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Ericsson Labs is a website primarily provided to you as a developer and innovator of new applications where we will provide you early prototypes of new enabling technologies for you to experiment with.

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Ericsson Labs 100322

  1. 1. Ericsson Labs An Innovation Mall Create Your Innovation
  2. 2. Open Innovation Mobile applications are today developed by anyone Support developers creating new innovations Feedback on new enablers developed
  3. 3. Target group Developers, developers, developers.... And that means YOU! 3
  4. 4. The Power of the Network Knows – Who your users are – Where they are – Where they have been – Who they know Can – Push content to your users anytime – Handle payment and money transfer …and much more 4
  5. 5. Developer Dilemma Web Java Android iPhone Telecom Hobby Researcher Student Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Operator Operator Operator Operator 5
  6. 6. Ericsson Simplifies Web Java Android Iphone Telecom Hobby Researcher Student Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Ericsson Developer Ericsson IPX Connection (EDC) (MM Brokering) Ericsson Labs Capability Operator Operator Provider Commercial operator channel and capability brokering 6
  7. 7. Simplicity for Experimental Developers Web Java Android iPhone Telecom Hobby Researcher Student Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Developer Ericsson Labs Beta Telecom Beta Internet Enablers Enablers Capability Operators Providers 7
  8. 8. Offering Development support Hosting & Test Showroom Appli cation s • APIs and coding resources • Deployment • Publish • Tutorials & Forums • Application servers • Feedback • Testing & evaluation • Developer Connection Download – Create – Upload – Publish – Evaluate 8
  9. 9. Create your innovation Knowledge building Innovation Business building • Learn what it takes to • Build your innovation on top • Find and understand produce cutting-edge of Ericsson open beta business opportunities applications enablers Labs is an initiative for open innovation by Ericsson Research 9
  10. 10. Login – Search – Explore featured API’s, blogs and apps 10
  11. 11. Innovate with our APIs Communication as a service SMS Send & Receive Communication Group Voice Mixer Framework Content as a service Mobile Java Push Streaming Media Converting Media Geo services Web Location Mobile Location 3D Landscape Web Maps Mobile Maps User Information Security Mobile Identification Mobile Network look-up Mobile Web Security Bootstrap Web Technologies Graphics processing Web Connectivity EventSource Face Detector NFC & Sensors services Machine Learning Tag Tool Sensor Networking Application Platform Cluster Constructor 11
  12. 12. SMS Send & Receive SMS Send & Receive is a web API for sending and receiving SMS text messages. At your disposal you have the Ericsson Labs shared international number +46 73 7494050. Powered by Ericsson IPX 12
  13. 13. Communication (IMS) Framework A communication framework for device to device, server to device and device to server communication A communication framework built on IMS/SIP with API support in multiple client platforms – Android – Java ME – RESTful A hosting environment for server applications 13
  14. 14. Group Voice Mixer Group Voice Mixer is a client side API that provides developers a simple way to setup a multi user voice chat room with advanced mixer capabilities. The API allows you to create an ad-hoc (currently only dial-in) voice chat room or “conference” from a Java ME client. If several users are located in the same room and set the same location, the Group Voice Mixer will not mix the voice stream picked up from the microphones of the users in that location. 14
  15. 15. Mobile Java Push Hosted platform for building and deploying innovative services based on file push using Java ME™ or Android components Transfer content as soon as available Save device battery Reduce data traffic for user Powered by Ericsson IPX 15
  16. 16. Streaming Media Investigate the possibilities of delivering video to the of mobile phones, but also other devices. We provide unique testing tools that makes radio performance directly visible on the screen, and detailed knowledge about the transport and session is accessible for you in a live web-based monitor. 16
  17. 17. Converting Media Transcode your multimedia content to the format and configuration you need Provide adjusted content in your web service or mobile application by using the converting media API Offers a platform to get info on how to best adapt content for a certain device 17
  18. 18. Web Location A simple web interface to access the location of a user in the mobile phone network Maintain user integrity and privacy (end-user consent is managed by the API) • Your user visits your • Web Location asks • Web Location finds website your user if she the location of the user’s mobile phone • You show the user a agrees to be located website customized to • You ask the Web by your application • Web Location sends their exact location Location API for user location the location to you Powered by Ericsson IPX 18
