Technology And Class Presentation


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Technology And Class Presentation

  1. 1. Technology and Class A focus on Class and how it is changing in society. By Toste Staver
  2. 2. Before we start: – Western Society – Mostly United States – Post-Industry / Information Age – Class in a group, not poor/rich – Bigger Focus on Richard Florida
  3. 3. The New Classes The Creative Class (Florida) The Hacker Class (Wark) The Virtual Class (Kroker)
  4. 4. A new growth class - knowledge (financial services...) - special skills (health care...) - creativity (artists, architects...) - a resources more important than money. - both companies as well as cities are trying to attract this new resource.
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  6. 6. A new trend ”People weren't moving to the jobs, the jobs were moving to the people.” –Florida New kinds of resources: – Not Capitalist or Worker, but a Creating Class – Intellectual property – Less producing goods, more Innovation focus
  7. 7. Employer more dependent on the new resource Employer Innovation..? Worker
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  9. 9. ”Adapt or You’re Toast” -Kroker Information Ideas
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  11. 11. Questions for ze group • What about emotional jobs such as child care, is that creative work? • Is this just a temporary need for innovation and if so what would come after it? • Where would this new information based virtual class fit in a hierarchy? • Do the new class really get more power over their work and if so in what way?