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Go! TotalWellness Portal


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The Go! TotalWellness Portal provides organizations with a comprehensive web-based platform, which delivers a total population health and wellness program. Our platform offers a highly customized interface - choose from an array of modules designed specifically to improve employee health and support your long-term wellness strategy.

Give your employees access to one of the most advanced wellness portals available. The Go! TotalWellness Portal can serve as the cornerstone of your worksite wellness program including activities, personal health trackers, health risk assessments, challenges, events, and rewards.

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Go! TotalWellness Portal

  1. 1. » MEASURE» INFORM» ENGAGE» INCENTGo ForwardSet the health of your employees in motion
  2. 2. Problem: Lack of EngagementWhat is your greatest challenge in getting results from your wellness program?According to data from Healthiest Employers & research paper April 2012
  3. 3. Solution: Drive Engagement• Short and long range planningcapabilities• Ability to move to outcomes-based wellness program• Track and incent employeesyear-over-year• Empower and educateemployees with consumerfriendly health content• Personalized programs
  4. 4. Your Wellness Brand• Flexible Design• Your Logo• Your Color Scheme• Your Images• Customize Homepage• Live Language Editor• Billboards
  5. 5. Homepage Dashboard
  6. 6. Participant Portal• Secure User Portal withRegistration & Authentication• Biometric Scheduling, ResultsUpload and Scorecard• Metabolic Risk Scorecard• Healthy Choices Milestones &Activities• Incentives Tracking and MyPoints Scorecard• Event/Activities SchedulingAdministrator Portal• Management of BiometricsScheduling & Results Upload• Configuration of Healthy ChoicesMilestone & Activities• Messaging (email or alerts)• Eligibility File Management• Segmentation by Location orGroup• Event and ChallengeManagement• Incentive Management(Points, Rewards)• Overall ReportingBase Package
  7. 7. » MEASURE• Participants can easilyregister for healthappointments with afriendly and intuitiveappointment schedulingsystem right on the homepage.• Includes confirmationand reminder emails• Can also upload resultsfrom their Primary CarePhysician (PCP)Biometric Tools
  8. 8. » INFORM• Allow participants to follow statsof health activities andparticipation.• Scorecards include:• Biometrics• Metabolic Syndrome• My Points• My AwardsScorecards
  9. 9. • Administrators cancommunication onlinewith participants usingthe secure messagingsystem.• Create templates toimprove efficiency• Segment users – forexample contact thosewho have notcompleted HRA» INFORMIntegrated Messaging
  10. 10. Sample Qualifying Activities• Routine Physical Exam• Annual OB/GYN Exam• Hearing Exam• Vision Exam• Flu Shots• Body Comp• Stroke Detection Screening• Annual PSA• Annual PAP• Colonoscopy• Thyroid Screening• Lung Cancer• Calcium Scoring• MammogramHealthy Choices » INCENT
  11. 11. » INCENTIncentive ManagementHighly configurable - Design an incentive program that fits your culture
  12. 12. » INCENTParticipant WorkflowChanges based on your wellness strategy
  13. 13. Administration Tools
  14. 14. OptionalModules
  15. 15. Health Risk Assessment• Assess current health, includinglifestyle behaviors, biometrics, healthstatus, chronic conditions, futuredisease risk and compliance withrecommend preventive screenings• Short and Long QuestionnaireAvailable• Compliant with the NCQA and GINA• Includes individual report withwellness score and keyrecommendations for improvement» MEASURE
  16. 16. » ENGAGEAction Plans• Self-directed educational programs that promote behaviorchange and healthy lifestyle choices.• Typical program – 8 weeks• Compliant with the NCQA• Topics available:• Healthy Eating• Weight Management• Quit Smoking• Exercise and Activity• Diabetes Prevention• Heart Disease Prevention• Risky Drinking• Depression
  17. 17. Custom Challenges » ENGAGE
  18. 18. Health and Wellness ContentIncludes:• Library• Drug References• Wellness Center• Outcome ImprovementCenters• Family Health• Interactive tools –calculators, quizzes• The educational andhealth content within theportal is provided by anindustry leader - KramesStayWell and reviewed bymedical teams.» INFORM
  19. 19. » ENGAGEReady, Set, Fit!Weight Loss Tools• Create challenges like Biggest Loser orWalking Programs Tracking Daily Steps• Workout Tracker• 1000’s of Workout Routines• Creat and Share Workouts• 800+ Exercise Demonstration Videos• Message Boards and Blogs• Diet and Fitness Articles• Friends and Groups Functionality• Weight and Measurement Chart• iPhone App
  20. 20. Nutrition Tracker• Calorie Counter andFood Journal• 1000s of Diet Plans• Diet Creator and DietSharing• Creates GroceryShopping List• Over 10,000 RecipesReady, Set, Fit! » ENGAGE
  21. 21. Our coaches assess the participant’s stage of readiness to change. Thenthey help them identify priority focus areas and determine personal goalswithin each priority area.Telephonic coaching program includes:• 1 to 4 telephonic coaching sessions per month• Up to 25 reminder/motivational text messages per month• Up to 4 interactive text messages per week• Email communication with coach (1x week)• Curriculum available in paper and online• Quality Assurance• Participant evaluation of coach and program• Coaches use online tracking and reporting to show outcomesIntegrated Coaching » ENGAGE
  22. 22. Measuring SuccessAdministrators are provided with a robust set of on-demand tools forextensive reporting to measure program participation, coachproductivity, and outcomes.• Health information on aggregate employee population• Google Analytics• Comprehensive incentive tracking reporting>> Points tracking reporting>> Awards tracking reporting• Events roster reporting• Engagement activity reporting>> Action Plan>> Challenges>> Ready Set Fit!
  23. 23. » MEASURE» INFORM» ENGAGE» INCENTReady to Go? Contact us