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«Sprinlke - how to float in an ocean of games» - Mediocre's presentation at MDDay 2012


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Видео выступления Mediocre на MDDay 2012 можно посмотреть здесь -

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«Sprinlke - how to float in an ocean of games» - Mediocre's presentation at MDDay 2012

  1. 1. how to float in an ocean of games
  2. 2. release trailer
  3. 3. fluid simulation
  4. 4. fluid simulation
  5. 5. fluid simulation
  6. 6. fluid simulation
  7. 7. idea● Casual game● Targeting tablets● Based on cutting edge fluid simulation● Non-violent, family friendly● No text
  8. 8. developing prototypes● Experimenting with tilt controls, movable obstacles● Level design proved difficult, low entertainment value● Deadly sensors, water cannon, fixed amount of liquid● Increased amount of water, reusing off screen particles, improved potential
  9. 9. concept art
  10. 10. fluid maze experiment
  11. 11. difficult level design
  12. 12. introducing sensors
  13. 13. water cannonfixed amount of liquid
  14. 14. water cannonincreased amount of liquid, recycled particles
  15. 15. water cannonunlimited amount of liquid, draining particles
  16. 16. characters and objectives● Finding an objective and a central character● Challenge: Time based action puzzle● Burning huts, a limited amount of water● Level design, finding the right formula● Dynamic, movable and animated objects
  17. 17. characters and objectives
  18. 18. characters and objectives
  19. 19. characters and objectives
  20. 20. play testing● Constant reevaluation, difficulties with the controls● Comprehendable design without text● Confusing unlocking mechanism, interface improvements
  21. 21. learning curve and progression● Tutorial levels, learning how to play● Introducing new gameplay elements● Difficulty curve, target audience● Score system based on water usage
  22. 22. technology● A collection of classes● Mostly in-house technology● Using some standard libraries● Game runs on PC and Mac● Built-in level editor● Backgrounds drawn in Photoshop
  23. 23. android● NVIDIA
  24. 24. android
  25. 25. android● NVIDIA● Decision to launch on Android● Android 2.3 only● Cross-platform issues ● Sound ● Aspect ratio
  26. 26. android
  27. 27. android
  28. 28. android
  29. 29. the sequel
  30. 30.