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Equipment list


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List and description of all equipment being used in my opening scene

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Equipment list

  1. 1. Equipment Sony Video Camera – HDR-CX7 To filmmyopeningscenes,Iwill be usingmySony Handycam (HDR-CX7) insteadof acannon 1100D/600D. I have chosento use thiscamera foritsfollowingabilitiesand reasons:  Lightweight–15 ounceswithbattery, cardand strap  Swingout,2.7 inchscreenforfilmingdifficultangles  Zoomlever,forsmoothandstabilisedzooming  ShootsinAVCHDquality  Small/handheldwithbuiltinstabiliserforsmooth,‘onthe move’filming My openingscene consistsof manyoverthe shouldershotsandalsoshots that require astill,stable,levelshot.Therefore,Iwillbe usingatripodto simplystabilise the cameraandkeepitlevel.Ialsohave a few tracking shotsand inorder to walkwiththe cameraI have decidedtouse a tripod for thisas well foraddedstability.The tripodalsoallowsme torotate/pan duringfilmingandIcan obviouslyadjustthe heightof the legsand‘stem’ dependantonthe anglesrequired. To capture andstore my footage I will obviouslyneedanSDCard. I am usinga 32GB card to maximise the footagethatIcan filmatany pointandI shouldn’t have to worryabout itfillingupduringfilming.Itallowsme tokeepall my footage inone place that I can lookat and compare duringand afterfilming.It alsomeansthat I can do as manyre-shootsonall my shotsas I like andstill have lotsof space left. Tripod 32GB SD Card
  2. 2. I will be usingmycameraas a propmainlybutI alsoconsider it to be part of myequipmentaswell.Thisisbecause Iwill actuallybe takerphotosand thenhavingthemonscreen afterI take them. The videocameraI am using,althoughis capable of takingstill photos,theywill notbe of adequate qualitytobe blownupfull screenin-betweenmyclips. Panasonic DMC-FZ5