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AMAP - Perfotec TOP - flyer baby carrots 2013


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AMAP - Perfotec TOP - flyer baby carrots 2013

  1. 1. Baby carrots Perfotec empirical evidencePerfotec empirical evidencePerfotec empirical evidencePerfotec empirical evidence Literature data optimal storage condition and empirical evidence of the Perfotec system Baby carrots packed in microperforated pillow bags in a controlled chilled chain have less whitening and become less dry compared to those packed in macroperforated pillow bags. The experimental data with the Perfotec system, comprising of a Perfotec Fast Respiration Meter, AMAP website and Perfotec laser with automatic OTR control, confirmed this. Baby carrots packed in microperforated film had no weight loss. Optimal O2 and CO2 concentration for storage of baby carrots at maximum 7 °C are both 5 to 10%. Regular measurement of respiration rate is needed to allow the right response to large variations in respiration rate of cultivars, storage conditions and time and processing conditions. Fact based adjustment of the laser microperforations per package works in practice. The potential of the Perfotec system on shelf life improvement of baby carrots has been proven. SummarySummarySummarySummary If you are interested into more details like the list of references please feel free to contact us at More information on the technology can be found at: Want to know more?Want to know more?Want to know more?Want to know more? TOP B.V. Agro Business Park 10 6708 PW Wageningen The Netherlands Phone +31 317 466270 |
  2. 2. PackagingPackagingPackagingPackaging O2O2O2O2 [%][%][%][%] CO2CO2CO2CO2 [%][%][%][%] Overall qualityOverall qualityOverall qualityOverall quality judgementjudgementjudgementjudgement Microperforated film A 8 6 8 (less white & dry) Macroperforated film A 17 4 6 (white & dry) Microperforated film B 15 5 7 (less white & dry, less taste) Macroperforated film B 10 20 7 (a bit white & wet) Cultivar, originCultivar, originCultivar, originCultivar, origin RR (C)O2 value inRR (C)O2 value inRR (C)O2 value inRR (C)O2 value in mlmlmlml air/kg.24hrair/kg.24hrair/kg.24hrair/kg.24hr T[°C]T[°C]T[°C]T[°C] RefRefRefRef.*.*.*.* Nandor, France 400 10 6 Nandor, grated France 2000 10 6 Unknown, grated Belgium at 3% O2 500 7 7 Baby carrots, the Netherlands 1200 7 10 Literature dataLiterature dataLiterature dataLiterature data Experimental dataExperimental dataExperimental dataExperimental data Experimental set upExperimental set upExperimental set upExperimental set up Baby carrots Storage conditions: 7 °C Evaluation criteria and methods: sensory on day 0, 7, 14 and 21 Per type 20 packagings were being made Respiration rateRespiration rateRespiration rateRespiration rate Few rates have been reported showing the impact of processing.Benefits and issues of MAP packedBenefits and issues of MAP packedBenefits and issues of MAP packedBenefits and issues of MAP packed babybabybabybaby carrotscarrotscarrotscarrots During shelf life baby carrot quality loss can be off flavor development, acidification, firmness loss and (white) discoloration. Respiration rates of processed carrots are high and increase with an increase in cutting surface. Anaerobic conditions quickly occur when baby carrots are being packed in MAP flexible film bags, giving quality loss due to fermentation (6). More open films (OTR > 25.000) have shown beneficial effects but the COTR needs to be equal too (5, 6). But too open films cause weight loss and white blush formation (5, 9). Optimal O2 and CO2 conditions reported in time for processed carrots range from: o 2-10% O2 and 10-40% CO2 @ 8 °C gives better sugar content retainance but spoilage due to rapid lactic acid bacteria growth can occur (3) o 10-20% O2 and 1-10% CO2 @ 3-8 °C (4) o 5% O2 and 5% CO2 @ 5 °C (2) o 10-15 O2 and less than 10% CO2 @ 5 °C (1) Baby carrot quality is largely affected by microbiological spoilage (8). Lactic acid bacteria are predominant on processed carrots, giving high CO2 levels in pillow bags having relatively low COTR values (7, 8). A recent study did show in a flow through set up with humidified air that a 5 % O2 and 15% CO2 environment reduced respiration rate and maintained the shelf life of commercially prepared baby carrots for up to 8 days at 4 °C based on the scores for flavor, whiteness and visual appearance (9). The above given information suggest an optimal range of the atmosphere of packed baby carrots of 3- 8% O2 and 5 – 15% CO2 at 7 °C. *Available via TOP at 21 days after packing Perfotec system microperforated versus macroperforated Film A Film B