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  1. 1. DEVELOPING POTENTIAL IN YOUNG PEOPLEMUSIC PROMOTION & MARKETING:Date: 20th February, 2011Venue: Delhi Technological University- RithalaSnapshots from speaker presentations: (For more detail, please view the corresponding presentation)Indian Indie: Gaurav Vaz ( The Raghu Dixit Project)At the start:  No live venues  Few showsThings began to turn around with the Internet Revolution:  Greater connectivity across states in India  Recognition that original music was being composed across the countryInternationally:  India is slowly developing into a global music destination: Not just for international bands past their prime, but for newer talent.And now:  Mushrooming of live venues across the country  Bands touring nationally & internationally  High level of equipment availableFor more insight on the development of Indie music, quips and great pictures, check out Gaurav’s actualpresentation here (for link)Check out:“Band Building”: Sahil Makhija (Demonic Resurrection)Beginning with the basics:  The importance of developing a band identity.  Book your own shows  Create and sell your own merchandise  Make a demo tape, build your online profile  Develop a press kit: 1. Make sure the contact details are correct! 2. The band biography shouldn’t consist of personal details only; add your most recent achievements. ( More details on the same, in the press section) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ N-204 Greater Kailash, Part 1, New Delhi – 110048. T.: +91.11.46792243 E.: W.: A Registered Charitable Trust
  2. 2. 2 DEVELOPING POTENTIAL IN YOUNG PEOPLE  As a solo artist, begin composing music at home (for more details on the same, refer to our video resource from our Music production workshop).  Finding the right producer/studio is important  VALUE your musicCheck out: Media: Jishnu Dasgupta ( Swarathma)  Social media is a way to put out your identity  Create interesting content  Put information out in narrative form, reach out to your fans  Document your experiences!  Having more “friends” than “fans”  The internet serves as an opportunity to reach your fans, wherever they are- find them.  ACTION REPLAY: 1. Taking music to those who can’t usually access it 2. For more details: www.swarathma.comTips:  Maintain a database of fan email Id’s  Map your audience: If you have 500 fans in Lucknow, it’s a good idea to book a show in Lucknow.  If you’ve hired a cab to go from one place to another, give the driver a copy of your CD!Press passers will be prosecuted: Sahil Makhija & Neysa MendesNeysa:  Print media is the easiest to access in India, currently.  Online media is a rapidly growing fieldHow do you approach the press?  Make a database, send them new content regularly  Target the music writers, invite them to your gigsInside a press kit:  Add your most recent achievements in your press kit  Good photographs with 300 dpi minimum 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ N-204 Greater Kailash, New Delhi – 110048. T.: +91.11.46792243 E.: W.: A Registered Charitable Trust
  3. 3. 3 DEVELOPING POTENTIAL IN YOUNG PEOPLE  Bipgraphy (200-500 words), band member full names, significant milestones. Discography.  Don’t use fluff words. Be clear, specific! Give them information they can directly use  Include relevant links of your facebook page, twitter ID and website/blog. Include Quotes, add review by relevant people/ Press excerpts.  Make a hard copy of all the information  Make sure you mention contacts of your management/ members/ booking agency.  Ask famous people to quote something, even if it might sound cheesy!  Put useful and valid achievements- remember the press works differently from your audience; give them a reason to write about you!  Make songs or stories around important events – EG: If you are doing anything on festivals make a story around it and send it to press  You can write your own press release, then find contacts in papers and send it across. This works well if you are on a tour and travelling in different cities.  It is also good to be written about not only for your music but other aspects of music production and promotion. An example would be how the press wrote about Them Clone’s marketing strategy, post their album release.  Add media clippings in your press kit.  Add social media stats and outreach.  Try on do regular updates with pressCheck out Neysa’s column on Indie Music: a corporate proposal: Surojit Dev: Them Clones  Reference: Them Clones association with HP.  Its worth investing in a band/brand association, especially if you’re looking at earning money from your music.  Keep your proposal clear & specific: The brand manager should be able to clearly identify how he is benefiting from an association with you and your music  It is important to have a band identity to sell before approaching a sponsor- what works for the 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ N-204 Greater Kailash, New Delhi – 110048. T.: +91.11.46792243 E.: W.: A Registered Charitable Trust
  4. 4. 4 DEVELOPING POTENTIAL IN YOUNG PEOPLE clones, is their presence/image in the rock circuit.  Use high quality images/videos  Know what you want from the association: Its important to clarify deliverables from both sides  Be creative. Make everything seem larger than life!Check out: from the Q&A:Q: Do facebook ads work?A: Yes, because you can target the audience.Q: What about protecting your music?A: A lot of young musicians are obsessed with protection. You need to establish by a verifiable means thatyou produced it.Q: Should we sell our CD as a new band?A: Give it out for free in the beginning. Look at it from a long term perspective- look at your album as abusiness card.Q: What should we do before the album release?A: Create a strategy. Create a buzz. Give yourself some time. Have a house gig.In a nutshell:  The Independent industry is still developing, and is a very small circle of people, who are always willing to help out  Go to competitions: School/college/ external  Facebook and other forms of social media, can only take you so far. Nothing beats physically going out to network and meet people. 4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ N-204 Greater Kailash, New Delhi – 110048. T.: +91.11.46792243 E.: W.: A Registered Charitable Trust
  5. 5. 5 DEVELOPING POTENTIAL IN YOUNG PEOPLE 5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------N-204 Greater Kailash, New Delhi – 110048. T.: +91.11.46792243 E.: W.: A Registered Charitable Trust