt had to be recorded at least twice. This way, the time spent on processing the information has been reduced to at least a half. And, in some cases, saving time on operations is part of each months agenda.” Alex Cârstoiu, IT Manager Impact "Charisma was the only solution including an essential element for constructions – the project management module. The other few companies that we have prospected only included the components for financial- accounting, incomes-expenditures balance - without modules for planning or contracts, which are very important for us.” Florin Chiriţă, Marketing & Sales Manager Romelectro - ISPE "An online solution was created in order to allow Romelectro to record and approve expenditures, providing thus an overview of cost records within an integrated system”. Charisma solution brings the “advantage of contract officers to have access to the map project, so as to know at any time that a particular contract was signed on the basis of an internal structure - internal estimate.” Cosmin Mitu, Project Manager, Thermal Power Project Division OMV Petrom "Petrom started in project management in a way which is compatible with the entire world procedures, so we started with a new concept, quite new for Romania, so for this we needed resources in project management and the right tool, so we contacted TotalSoft which provided us the PRIMAVERA licenses but also the consultants.” Mir Umair, Project Manager of “Well Modernization Wells” Transelectrica "In order to supervise such a system (which involves many regional stations) we need an IT system based on large scalecorporate project management that can integrate all components and supervise all stages.” Călin Stănescu, IT manager
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