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Group 7 (2)


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Group 7 (2)

  1. 1. Chetana’s hazarimal somani college of com. &eco. & smt. Kusumtaichaudhari college of arts
  2. 2. Social Correspondence, BankCorrespondence, OfficialCorrespondence, JobApplication, Cv.Group no 7 Presented to, Prof shivaprasad
  3. 3. Group membersDivyanshi balsaraPriyanka ghadiToral raoVrushali gawendeMeenakshi kambleJeet shukla
  5. 5. IntroductionCorrespondenceCorrespondence is a wayof communicationthrough lettersCorrespondence covers many types of writtencommunication
  6. 6. Cont……Correspondence isthe most important form of externalCommunicationThe contents of abusiness letter mayvary according to the nature of the message or information.
  7. 7. Types of correspondence Formal Informal bank social official
  8. 8. SOCIAL CORRESPONDENCESocial correspondence is a correspondencewhich includes allvarieties of personalwritingsThis correspondence is casule in nature.
  9. 9. Types SocialCorrespondence CongratulatioCondolence n Thank-you Invitation Consolation
  11. 11. ACCEPTANCE Mr. and Mrs. ------------------- accept with pleasure Mr. and Mrs. -----------------------------kind invitation to dinner on ------------------the--------- at ------------------------REGRET Mr. and Mrs.--------------- regret that previous arrangement prevents their accepting Mr. and Mrs. ------------------------- kind invitation to dinner on -----------------------------------------
  12. 12. RECALL Dr. and Mrs. -------------------------- regret that, owing to the sudden illness of their son, they are obliged to recall their invitation for ------------------------------------
  13. 13. THANK-YOU LETTER such letters is for expressing one’s gratitude to others for having got their gifts, help or other favors.
  14. 14. Dear,------------------------------ and I want to thank you for the beautiful salad bowl set. We’re looking forward to getting lots of use out of your thoughtful and practical wedding gift. We’re having fun getting organized in our little apartment. Soon we’ll be ready for company, and we’ll be giving you a call. After all the times you’ve had us over for dinner, we’ll get to play host for a change. Fondly,
  15. 15. LETTER OF CONGRATULATIONWe can writewhenever there arejoyous and happyevents
  16. 16. My dear,------------ I’ve learnt that you’ve just graduated from college. Congratulations upon having received your ------------------From ------------. I know this has meant years of study and hard work on your part, and it’s an achievement you can well be proud of. I hope that your graduation will not end your studies, but will rather be the beginning of a new and broader culture. I believe that the knowledge you’ve acquired will enable you to be successful in whatever calling in life you may enter.
  17. 17. LETTER OF CONDOLENCEThese letters are writtenfor the purpose ofconsoling one’srelatives and friends
  18. 18. Dear----------- Today I heard you had lost your----------. I know the suddenness of it must have been a dreadful shock; and I just can’t tell you how sorry I am. Having been so recently through the same sad experience, I know only too well what it means. I wish there were something I could do or say to soften your grief. But only time can do that,------- -- and it will, as surely as it did for me. With deepest sympathy to you and all your family. Affectionately
  19. 19. . LETTERS OF CONSOLATION consolation is written for the purpose of consoling one’s relatives and friends, when they suffer misfortunes e.g., illnesses, injuries, or some other calamities.
  20. 20. Dear---------- It is with great sorrow that I hear of your illness. I should like to know how you are getting on now. Although I’m not a doctor, I’m taking the liberty of sending you a prescription: Don’t worry about your studies. Take things easy. I sincerely hope you’ll soon be yourself again. If I can be of any service to you, remember that to aid you is ever the sincere Your loving friend
  21. 21. BANK CORRESPONDENCE•Banks have tocorrespond withclients andcustomers.•Bankingcorrespondence is ofa special nature
  22. 22. It relates to 1.TYPES OF BANKING CORRESPONDENCE: opening, closing and transfer of accounts of customers. 2. It relates to operations in accounts of customers – deposit, collection and payment of cheques, drafts, bills etc.
  23. 23. CONT…..3. It relates to Loans and Advances 4. It relates to subsidiary or ancillary services like lockers, agency services.
  24. 24. FORMATTo----------------------------------------[bank name]----------------------------------------[address]SirI wish to invest a sum of---------------------------------------- in fixed deposit of your bank at the branch of-----------------------------------road ---------------------------- for the period of --------------------years . I shall be highly indebted to you if you very kindly write to me the rate of interest perinent thereto.Furthermore I wish to know that if such deposits are made occasionally for a period of one year what rate of interest is admissible in these deposit please send me all rules governing such transaction at earliest possible convenience .I am sure you will deal with the issue expeditiously.
  25. 25. OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCEOfficial correspondence in other words is knownas formal correspondence.
  26. 26. DO’S AND DON’TS Always address your cover letter to a specific company or person. Include all your personal information Be creative Be formal
  27. 27. TYPES OF OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE Memorandum Letters
  28. 28. MEMORANDUM• A memorandum is used within an organization to convey official information,• Do not use memorandum letterhead to write personal letters
  29. 29. FORMAT Heading From To Date Reference Subject Body Name and signature
  30. 30. LETTERS letters are those official correspondence we usually send to the outside organization. Personal letters business letters
  31. 31. JOB APPLICATION It is a written request for employment typically on a specific form provided by the potential employer
  32. 32. DOS AND DONTS• A Job Application Letter should always accompany the resume• It should always be typed with standard fonts and colors• It should have the applicants name, address and contact details clearly mentioned
  33. 33.  No flowery language needs to be used in the letter A Job Application Letter should always have a subject
  34. 34. SAMPLE JOB APPLICATION LETTER_____________ (Name and address of the applicant)_____________ (Date)Subject: Application for the post of ______________ (post appliedfor)Dear Sir or Madam,This is in response to your advertisement in ___________ (mediumof advertisement) dated _________ for the post of _________(post advertised).I am ____________ (details of highest qualification) and have______ (number of years of experience) in companies of reputesuch as ______________ (names of companies). Currently I amworking with ____________ (name of organization currentlyemployed with) as ______________ (designation) since _______(date since when working with this organization). My job profileentails _____________ (details of current job profile).
  35. 35. I also have _____________ (details of any additionalqualifications, if any). I am a hard working, sincere anddedicated worker. By working in companies of such repute Ihave learnt certain values such as integrity and respect forpeople and swear by them now. I assure you that if I amselected by your organization I will give it my best and promiseyou a result-oriented tenure.My Resume has been enclosed for your kind perusal.I look forward to hearing from you.Thanking you in anticipation.Best regards,(Name of the applicant)Encl: As above
  36. 36. CURRICULUM VITAE (CV)Cv An Outline Of A PersonsEducational And ProfessionalHistory, Usually Prepared For JobApplications
  37. 37. DO’S AND DON’TS•Try to keep yourCV to one or twosides of A4 paper•use bold type orbullet points tohighlight key points•Do not go into toomuch detail
  38. 38. STRUCTURE OF CV1. Personal Details2. Education And Qualification3. Employment History4. Any Other Skills5. Intrests
  39. 39. CONCLUSION