4 Spring Cleaning Tips


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4 Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. 1. 4 Spring Cleaning TipsSpring is sprung and that means that one of these upcoming Saturdays is going to most likely bedesignated as Spring Cleaning Day at your house (much to the chagrin of your family that wouldrather be outside!) But we all know that a good spring cleaning is necessary to rid our homes ofthe dirt and grime that build up over the winter and get some fresh air blowing through thehouse. If you’re busy planning your spring cleaning day, here are four tips to make it count:1. Deep-clean carpets, rugs and heavy curtains.Doesn’t it seem like winter dirt is extra dirty? Salt, sand and slush get tracked in on snow bootsand end up ground into our carpets and rugs. Spring is definitely the time for a deep-clean!After vacuuming your carpets, you can rent or buy a carpet shampooer for synthetic carpeting,or hire a professional if you’re worried about damaging your delicate rugs. Since it’s warmeroutside you’ll be able to open the windows and not freeze while the carpet air dries. You alsowant to vacuum or steam-clean any heavy curtains that are going into storage this spring.2. Get you air conditioner and portable fans ready to go.You never know when you’re going to need an extra fan (or even the air conditioner) the spring,so make sure they are ready to go now! Wash portable fans by unscrewing the front grill,removing the blades and soaking them in warm, soapy water. This will get all the winter dustoff the blades so it isn’t getting blown back into your house. Now is also the time to check andsee if you need a new air conditioner filter. Most central AC units and some window-mountedones will need a new filter each year, although yours might have washable filter that you canrinse clean. Cleaning the air filter will also help improve the air quality of your home, which isessential for keeping spring allergies at bay!3. Bring your wood floors back to life.The greatest damage done to wood floors is from grit and while mats at your front and backdoor catch some of the winter grit, a lot makes it into your home and can tarnish your woodfloors. Dust mopping can keep the grit at bay, but spring cleaning is the perfect time to bringsome shine back into your floors with some floor cleaner, polish and a mop. If you want to killtwo birds with one stone for the rest of the spring, put a piece of waxed paper under your dustmop and dirt will stick to the mop while the wax shines your floors.4. Get into all the nooks and crannies.The whole point of spring cleaning is to get the dirt that you normally overlook. This includesthe tops of ceiling fan blades and tall cabinets, behind the couch and under the bed, and allthose corners your vacuum can’t reach. Pull all the books of their shelves to dust both the
  2. 2. bookshelf AND the books; wipe down the inside of the fridge (drawers included!) and tacklethose hard-to-reach bathroom spots. You know you won’t be doing a deep clean like this untilnext year, so you might as well make it count!There is something very cathartic about getting all that winter dirt, dust and grime out of ourhomes. While most people don’t look forward to the spring cleaning itself, the after effects arewell worth a day spent with some bleach and rubber gloves.About the AuthorTotalVac (http://totalvac.com) is a leading online retailer of vacuum cleaner parts and supplies.TotalVac also carries a large selection of humidifier filters, electric shaver parts, smallappliances and appliance parts. Choose vacuum cleaners from top brands such as Mielevacuum, Dyson vacuum, Roomba vacuum and others. If you are shopping for vacuum bags,TotalVac offers a wide selection of vacuum bags, including Kirby vacuum bags and Oreckvacuum bags.