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Renewable installations at tory bush cottages.

  1. Self-Catering Cottages at Tory Bush, this photo was taken after the installation of the District Heating Network, and re-instatement of the groundworks. The entry point for the heating pipes to this house is the small covered box to the left of the porch, slated and painted to match the house.
  2. Installation of District Heating Network in November 2013. This was a major upheaval, carried out during low season when few bookings, the work was completed for arrival of the Christmas and New Year Bookings. Tory Bush Cottages District Heat Network
  3. The installation of the district Heating pipe network had to be fitted around existing underground infra-structure
  4. More obstacles to contend with.
  5. Biomass Cabin, supplied by Alternative Heat, the building is plaster rendered with a ‘slap dash’ finish and painted in keeping with other buildings on site.
  6. Schematic of the inside of the Biomass Cabin, at one end there is a 10 tonne wood pellet store with a firewall between it and the Herz Boiler, at the other end of the cabin the 5000 Litre Buffer tank
  7. Herz 60Kw Boiler
  8. Herz Boiler in situ, note the window (right edge of photo) to the wood pellet store to monitor the pellet usage.
  9. Heat Exchange unit in one of the Holiday Cottages using the Hot Water (800C) from the district network to heat the DHW and Central Heating system, replacing a LPG Combi-Boiler.
  10. The pipework leading up to the Heat Exchange unit prior to connection and insulation. Note the motorised valve which is connected back to a central panel to give more control over the heat usage
  11. Thermomax evacuated tubes on roof of Reception Building supplying hot water to the Laundry. This is a very synergistic combination;- as the demand for laundry increases across the summer with more bookings, more sunshine gives more hot water. It is calculated that 85% of the hot water required by the laundry , across the whole year, is provided by the evacuated tubes; the remainder is heated by the Photovoltaic powered immersion heater or by heat exchange via a secondary coil from the Wood Pellet District System.
  12. Photovoltaic Panels on the roof of adjacent Stable Block, these have surpassed expectations supplying 90% of our Electricity. Our annual bills have decreased from £1800 to £160.00. We took the trouble to source the market leading Hybrid panels best suited to the N.I. solar radiation pattern.
  13. The most recent Quarterly Electricity Bill for the 9 Holiday Cottages and Conference Facility at Tory Bush Cottages. This bill, for an Autumn/Winter quarter, used to be in excess of £400.00
  14. The first years Wood Pellet Usage at Tory Bush Cottages, the 2nd column on the left shows the weight in Tonnes, a total of 27 Tonne replacing about 12,000 litres of LPG used per year previously. A carbon saving of 18 tonne.