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Create Business Buy-In for Employee Flu Shots


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Offering a flu shot clinic as part of your corporate wellness program can be an excellent business strategy. Take advantage of the perks by encouraging business buy-in for a corporate flu shot clinic where you work.

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Create Business Buy-In for Employee Flu Shots

  1. 1. 5-20% of people get sick with the flu every year.
  2. 2. The flu spreads far and wide, and will affect your employees. 60% of the people hospitalized with influenza are working age (18-64 years old). Only 42% of adults got vaccinated last year, even though the flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu.
  3. 3. 111 million workdays are lost to the flu each year. That’s about $7 billion worth of sick days and lost productivity.
  4. 4. When an employee has a sick child, it can cost them anywhere between $300 and $4,000 in medical expenses. They can also lose anywhere from 11 to 73 hours of work. That’s up to about $1,456 of work. Aside from financially burdened, parents with sick kids can be: • Distracted • Absent from work • Tired or sleep-deprived • Stressed or anxious
  5. 5. The CDC recommends all people over 6 months old be vaccinated.
  6. 6. More individual vaccinations leads to more flu immunity as a population, even if not everyone gets vaccinated. Herd immunity helps keep safe people who can’t be vaccinated (like newborn babies and the elderly). • They’re more likely to have complications from influenza anyways. • Studies show vulnerable populations are directly affected by the number of other, non-vulnerable people who get vaccinated. Herd immunity can apply to your state, your community, or even your specific workplace.
  7. 7. Even with the strong, credible recommendations for a flu shot, a majority of people don’t get vaccinated. Why not? • Flu shot myths run rampant. • It’s not always convenient. • There’s a perceived lack of need. • People are skeptical about the efficacy. • Some don’t have access to vaccine.
  8. 8. So, what can your business do?
  9. 9. Educate your employees about influenza, flu symptoms and treatments, and the truth about vaccination myths. Educate your employees about policies including sick day policies, PTO procedures, and working from home. Educate your employees about proper hygiene and how they can avoid influenza germs during flu season.
  10. 10. You can host a flu shot clinic at your workplace with no hassle or headaches. Worksite flu shot clinics tackle vaccine barriers by: • Making the shot convenient and easy to access. • Providing for positive“peer pressure”from coworkers. • Offering a natural vehicle for vaccination education. • Helping you be sure employees actually get the vaccine, rather than putting it off.
  11. 11. People shouldn’t feel guilty, stressed or anxious about staying home when they (or their kids) are sick. Encourage employees to stay home if they have flu- like symptoms so you can avoid an office epidemic. There’s almost no reason most employees shouldn’t be able to telecommute if they don’t feel well.
  12. 12. • Start planning early. • Communicate well and often. • Get management support. • Be comprehensive. • Identify flu shot“champions.” • Reach out directly to employees. • Promote the convenience. • Note and evaluate your success.
  13. 13. Let’s get started.
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