“Marmalade SDK. Технология на ладони” - Иван Белый, Marmalade SDK


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“Marmalade SDK. Технология на ладони” - Иван Белый, Marmalade SDK

  1. 1. Marmalade SDKHands-On
  2. 2. What is the Marmalade SDK?Marmalade SDK is a powerful cross-platform SDK for the efficientdevelopment of richer games and apps for mobile, desktop and SmartTV platforms. Marmalade is highly CROSS-PLATFORM Marmalade is also FAST, FLEXIBLE and OPEN
  3. 3. Developer TV HTML5 Desktop C++ Mobile Java script
  4. 4. Marmalade partner eco-system click logo for link to partner website
  5. 5. Open and standards-based• Marmalade SDK – standards-based cross-platform framework – allowing maximum re-use of existing skills and code• Marmalade workflows – C++, OpenGL ES, Visual Studio, Xcode – HTML5, PhoneGap
  6. 6. Marmalade developers like sharing http://github.com/marmalade
  7. 7. Top Developer Benefits Highly responsive apps and games Accelerated time to market for cross platform releases Open and extensible C / C++ and OpenGL development using standard IDEs = no lock-in High performance even on low-end hardware Broad native platform & simulator coverage Partner technology components available for easy integration Reduced development costs and simplified QA
  8. 8. Why use Marmalade?
  9. 9. Key benefitsPerformance Marmalade provides speed, power and unerring reliabilityFlexibility Marmalade enables an open environment to give developers choice and freedom to createComplex Marmalade takes care of each platforms’ complexitiesmade simple to enable focus on creatingAccessible Marmalade is approachable and easy to use, in any environmentNew Platforms Marmalade enables future technologies and platforms, today
  10. 10. Key benefits: Performance Our history is creating games, we understand why raw performance matters Marmalade enables direct access to the hardware, providing native performance on every devicePerformance Marmalade provides And because our native technology talks directly to the speed, power and hardware, it provides a solid foundation to build on unerring reliability
  11. 11. Key benefits: Flexibility We believe in open standards and making things work to meet our customers’ needs and wishes Marmalade gives developers an open environment Flexibility providing choice over the technologies they useMarmalade enables anopen environment - to We enable the art of developing, celebrating thegive developers choice individuality and skill of our developer community and the freedom to create
  12. 12. Key benefits: Complex made Simple We work directly with the hardware manufacturers to deliver native implementation through Marmalade Target all platforms from a single tool and language, Complex meaning you code once and deploy to any devicemade Simple Marmalade takes care of the complexities, freeing up timeMarmalade takes care to focus on the art of creating richer apps of each platforms’complexities to enable focus on creating
  13. 13. Key benefits: Accessible Through our work with world-leading publishers we have refined our SDK to make it accessible to all Marmalade is designed for a broad audience from hobbyists Accessible through to professional developers Marmalade is With a tailored support network and an active community, approachable and developers are supported at every step easy to use, in any environment Developer Forum
  14. 14. Key benefits: New Platforms Our relationships with ARM, Samsung, LG, RIM and more gets early access to new technology as it matters Marmalade works directly with the hardware manufacturers New to ensure maximum platform support Platforms Marmalade gives developers opportunities to reach new Marmalade enables platforms, creating new commercial opportunitiesfuture technologies and platforms, today
  15. 15. Roadmap Marmalade 6.1 Marmalade 6.2 Marmalade 6.3 available now available now coming Q1 2013Spread further with New platforms enabled Beyond Mobile MarmaladeWeb M. phase 2 Windows Phone 8 Windows 8 Desktop Mac AppStore BlackBerry 10 Windows RT devices PC App Store iPhone 5 Roku STB
  16. 16. Richer apps areMarmalade31 St Petersburgh PlaceLondon W12 4LAt: +44 8456 434 969e: bizdev@marmalademail.comwww.madewithmarmalade.com