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IPhone Game Development

  1. 1. iPhone Game Development:Develop Games for iPhone in 4Simple Steps.24/02/2012
  2. 2. iPhone Game Development: Develop Gamesfor iPhone in 4 Simple Steps. iPhone game development market is flourishing, thanks to the efforts of thousands of creative companies and individuals involved in development games for iPhone.This article shows how individual developers and programmers can develop games and submit them to the iPhone app store. iPhone game development has helped a number of talented and creative developers to leave their day jobs and start working on their own projects. If even a single game of yours reaches the top of the iPhone app store, you can make thousands of dollars per day. Developing an interesting game that connects with iPhone users can changeyour life and free you from all your financial worries-and you do not have to be a hardcoreprogrammer to develop a game for iPhone.As long as you have a clear idea of the kind of game you wish to develop, you can train yourselfto develop that game for iPhone. Follow the below mentioned steps to stop being a wannabegame developer and turn into a bona fide member of iPhone game development (with your owngame on the iPhone app store!).Get the right kind of PC, understand the iPhone SDKTo develop games for iPhone, you require a PC with Intel Processor and MacOS X. You alsoneed a good internet connection and the ability to use the iPhone SDK. Your PC doesnt need tobe a huge, costly monster; a simple PC with a decent internet connection should do the job. Youcan download the iPhone SDK from its developer site for free and it got everything you need todevelop and test your game: development environment Xcode, reference library, interfacebuilder and iPhone simulator.Learn Objective C, practiceYou cannot embark on your journey as an iPhone game developer until you have a goodcommand over purpose C. If youre already good at C/C++, all you need to do is to getacquainted with the APIs of iPhone. You will without difficulty find all the other informationand assistance you need on the iPhone developers site. If you are at first step of the developmentladder, you can learn programming through introductory books and Objective C tutorials. Dontget hung up on theory, start making a program with Objective C and get as much hands-onexperience as you can get.
  3. 3. Join iPhone Developer Program, Get Ready for Hard Work:Once you have the right idea for iPhone game development in your mind, you need to puttogether a strong skill base to transform your thoughts into an iPhone game. Join the iPhoneDeveloper Program. You need to sign up for this program and agree to Apples terms andconditions to put up your finished game on the app store. Also, even if you are far from finishingyour iPhone game project, you will still need to register for this program to gain access to testyour code on actual iPhones. Your game development process can last from up to 2 months to ayear, or more-so gird your loins for an intense iPhone game development effort!Submit your game and start marketing itOnce you are ready with the final version of your game, you need to submit it to the iPhone appstore. If you complete the process without making any mistakes, the game will be establishedand put online within a week. You wont start making record sales in the first few days; you willhave to market your game and make it attractive to the users. Launching a Lite free version canbe a great way of making your game popular.SEO Outsourcing India our dedicated many other services IPhone Game Development, iPhonegames, Best iPhone game Development USA, iPhone Game Programming UK, Mobile gamedevelopment Canada, Top iPhone Game Development Netherlands, iPhone developmentcompanies Australia. We have ensured that our workforce is capable of handling all yourrequirements.