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Case study how river pools made $2.5 million in sales from a single article


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A lot of people are still doubting whether content marketing will work for them or not. A lot of small business entrepreneurs are already enjoying the dividends of content marketing. River pools is one of them. It is a content marketing business case that is worth reading. It will inspire and challenge you.

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Case study how river pools made $2.5 million in sales from a single article

  1. 1. CASE STUDY: How River pools made $2.5 million in Sales from a Single article By Hephzibah Asaolu
  2. 2. River Pools was established by Jason Hughes and Jim Spies. Marcus Sheridan later joined the company. The company is into swimming pool installation and hot tubs throughout Maryland and Virginia. Initially, the company found it difficult to find its footing as there are larger manufacturers in the industry, which makes it hard for a small, young company like River pools to compete online. However, Marcus found a way out when he changed his mentality about the business. "I used to see my company as a "pool company'. We installed lots of swimming pools and therefore we were a pool company. "In hindsight, though, this mentality was all wrong," He says. "Today, I see my business as a content marketing company. In other words, my entire goal is to give more valuable, helpful and remarkable content to consumers than anyone else in my field, which will in turn lead to more sales". Marcus started out by publishing a post about "how much it cost to install a fiberglass pool". It is a useful piece of data. He tracked the result by using a web- tracking tool and discovered that this single post made the company over $2.5 million in sales. The business then, was generated $5 million a year. Seeing the massive result generated by content marketing, Marcus started publishing a steady stream of blog posts and videos one to three times a week. He also created an e-book on the subject of "how to buy a pool - without getting ripped off". He created educative and informative swimming pool on the company's website. The company sold more fibreglass pools than any other company in the United in 2009. It is among the top 5% of all in-ground pool companies.
  3. 3. The website today is an encyclopedia of pool buying contents and the company is able to compete favorably with its competitors. Marcus Referred to the content he creates as "the ultimate gift that keeps on giving" at every stage of a pool buyer's company. When prospects are looking for pool buying information, the contents bring them to the River Pools site and hooks their attention. When they get to the stage of narrowing their choices, River's pool content is there to give them a narrowed alternative and assist them to evaluate their choices. After the purchase, the company continues to engage their customers with a resource for pool owners, such as "Why do I have air bubbles in my pool? A troubleshooting guide". You can see from the case study above, how River pools create content that meets buyer's needs throughout the sales funnel. Why not include content marketing in your marketing plan in this new year and see how it will transform your business. For more information on content creation, contact us. ************************************************************* I invite you to check out my blog and read interesting posts that will help you to skyrocket your business to the next level. ABOUT HEPHZYSOCIAL READY TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Then you are in the right place. Here's the deal:
  4. 4. If you need contents to: * Generate leads to follow up by sales and marketing teams * Help your sales team close sales more quickly * Generate interest in your products * Build and repair public opinion about your brand and products * Develop friends and fans who interact with your brand socially * Help customers get the most from your products Then you are in the right place. HOW HEPHZYSOCIAL CAN HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS I'm a big believer that every online marketer must master the art of content marketing and promotion. But with the increasing amounts of information out there, how can you find practical techniques that will help you to achieve the goals highlighted above? That's where Hephzysocial comes in. Hephzysocial has grown into one of the most popular content marketing sites on the web for one simple reason: Everything I publish is super actionable and designed to help you get more leads, customers and sales. You can get in touch with me through my contact page or send a mail to