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The 3D Landscape API makes it possible to create innovative applications with realistic maps rendered in 3D. The downloadable software development kit provides simple access to functionality for retrieving, displaying and interacting with 3D maps in your application.

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3D Landscape on Labs

  1. 1. 3D Landscape A labs.ericsson.com enabler http://labs.ericsson.com/apis/3d-landscape/
  2. 2. 3D Landscape Use the Java ME™ or the Android SDK to develop applications with realistic 3D maps Easy to use API’s for displaying and controlling high quality 3D rendered maps Use the RESTful API for bird-view images Powered by C3 Technology map data 2
  3. 3. Why 3D Landscape? Devices like mobiles are used everywhere and are ideal for maps applications Realistic 3D maps for a unique feeling Simple API’s that are developed specifically for mobiles 3D Landscape from Ericsson Labs is a map solution tailored for mobile application demands 3
  4. 4. Main Features of 3D Landscape Realistic 3D images Advanced rendering engine for streamed 3D map data (Java ME and Android) Simple UI controls A RESTful API for bird-view images Free access to map data up to a limit 4
  5. 5. 3D Landscape SDK’s Render the 3D map view and handle communication towards the map server. The view is defined based on the target position and the position of the camera. 5
  6. 6. 3D Landscape RESTful web API Creates static jpg images based on user defined parameters Example: http://3dlandscape.labs.ericsson.net:8080/3dl/map/view3d?center=59.331,18. 063&size=640x480&viewpoint=45,45,300&type=birdview&key=xxx 6
  7. 7. 3D Landscape Overview Mobile Application Ericsson Labs 3D Landscape Server Application specific code 3D Map Data 3D landscape API library TCP/IP Communication interface Web client HTTP client RESTful Server HTTP 7
  8. 8. 3D Landscape JavaME Client API Java ME library that is easily included in many mobile applications Supported phones are most SonyEricsson models with Java platform at least JP-7 and support of Mascot Capsule V3 rendering engine The library provides the functionality of retrieving, displaying and interacting with maps from your application // Create a 3D Landscape object private Landscape3D landscape3d; landscape3d = new Landscape3D("MY DEVELOPER KEY", 59.312239f, 18.088393f, 3, 1); try { Graphics g = getGraphics(); while(true) { // Initiate Graphics ... int tri = landscape3d.draw3D(getHeight(),getWidth(),g); // Handle key presses and camera movement ... } ... 8
  9. 9. 3D Landscape Android Client API Library that is easily included in your Android mobile application Supports Android phones with version 1.5 and later public class Landscape3DExample extends Activity { // Define global vars private Landscape3D l3d = null; private View3D myView = null; ... @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); /* * Create the Landscape3D object */ l3d = new Landscape3D(KEY, 59.313239f, 18.088393f, this); myView = new View3D(this, l3d); ... // Set layout design with Message handling ... } } 9
  10. 10. 10