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Web Location On Labs


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Web location enables you to get the location of your users mobile phone with no client installed. The API also contain user consent for privacy.

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Web Location On Labs

  1. 1. Web Location A enabler
  2. 2. Web Location Retrieve the location of your users from their mobile phones A simple web interface to access the location of a user in the mobile phone network Maintain user integrity and privacy (end-user consent is managed by the API) Powered by Ericsson IPX 2
  3. 3. Why Web Location? Get the accurate, current position of the users of your web applications (accuracy ~ 100 – 1km) Locate users and at the same time maintain user integrity and privacy (end-user consent is managed by the API) No need for users to input their location or install any applications or browser plugins Web Location is the quickest, simplest, and most accurate way of positioning users in location based web applications 3
  4. 4. Main Features of Web Location Powerful location component easily embedded into any web page Enables exposure of user’s location to a web application Get access to operator-based positioning (triangulation) via Ericsson IPX No need for users to install any applications on their phones, and the positioning works for all types of phones Includes management of end-user consent to give users complete control of privacy. Easily integrated RESTful API Free user locations up to a limit Currently works with all operators in Sweden and Norway (more countries are coming) 4
  5. 5. Web Location Overview • Your user visits your • Web Location asks • Web Location finds website your user if she the location of the user’s mobile phone • You show the user a agrees to be located website customized to • You ask the Web by your application • Web Location sends their exact location Location API for user location the location to you 5
  6. 6. Web Location API Retrieve the location of your users with a simple call to the Web Location API Simple example in PHP (get user location and display it): //Create a request for the end-user location $url = ""; $fields = array( 'msisdn' => $_POST['msisdn'], 'devKey' => 'APIKEY', 'applicationID' => 'APPLICATIONID' ); $create_url = $url . 'location/getLocationByMsisdn'; //Make the request $response = http_post_fields($create_url, $fields, NULL, array("timeout"=>10), $info); //Extract the body from the response and print it $http_obj = http_parse_message($response); print("Response = ".$http_obj->body); 6
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