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Planing media courcework x

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Planning All x

  1. 1. Planning <br />Victoria Summers<br />
  2. 2. My Diary <br />
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  7. 7. Mood Board<br />
  8. 8. FONTS<br />Accents Varsity  <br />Bandung Hardcore GP<br />Sweet Confusion <br />All Star <br />Business As Usual <br />Network Vampire <br />Republished <br />From my research, I know that the audience has to feel as if the magazine talks to them through the font, I have also learnt that the font has to be bold and eye catching. In order to make my magazine stand out from competition I also need something unique that no magazine has used before. Business as Usual is something I would most likely used within the magazine, as the title of my contents page or even the title of my double page spread, as it is not as bold as the title should be yet still unique enough to grab the audiences attentions. The fonts I choose are pretty much similar as they are all bold and chunky like a rock magazine should be. As I want my magazine aimed at a more female audience, as it is apart of the market that is rarely marketed the font I am most likely to use for my format is Bandung Hardcore Gp, this is because it is a lot more feminine then other ones and is similar to fashion icons in new look, making my female audience occasioned it , making them link to the magazine making them want to buy it. <br />
  9. 9. Colour Schemes <br />I found these colour schemes on the website I picked out these mainly because I thought they would apply to my audience. My audience is a various audience at the age of around 21 + this means I have to have a variety of colours, none to harsh or conventional of a typical stereotype as this could put of other customers. This makes the task harder as I will not be having a target genre but instead a fraction making my magazine seem to have more of a larger market with magazines such as NME. From my research I found that the main colour schemes used are White as a background colour and Black as some textual with a lighting colour to bring the audiences interest by attracting the eye. I showed these whilst looking through the colour schemes by always having white and a dark colour present with a bright colour as well to show that I have thought about the colour schemes I have previously seen. <br />The colour scheme in which I think both targets my audience as well as following the rules is PURPLES. This is because the purple colour is light and calm there fore appealing to a feminine audience, however, follows the convention of having white and black as dominant colours.<br />The colour scheme I’m least likely to use is Accessible colours as the main dominant colour is brown. Brown it’s self is a very off putting colour particularly to a female audience. It also doesn’t fit in with the style of my genre of music for my magazine. <br />
  10. 10. Use of Language <br />In order to get an idea of the type of language that appeals to my target audience, i found words that seem to appeal them. in order to find out I looked through magazines that are currently on the market and what type of language they use. <br />The majority have buzz words on the front such as exclusive and tries to use “modern language” such as “WTF”, so the language is directly aimed at their target audience. <br />As my audience is aimed at the YOUNG FEMALE audience, I should use words such as OMG! And exclusive, to bring the audience into my magazine. I should also write in a gossiping type of manner so the audience doesn’t feel as if it’s in your face but more as if it’s friends chatting to friends. This will allow them to feel more comfortable and likely to read the magazine. I should however, not talk to them in a patriotic way as my magazine is aimed at 21+ mainly and therefore they would like to be spoken to as adults not children. <br />
  11. 11. Shots For Photo Shot <br />Looking directly into the camera: for double page spread, as it allows the audience to feel interactive with the band member, and helps them remember the face, of the band.<br />MidShot Looking Directly At The Camera: for front cover. From my research I know that the first thing the audience looks at is the main image. Therefore to create an interaction between audience and band I need a long shot so the audience can see the background, so it makes the be able to relate to them as of where they are and to look at the audience to feel a connection. <br />Long Shot: for double page spread. It helps the audience see where the interview took place. If the placement is in a calm quite looking area the audience feels more relaxed and calm. This makes the audience more happy to read the article and think that the band is relaxed and calm also. <br />Them In Action: I would have a picture of what they do, this way the audience, that is unfamiliar with them would know what they do and why they’re famous.<br />When I take the shots during my photo shot, I will take the pictures from different angles. This will allow me to see which position helps show what I want each picture to represent. Through out the magazines I researched there seemed to be a maximum of 1 big main picture of the artist looking directly into the camera in a up close shot, with smaller pictures maximum of 4 on the right next to the article, almost as if to prove a point about who the artist is. <br />Other shots in which I may like to choose, is a picture of what the band does Eg, picture of a guitar as my artist is playing a guitar. As my magazine is more country based I will need pictures of the surroundings as well in the majority of shots to show hominess that comes with a lot of country singers. <br />
