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Imperial College ORCID project


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Presentation on the Imperial College London ORCID project, given at the 'UK ORCID members meeting and launch of Jisc consortium', held at Imperial College London, 28th September 2015.

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Imperial College ORCID project

  1. 1. Imperial College ORCID project UK ORCID members meeting and launch of Jisc consortium Imperial College London, 28th September 2015 Dr Torsten Reimer Scholarly Communications Officer Imperial College London / @torstenreimer
  2. 2. Why ORCID? REF Open Access Example Author links ORCID with CRIS …shares ORCID iD with publisher …shares funder information with publisher Publisher mints DOI on acceptance …shares iD and funder details with CrossRef CRIS pulls data from CrossRef, using ORCID iD Jisc ‘Router’ manuscript Link via iD
  3. 3. Imperial ORCID Project • Internal project approved in early 2014 by Provost’s Board • Imperial joined Jisc-ARMA-ORCID pilot Project aims: • Raise awareness of ORCID • Encourage uptake of ORCID • Issue researchers with an iD Approach: 1. Communications campaign (Nov-Dec ‘14) 2. Capture existing iDs in Symplectic Elements 3. Offer an opt-out 4. Create iDs via API 5. Pre-populate profiles, but leave academics to decide what is public 6. Encourage academics to link iD to Symplectic Elements
  4. 4. ORCID Project in Numbers Overall number of staff included initially 4,347 Staff excluded (those not listed in public staff directory) 332 Staff opting out 25 Existing iDs added to Symplectic 439 Existing iDs identified through ORCID de-duplication 325 New staff iDs created 3,226 Publications added to ORCID registry >240.000 Staff iDs linked to Symplectic (as of 19/01/15) 1,155 Requests for iD deletion (e.g. missed by de-duplication) 7 Project report:
  5. 5. Recommendations and Current/Next Steps • Focus on useful and used iDs, not iDs created • Academic interest: 1,155 iDs manually linked back to College within 7 weeks (incl. Christmas break), despite (currently) limited benefits • Privacy did not prove to be a major concern – engage proactively • Clear communications and strong support across the university, including senior management, are critical If we did it again… …we would use ORCID’s create on demand approach Current/Next steps: • Continue awareness raising campaign, increase uptake • Add ORCID support to Spiral (repository) and Personal Web Pages • Work with partners to improve ORCID integrations and uptake (today!!) iDs registered now (~700 staff joined/left College since iD creation): 1,400 “I am strongly supportive of this initiative.” James Stirling, Imperial College Provost