The new music industry


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The new music industry

  1. 1. The New Music Industry inspirational presentaition by Musikparlamentet
  2. 2. 1996: The Internet and the MP3 file • The Internet In 1996 the internet had a commercial break through – 12% of the dansh population now use the internet frequently. Today the number is higher than 95%. • Mp3-filen The Mp3 file is launched in 1996. The MP3 is 100% duplicable. Combined with the internet music now has the ability to move freely in cyberspace without loosing quality.
  3. 3. 2000: Albums sales peak Album sales in Denmark 1995-2009
  4. 4. 2001: Napster og file sharing In 2001 Napster was forced to close after numerous law suits by e.g. Metallica. Napster was shut down, but illegal file sharing still flourishes on the internet.
  5. 5. 2004: ”The Long Tail” The Long Tail describes the consequence of digitalization on the market, but is there money to be made in the tail? Chris Anderson - ”The long Tail” - Wired Magazine 2004
  6. 6. 2007: Freemium
  7. 7. 2009: Cloud music Chris Anderson is Back! Chris Anderson – ”Free” – 2009 • Should music flow freely? • Is cloud streaming the future businessmodel for the music industry?
  8. 8. 2010: A New Music Consumer
  9. 9. Det er altid godt at slutte med lidt statistikker • 68% af de 18-25 årige streamer musikmindst en gang om måneden. (Tallet er 32% for alle aldersgrupper) • 30% af de 18-24 årige købver musik online mindst en gang om måneden. (Tallet er 16% overordnet) • Stat 3 (Villighed imod brands) • Stat 4 (Youtube) • Stat 5(Smart phones) • Stat … Kilde: MEC:ACCESS
  10. 10. Who leads the way today? OK GO made a viral videos in collaboration with insurance company State Farm. Have you seen it?
  11. 11. Who leads the way today? Lady Gaga has more than 18 million likes på Facebook and 6.3 million followers på Twitter. She calls her fans ”Little monsters”
  12. 12. Who leads the way today?
  13. 13. Who leads the way today? The New York based band Pomplamoose have sold more than 100.000 albums, without playing a lot of concerts. They started out making music videos in their living room and became a YouTube hit.
  14. 14. Who leads the way today? The Asteorids Galaxy Tour sold 25% of their bandet for 8 millioner kr. to an investment firm.
  15. 15. Hvem viser vejen i dag?
  16. 16. Who leads the way today?