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These SEO Link Building Services and tips will help save you a ton of money when you go to buy backlinks.

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Buy Backlinks - SEO Link Building Services

  1. 1. presents Buying Backlinks tips and Link Building Services for better SEO rankings.
  2. 2. Why Do I need Backlinks?• Google, Yahoo, and Bing (search engines) crawl the web and see backlinks as a “vote” of confidence for your website. The more votes, or links, the better you will rank• If your competitor ranks better than you, they have more backlinks, and higher quality ones than you. It’s that simple.
  3. 3. What types of Links Can I get?• Press Releases • Private Networks• Guest Blogs • Article Directories• Social Bookmarks • Blogroll / Sitewide• Social Networking • Pay Per Post• Forum Marketing • Directories• Blog Comments • Question / Answers• Forum Profiles • Video Marketing
  4. 4. Permanent, Rented, Quality vs Quantity?When you make the decision to buy backlinks itshould be based on these 3 factors. The longeryou plan to be in business, the longer yourmarketing campaigns should help you toincrease your ROI.This means avoid rented links on advertiser /publisher networks, and pay more now forquality which enjoys a cheaper price in thelongrun.
  5. 5. Press Releases• Prweb, Prnewswire, Prlog, Businesswire are some of the most popular ones. They are paid services, and syndicate to hundreds of newspapers (many never get indexed though). Main thing is they host your press release for life on their website, which is trusted with high pagerank.
  6. 6. Guest Blog Posting• Ultimate white hat / time consuming link building activity. It’s not only a great way to get a permanent backlink on someone else’s website (chances are they won’t let their site die)• is a great resource for finding guest blog posting opportunities.
  7. 7. Social BookmarkingThink of these as the original social sharing sitessuch as digg, reddit, stumbleupon, delicious.Here you can submit your webpage to peopleinterested and they can vote it up or down.BookmarkingBeast is a service that manuallyposts to the top sites and other thousands.
  8. 8. Social NetworkingSites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Search Engines trust socialsignals and rank those webpages that have them higher.TwitterBacklinks helps get you more retweets, tweets,and higher rankings in the search engines.PinterestBacklinks is good for image marketing, gettingmore pins, repins, likes and comments on one of thefastest growing social networks ever.
  9. 9. Forum MarketingThe Internet is made up of millions of forums.Finding ones based on your industry can bedone by “your keyword here” “forum”.Since it takes time to register, add a signature orlink in your profile, and post it can be either verytime consuming or a premium service (if notspammy replies to threads)
  10. 10. High PR Blog CommentsMost blogs allow comments. In the name field or evenwithin the comment itself you can link back to yourwebsite (usually). By targeting ones with Pagerank(trust) you can boost up your rankings.High PR Blog Comments finds old blog posts thathave built in trust, posts a comment and gets alink.
  11. 11. Forum Profile, Wikis, Edu / GovThis is a more spammy tactic as it involves registering to forumswithout any intention of posting to them. You register and fill outthe “about me” or “signature” section with your backlink. Wikisand edu sites typically use spun content (rewritten). Best used tohelp boost up any trusted websites, such as Press Releases thatlink to your siteBulkBacklinks is a service that builds thousandsof forum profiles, wikis, and edu / gov linksusing random anchor text to avoid penalty.
  12. 12. Private NetworksThese are websites owned by one or a fewindividuals to link back to their own websites.Typically these sites are found out and penalizedso they are not recommended to rely on. Theyare powerful however.
  13. 13. Article DirectoriesThere are only really a handful (around 25) really top notcharticle sites. The rest seem to come and go and don’t stand thetest of time. Some of the best1. Ezinearticles2. Goarticles3. Amazines4. Scribd5. ArticleBase
  14. 14. Blogroll / Sitewide / FooterThese are usually rented backlinks. Since theGoogle Panda and Penguin update theireffectiveness has been greatly diminished. Nowinstead of having the same keyword on everypage it’s recommended to use differentkeywords and websites being linked to for amore natural profile.
  15. 15. Pay Per PostSponsored Posts are basically paid guest posts.They allow you to reach new audiences and geta link back to your website. Unfortunately manyof these networks were discounted by Googleand now use “no follow” when linking back toyour website, which doesn’t help your searchengine rankings, at least not by much.
  16. 16. DirectoriesDirectories can be general or hyper focused.Yelp, Google Places, Yellow Pages are examplesof local ones that allow reviews / citations.Other, more general directories allow you toplace your links.Both are great ways to expand your brandpresence while picking up quality, curatedbacklinks.
  17. 17. Question and AnswerPeople have questions. So there are manywebsites and platforms that allow you to askquestions and / or answer them. The mostfamous is Yahoo Answers, where a “bestanswer” to a highly sought out problem couldreap you the benefit of referral traffic in additionto a long lasting link to your website.
  18. 18. Video marketingYoutube and Vimeo are the most popular videowebsites that allow a clickable link in your videodescription. Create a video in your industry andlink back to your site. These sites are megaauthority and highly trafficked – a win win.
  19. 19. Now you know what to buy / ask for!• Ask your SEO company what types of links they build• Ask if you get a full report (no secrets!)• Don’t settle for rented links (unless you are already profitable and further rankings means more $$ than you are spending)• Try all of the above on your own at least once to better understand it’s value / time.
  20. 20. Set a budget and take the plunge!Buying backlinks is an investment in your website. Regardless ofyour link building services company you will have to pay for laborand management fees.BacklinksVault offers services just above cost, soyou don’t need to spend countless hourslearning and creating these type of links.Thank you for viewing and we hope you make amillion dollars for yourself this year!