  19. 19. Mobile Location An API for translating a cell-ID from a mobile phone network into a geographical position Positioning that can be • Cell-ID Look-up finds used for any device that • You get the cell-ID the position of that from the user’s device cell supports reading and send it to cell-ID • Cell-ID Look-up of cell-ID Look-up sends the location to you cell-ID cell-ID DB The database contains 3.9 M Cell-IDs and is growing 19
  20. 20. Web Maps Integrate powerful and flexible maps into your web applications using Web Maps Highly customizable and dynamic maps rendered in the browser Java applet for fast map browsing and smooth and animated interaction or a Static Maps API for simple non-interactive map images Powered by Idevio. Map data from TeleAtlas or OpenStreetMaps 20
  21. 21. Mobile Maps Develop cutting edge mobile map applications with the Mobile Maps Java ME™ or Android components Highly customizable and dynamic maps easily included in any Java ME™ or Android application Features vector-based maps that makes displaying fast and turning possible Powered by Idevio. Map data from TeleAtlas or OpenStreetMaps 21
  22. 22. 3D Landscape Use the Java ME™ or Android SDK to develop applications with realistic 3D maps An easy to use API for displaying and controlling high quality 3D rendered maps Use the RESTful API to retrieve bird-view images Powered by C3 Technology map data 22
  23. 23. Mobile Network Lookup Develop web applications with the Mobile Network Lookup enabler to provide services based on consumer’s mobile network information, such as operator name, country, etc. The API consists of a simple web interface for looking up a consumer’s mobile operator name, network code and country. Lookup with customer’s Visit IP address Your Web Mobile Network Customer Lookup Enabler Application Return Response personalized customer’s contents network information Powered by Ericsson IPX 23
  24. 24. Mobile Identification Develop web applications with the Mobile Identification enabler to provide services based on consumer’s ID. The API consists of a simple web interface for identifying a consumer’s ID, usually the mobile phone number or an alphanumeric alias for which markets the consumer mobile phone number must be obfuscated. Powered by Ericsson IPX 24
  25. 25. Tag Tool Provide creation and flexible management of your Near Field Communication (NFC) tags Enables creation of NFC-tags and NFC based services Simple solution for creating tags using a web interface and mobile client 25
  26. 26. Mobile Sensor Actuator Gateway Use the Android SDK to develop applications using the on-board sensors of your mobile phone Easy to use API for retrieving the descriptions and data of the on-board sensors in standardized formats Mobile Sensor Actuator Gateway uses OGC SWE SensorML for descriptions and OGC Observations & Measurements for data 26
  27. 27. Web Connectivity Web applications in browsers or as widgets benefit from bi- directional communication with other applications running in servers or clients The Web Connectivity API allows you to connect and send messages between your web applications, pages and servers, using a unified addressing and messaging system 27
  28. 28. EventSource emulation EventSource is an API for receiving push messages “server- sent events” that is currently being standardized and implemented natively in browsers. The EventSource emulation enabler allows you to use the EventSource API already now in browsers that do not yet support server-sent events. Additionally, the enabler proxy allows you to set up your own server that provides a regular event-stream that will work with a native implementation of EventSource. 28
  29. 29. Cluster Constructor Create services that make intelligent decisions based on information from machine learning The result essentially helps your service to distinguish complex patterns and make intelligent decisions Two main components – Principal Component analysis – K-means clustering 29
  30. 30. Face Detector A way of locating faces in an image taken by mobile devices. Mobile Application Develop innovative mobile applications that require face Application specific code location information as input with the Face Detector Java ME™ components. Face Detector JavaME Library 30
  31. 31. Mobile Web Security Bootstrap The SIM is commonly used for getting cellular access, mobile connectivity and access to some mobile services The SIM proven security features can also be used for securing any mobile web applications This enabler provides an API for establishing a secret key between mobile web clients and web applications 31
  32. 32. Follow us Twitter | @EricssonLabs LinkedIn | Ericsson Labs 32