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Ot driving assessmentsthr2013


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Ot driving assessmentsthr2013

  1. 1. Excellence in Allied Health for RehabilitationOccupationalTherapyDrivingAssessments
  2. 2. Assessing Fitness to DriveDriving is a complex & skilled task.Should this person be driving?• What are your responsibilities as an Allied Health professional?MVR – Mandatory reporting in the NT• Temporary conditions?
  3. 3. Medical Conditions and DrivingWhat medical conditions may need temporary suspension of drivers licence?• Stroke & Parkinson’s disease• Chronic pain• Spinal injuries• Acquired Brain Injury• Multiple Sclerosis• Significant musculoskeletal problem• Loss of upper limb or right leg• Age related issues & dementia• Congenital disabilities Cerebral palsy
  4. 4. Off Road Driving AssessmentIncludes• Medical history& medications• Physical &sensory screen • Visual screen • Driving history • Road law • Cognitive screen
  5. 5. On Road Driving Assessment • 1 Hour drive in Dual controlled vehicle with OT & driving assessor. • Areas assessed include: vehicle control, gear selection, traffic observation, decision making, abiding by road laws, driving habits, reaction time, and may include self directed drive. (navigating to a familiar location) • Aids & equipment may also be introduced
  6. 6. Possible Outcomes• Reinstatement of licence – no conditions• Licence with restrictions or conditions• Adapted equipment and training• Driving lessons required• Cancellation of licence• Reassessment 6-12 months
  7. 7. Equipment• Left foot accelerator or extended pedals• Spinner knob, tri-pin spinner• Hand controls, electronic spinner knob• Extra mirrors
  8. 8. Licence CategoriesWe can assist with review of other licences, especially for return to work.• C - Car• H - endorsement - taxis• LR, MR, HR – Light, Medium, Heavy Rigid Truck• MC – Road Train• R – Rider
  9. 9. For Further Information• Terina Saunders, 8981 9000 Occupational Therapist Driving Assessor• Gerard Bredhauer, 8981 9000 Occupational Therapist Driving Assessor•• MVR – Dianne Best• 8999 3153