Top ten seo mistakes to avoid


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Top ten seo mistakes to avoid

  1. 1. Seo Outsourcing india[ Top Ten SEO Mistakes to Avoid]Seo outsourcing india design and implement effective web promotion models for websites andachieve top search engine rankings, Top Seo Rankings and Improve Search Engine Ranking inGoogle, Yahoo and MSN. Get free quote or initial report of your site.
  2. 2. Top Ten SEO Mistakes to AvoidI Would like to talk about the Common Mistakes which We make in SEO Field. Thefollowing are the top mistakes that I have seen made over & over again by people trying toself-optimize their sites.1 ) Use Proper TitleTitles are the most important thing about a webpage. Search engines spiders see the title onyour page first & they make a general assessment about it based on this. They scan the page& be optimistic the content of the page matches the title & then assign rankings based onthese matches & how they best fit. The title tag is the best way to tell the search engine whatyour page is about, & they play an important part in rating if used properly. Placing yourmain identified keywords in the title & ensuring to obey the rule of leftward & stemming isvital - leftward rule, the closer the word to the left of the sentence the more important it is,stemming is where words can be associated but with words in-between i.e.: Great BlueWidgets when stemmed would permit Great Widgets. It is important to be positive your titlematches your page content, description & Meta keywords & in distinctive for your net site.Every page title & content ought to be distinguishing otherwise is will be rankedsupplemental.2 ) Filename of the pageIt is important in case you are using dynamic sites like Joomla or other content managementsystems that a search engine friendly URL translator is installed. Because I use Joomla everyday I will give details what I mean relating to Joomla. In Joomla (& most other dynamicsites) URLs like the normal Joomla URL"index.php?option=com_mtree&task=listcats&cat_id=1766&Itemid=35" drive the net site.The issue with these URLs is that they are unintelligible by humans & also by searchengines. Installing a search engine friendly URL part will change these pages to somethingmore significant & also including your keywords in these page names can help with SEO.The newly transformed search engine friendly URL would look like this "buy-blue-widgets.html". In case you do not have a dynamic net site then ensuring your page name isshort, to the point & contains your main keywords for that page possibly with a call to actionlike "buy" & "blue widgets".
  3. 3. 3 ) Duplicate or Bad ContentEnsuring your content is unique and relevant is vital in SEO success. Often sites duplicatecontent or bring in plagiarized content from other sites. It is my experience that these sitesfail dismally in search engine rankings. Write some first rate and unique content or perhapssearch online and find somebody who can actually write you first rate distinctive content fora fee. Make it nice, friendly and unique content that people will require to link to. In case youare listed in the supplemental index of Google then ensuring you titles, descriptions, Metakeywords and on page content is unique is the only way to drag them out of the supplementalindex.4 ) Not jogging a blogNot jogging a blog is a mistake because even if it directly may not affect your rankings (or itmay), you can rest assured that your competitors are using it to boost their search enginerankings to get highly relevant traffic.5 ) Lack of consistency and maintenance Of WebsiteIn case you require to be successful, you require to permanently optimize your site, keep an eye onthe competition and changes in the rating algorithms of search engines.6 ) Bad Internal Page LinksThey return to on page factors that you can work on within your web-site. It is important tomake sure that the anchor text linking to pages within your own web-site is relevant to thetarget page. Make sure the title tag is filled in also for each link. You have the greatest controlover links from within your own web-site so make sure they are relevant and that link titleand the on page copy match the main keywords of the target page.7 ) Live linksUsing some outside tools like the link checker that W3 Org offer is nice. I recommendharnessing as lots of tools as you can to be sure all of the links on your web-site are live,working and not sending people to 404 error pages. It is also important to check and be sureyour page markup, or html, xhtml, is valid so W3 also offer a gizmo to check this. Make useof both of these freely available tools.8 ) No use of header tagsHeader tags are important tags because they are supposed to highlight the substance of yourweb page. To generate heading people often use bigger fonts for the <p> tag which is wrong.Search engines look for important keywords within your header tags so always use them tohighlight the main points of your text, and if feasible, use the keywords within the headertags.9 ) Wrong choice of keywordsevery SEO hard work revolves around the chosen keywords & plenty of time & money isspent on obtaining a high rating for the keywords. All the hard work will go down the drain
  4. 4. in the event you focus on the wrong keywords. Carefully study what keywords & key phrasesyour target market is using to find what you need to offer, & then optimize accordingly. Usethe Free Keywords Tools. Never assume by yourself what keywords your target market isusing.10 ) Too Much Use Of Targeted Key-wordsPeople think the more keywords their pages have, the better is the chance of getting rankedhire; this is a complete misconception. too much use of keywords can get your net siteblacklisted on various search engines. Although you must have your keywords & theirsynonyms in your text they don’t must appear in every sentence. have them in the beginning,within your title & other header tags possibly as anchor text.Seo outsourcing india design and implement effective web promotion models for websites andachieve top search engine rankings, Top Seo Rankings and Improve Search Engine Ranking inGoogle, Yahoo and MSN. Get free quote or initial report of your site.