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IMS framework On Labs


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The IMS framework on Ericsson Labs is to build Java or Android based mobile applications or RESTful based PC client applications with messaging, presence on top of IMS/SIP.

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IMS framework On Labs

  1. 1. IMS Framework (mobile java communication framework) A enabler
  2. 2. IMS Framework A communication framework for device to device, server to device and device to server communication A communication framework built on IMS/SIP with API support in multiple client platforms – Android – Java ME – RESTful A hosting environment for server applications 2
  3. 3. Why IMS Framework? A generic white label communication framework tying together the mobile and PC domain – Extending beyond one mobile device brand Focus on what should be communicated rather then how – High level API hides the details of delivering data to a another device Deliver data between applications beyond the size limits of sms/mms 3
  4. 4. Main Features of IMS Framework Java ME, Android and RESTful client APIs for – Messaging, session and instant – Presence – Subscribe/Notify Integrated NAT/FW handling Hosting of server applications in a Glassfish/Sailfin application server – A container environment allowing both sip and http communication 4
  5. 5. IMS Framework Overview Application hosting NAT/FW PC/Browser HTT Home/Office P REST gateway User Presence Session/routing IMS framework P TT SIP gateway Java ME/Android /H S IP NAT/FW Mobile Operator Ericsson Labs 5
  6. 6. Client APIs Java ME library to be included with the developed application. – Device requirement Java MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1, always on application support, developed and tested using SonyEricsson devices. // Connect to IMS infrastructure ImsInnovation mImsInnovation = new ImsInnovation(this, “”, this); // Create messaging service MessageService mMessageService = new MessageService(mImsInnovation); // Send a message mMessageService.sendQuickMessage(“”, “Hello someone!”, “text/plain”); Android library to be included with the developed application. – Developed and tested using the G1 device. RESTful API, accessed from a browser or from any application environment. – Currently being integrated in Zembly 6
  7. 7. 7