Customized Single Board Computer


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Customized single board computers (SBC) offered by Toradex is a combination of ARM based Computer on Module (COM)/ System on Module (SOM) and a Carrier Board.

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Customized Single Board Computer

  1. 1. Customized Single Board Computer
  2. 2. | Toradex® is a registered trademark of Montadex GmbH SBCs are off-the-shelf products that can be used to develop end-products or applications for a variety of industries. SBCs come along with integrated software and hardware, which includes SoC, memory, power requirements and real world multimedia and connectivity interfaces such as USB, UART, CAN, HDMI, Ethernet, SDIO, MMC, Analog Audio, display etc. The SBC approach helps system developers to focus on the application specific parts. An extensive range of SBCs based on variety of microprocessor, memory size, supported interfaces and operating system support are available in the embedded market. This offers flexibility to the users to choose the appropriate SBC based on their cost, features and performance requirements. Low cost SBCs are widely used in academic research projects and in feature specific end-products. CHAIRMAN What is a Customized SBC? 7/7/2014 2
  3. 3. | Toradex® is a registered trademark of Montadex GmbH 7/7/2014 3
  4. 4. | Toradex® is a registered trademark of Montadex GmbH However, the SBC approach suffers inherently from various drawbacks. First of all, SBC approach ensures high switching cost to migrate to future technologies. As SBCs comes in standard sizes and real world interfaces, so it is difficult to accommodate future improvements in technology and thus the OEMs need to switch to an entirely new SBC solution. Secondly, customizing a SBC is cumbersome as the processor chipset and surrounding I/O are closely coupled due to the single-board design. Finally, space constrained applications may also struggle to use the standardized SBC available in the market. The Computer On Module (COM) or System On Module (SOM) coupled along with a baseboard offers an equivalent solution as that of the SBCs. The COM approach separates the complex microprocessor part from the relatively simple I/O part and thus offers flexibility to customize the baseboard part based on the feature and size requirements of the end-product. Further, pin-compatible modules ensures convenient and cost effective way to migrate to future technology. A Customized Single Board Computer is an off-the-shelf embedded solution that is a combination of a COM/ SOM and a carrier board. This combination provides a desirable alternative to SBCs in developing any embedded end-products as the former offers the flexibility and scalability inherent to the COM approach and yet, is a ready-to-use complete embedded solution, one of the main benefits of the SBC approach. 7/7/2014 4
  5. 5. | Toradex® is a registered trademark of Montadex GmbH 7/7/2014 5 Thank you!