Passport tracking


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Passport tracking

  1. 1. US Passport TrackingThe US Passport tracking service allows you to keep a check on your application status. Having apassport with at least a 5 months remaining validity is essential for international travel. So applying fora fresh passport or renewal of the old one is very common. Everyone hence wants to know about thestatus of their passport application after applying so that they can plan for an international tour. Onceyou have applied for the passport then after 4 to 5 days you can track the processing of yourapplication.How to check status of passport application?In order to use the service of US Passport Tracking system, following steps are to be followed.  One has to visit the official website of the passport office.  By clicking on the application status tab you will be allowed to check the status. In doing so you have you enter your name, date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number. Your name should consist of suffixes and appropriate hyphens for example Jones III or Jackson-Smith.  The passport portal also provides a service for the convenience of its users. According to this service you can have automatic emails regarding your application updates. To use this service all one has to do is to register it by adding the valid email address.  Another way of knowing about the status of the application is contacting the information centre. These centres could be approached in case of other passport related problems.What should be done before tracking?In case you want to avail the facility of US Passport Tracking system then before entering thepersonal information and other details regarding your account, one must review the policy, othernotices and disclaimer of the department carefully. After reading it you have to click in the box so asto admit that you agree with all the norms. After this you would be allowed to enter your name, date ofbirth and security number and the details regarding the application status will be made available toyou. It is advisable not to refresh or click back button while processing as the data could be lost whiledoing so.Benefits of passport trackingImagine a situation when have vacations coming in a few days and you are planning for aninternational trip with your family but do not have a passport. Then you would obviously apply for it soas to get it soon. Now after applying for it you every day you would be curious to know about theprocessing status of your application. Then at that time this service called US Passport Trackingsystem comes into action and could help you to remove this anxiety. Also this service will let youknow about your date of dispatch of passport. So in case you did not receive it within the proper timeafter the dispatch you must contact either the post office or the passport help centers as here chancesof misplacing or lost can be found.