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Safety Travel Tips during Pregnancy


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Keep travelling and enjoy your life with full of joys.
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Safety Travel Tips during Pregnancy

  1. 1. Safety Travel Tips during Pregnancy
  2. 2. Keep travelling and enjoy your life with full of joys. However, it is also very important to keep in mind some serious issues as well, such as if you are expecting and by chance your family has arranged the trip after a long time and you really want to go with them and cannot miss it then do not be worried at all. Thus, you have to take a lot of care about you. Just remember these points:
  3. 3. ALWAYS: • Sit comfortably to keep your body in relax position • Take away with you lots of juices, fruits, sandwiches or anything else you like for appetite • Take your medicines as it is important for your health • Take a seat at window side to avoid suffocation and it also helps you in case of vomiting • Be calm and restful in the car
  4. 4. NEVER: • Be seated in bended posture • Drive fast as bumps and jumps in the car are not at all good for pregnant women • Get hyper and tense if you stuck in the traffic or somewhere else • Run or hike anywhere, it can be more dangerous • Forget your medical reports. It would help the other doctors to understand your condition in case of emergency