Concrete Coatings


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Epoxy Paint and Commercial Grade Marine Paints, Sealers for Concrete Floors, Decks, Pools - Government, Commercial Grade | Top Secret Coatings - Save 20% online.
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Concrete Coatings

  1. 1. CONCRETE COATINGSEpoxy Paint and Commercial Grade Marine Paints, Sealers forConcrete Floors, Decks, Pools - Government, CommercialGrade | Top Secret Coatings - Save 20% online.
  2. 2. TestimonialsThe U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S.M.C., U.S. Navy, U.S. Navy Department ofUndersea Warfare, U.S. Coast Guard, NASA, The White House, The UnitedNations, Department of the Interior, Department of Commerce, FleetIndustrial & Supply Center Norfolk, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, JointCommunications Support Element, U.S. Geological Survey, Federal AviationAdministration, U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research, Federal Bureau ofPrisons, U.S. Postal Service, Department of U.S. Customs and BorderProtection, U.S. Forest Service, U.S.
  3. 3. Floor Paint & CoatingsChoosing a complete packageeliminates the hassle of gathering allthe right products together. Whilebeing widely used by contractors incommercial applications they are wellliked by homeowners for epoxygarage floor coating and basementrenovation projects.
  4. 4. Floor CoatingsOnly Top Secret makesgovernment spec industrial floorcoatings available to the public!Our products offer anexceptionally high level ofperformance combined withremarkable value.
  5. 5. Swimming Pool Paint Chlorinated Alkyd features specially treated "chlorinated" resins which improve its resistance to constant submersion, saltwater, pool chemicals and intense UV. It provides superior color retention reducing chalking and fading. The cured finish is nontoxic when dry so it safe for children and fish. It is acceptable for use on most any surface.
  6. 6. Industrial Paints
  7. 7. Deck Paints &Coatings Key Features  Protects wood for more than 50Decade 50 Year Deck Paint Years! Warranty card sent with the last deck paint you  Easy to apply.will ever need. It creates an  No primer required.extraordinarily tenacious  Allows you to finish your deck inbond flexible enough to just one day.expand and contract with  Will not crack or peel.wood subject to extremes  Provides a high level of wear weather, intense UV,  Low odor.and pool chemicals for  Low VOC.decades.
  8. 8. Interior & Exterior House Paint Key Features Hard-Shell Exterior Paint is a premium grade 100% acrylic Protects for more than 10 Yearsguaranteed. exterior paint intended toResists staining, mold and mildew.Self-priming on bare wood in to coats. outperform contractor andMay be applied directly to existingpaint. home center brands. ItResists cracking and peeling. provides a high level ofWill not splatter.Withstands intense UV and extreme protection, lasting beauty,temperatures.Low odor. elegance and colorLow VOC.10 year guaranty. enhancement to most any exterior or interior surface.
  9. 9. About UsTop Secret Coatings Inc. is a supplier to federal, State and municipal agencies and to a variety foreign of government agencies across the globe. We have a GSA contract for hundreds of products many of which are made available to contractors and the public.Remember the controversy a few years back about the Air Force paying $2000 for toilet seats? We remind you of this incident because this story really demonstrates how government/mil spec materials are often over specified and over built.
  10. 10. Contact Us ADDRESS: Top Secret Coatings 18701 58th Ave N.E. Building 43 1-877-568-2168 Arlington WA. 98223Do you need product data, help with your materials list or technical information fast?Please feel free to call us! Unlike many companies these days we personally answermost incoming phone calls.