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Face Detector On Labs


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The Face Detector API provides you as a developer with means of locating faces in an image taken by mobile devices. It provides information of if there are faces in the image or not, how many and where they are positioned. These information can then be used to develop mobile applications that are not only limited to face detector but also required to have face detector as a pre-processing step.

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Face Detector On Labs

  1. 1. Face Detector A enabler
  2. 2. Face Detector A way of locating faces in an image taken by mobile devices. Develop innovative mobile applications that require face location information as input with the Face Detector Java ME™ components. 2
  3. 3. Why Face Detector? Mobile devices are equipped with cameras nowadays. They are sources of images. Demands on automatically obtaining face location info are thus increasing. Simple API that are developed specifically for mobiles. Face Detector from Ericsson Labs provides the ability of automatically getting face locations in an image for mobile applications. 3
  4. 4. Main Features of Face Detector Automatically detect faces and return their locations. Detected faces can easily be reused for further processing purposes. Ease of Use. 4
  5. 5. Face Detector Overview Mobile Application Application specific code Face Detector JavaME Library 5
  6. 6. Face Detector API Java ME library that is easily included in any mobile application. Supports many phones (should work on most devices with Java MIDP 2.0 & CLDC 1.1) The library provides the functionality of obtaining face location information in an image. // init a FaceDetector faceDetector = new FaceDetector(); // feeds input image srcImage into faceDetector faceDetector.setFaceDetector(srcImage); // sets the user interface for face detection faceDetector.setDisplayImageUI(this); // to see if there are faces in the image faceDetector.detectFace(); // gets result from faceDetector and stores it in a Vector faceVector = faceDetector.getResult(); 6
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