  12. 12. Props <br />White Floral Dress - this will add to the calm atmosphere of the magazine it will contrast well with the background of the park, making the magazine feel more natural. The dress is also very female making my female target audience able to relate. It is also very summery making it stand out against the men’s rocker magazines that would be placed on the shelves surrounding my magazine. It is ideal for my magazine as it is a symbol of feminism. <br />Blue Lead Guitar – this will show that the magazine is a music magazine. The guitar would also stand out against the white dress and so the appeal that it doesn't matter where you come from. It is a modern guitar showing the magazine is an up to date music magazine. It is ideal for my magazine as it shows that women can rock just as much as men, once again adding to the female representation of women in the music industry once again appealing to my female audience. <br />Camera - this is needed for my photo shot as I need it to take my pictures. As well as creating an easy way for me to edit the pictures taken. This is essential for my shot as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take the pictures I need in a good quality. <br />Black Cardigan & Black Dolly Shoes – this would give my magazine a sense of typical rock and roll as black is one of the rock royalty colours. The black cardigan and shoes would contrast well with the white dress almost suggesting women breaking into a man’s world. The dolly shoes are once again female representations showing that women could rock in a man’s world. This would contribute to my magazine as it is unique to women becoming equal in the music industry. It is also breaking the typical convention of having women in slutty outfits on the front cover producing them as artists not sex symbols. This would make women feel more secure and related to the artist, making it essential for a prop in my photo shot. <br />
  13. 13. The Genre I choose to do is various genres. I choose this as that way I can target a more various type of audience. Also music shouldn’t be categorised as it is a community and nobody has to belong to a set community as they are free to change. However, for my target audience I have decided to choose a young female audience around 14 or under, this is because there is a lot of music magazines around however, none of the target the younger generation, who now listen to iPod and are strongly influenced by music. <br />Masthead <br />This is the masthead I am currently thinking of using. I decided on this masthead as it is very curvy making it appeal to the female audience. It also is not stereotypical of a current magazine type making it unique and ideal for my target audience. I would have to add colour to it later however, due to the fact that it looks very dull and plane at the moment. The fact that it is a very bold font allows it to stand out to my audience when they are looking at it in the stand. I tried to appeal this font to my target audience as it is very curvy and feminine but at the same time it also shows a music type of look at me attitude. It also is not very in your face like many other music magazines choose. I thought that the fact it doesn't would be a nice change as many magazines are in your face and women are not so keen on magazines that are very in your face or aggressive. <br />Genre <br />
  14. 14. Organising Location <br />
  15. 15. Pictures Of Location <br />
  16. 16. Why This Is The Perfect Spot<br />Emmer Green Park would be the perfect place for my photo shot for many reasons. The first reason I choose the park was because it is a very spacious space, this would allow me to do my photo shot without getting in the way of other people as well as having enough room to various shots such as long shot. The location is perfect as my magazine has no set music genre as to me music is a very open community and shouldn’t be over categorized as nobody is one set genre. The location helps me show this as the park has buildings surrounding it but is natural inside, this helps the audience feel relaxed as it makes it look like it’s a part of a community, which music itself is. It also allows the audience to feel free as it has the contrast of having the hectic life style surrounding it, meaning the audience could associate the magazine with escaping from the outside world. The music is mainly based around where the bands come from now a days so by having the photo shot in a place where my models grew up helps bring a more understanding between the audience and the models. The park itself is very easy to access for both me and my models, the light is always just at the right angle as the sun rises and falls along the centre of the park with the selected spot of my photo shot aliened, meaning that the pictures will have a warmly glow to them, making it seem ever more of a friendly atmosphere. Also because my target audience is female, they are more likely to respond to a peaceful calm picture as apposed to a rock band almost screaming at the camera. This makes emmer green the perfect place for my photo shot to be held. <br />
  17. 17. Reflection of the planning process <br /> <br /> The planning process was very awarding. It has helped me to understand my audience better as well as understanding the lay out of a magazine. It also helps you to slow down and not rush into making a magazine quickly and actually plan how you are going to create it. From planning, I have found out that the main article usually comes in around the middle of the magazine and that there are adverts on nearly every 3-5 pages. It has helped me organize when my photo shot is going to happen, who my models are and even where my photo shot will take place, by creating a diary. The plan flats I had made also allowed me to picture how the layout of a magazine would be and how mine should follow a similar pattern. By planning I know have an in depth idea about what my magazine is going to be about, who I’m going to target audience and also allowed me to break down the task, as it seemed very overwhelming at first. However, I did struggle with some of the tasks such as creating a mood board as I had never done one before, however, I learnt how to achieve making one very quickly. All in all I think the planning process has been very informative and has helped me hopefully make a better magazine. <br />The planning process allows you to think as a professional and slowly take small steps into making your magazine. This has become essential to me as I needed to have a stronger development for my magazine to make sure it is up to a professional standard. The flat plan was the best part of the planning as I got to compare magazines and see how they lay out there magazines to the best of there advantage EG mainly having their adverts on the left hand side but the occasional on the right. By learning this I could easily plan out the laying of my magazine. <br />By creating a diary I have become more orgainised and was no longer rushing around and panicking about what I had to do. It helped me become more relaxed and able to cope with the commitment of the work. It allowed me to feel in control of my work and allowed me to have a bit more time at preparing things to the best of my abilities. Although a few things didn’t work out the way I planned such as losing my flat plans, the way my diary had helped me gain extra time allowed me to make flat plans myself by hand and scan them onto the computer, as I didn’t have the soft ware needed at home to complete this. <br />All in all, I think the planning section was very successful in helping me plan out how to create my magazine effectively. <br />