Importance of the accountable care organization


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The importance of ACOs or Accountable Care organizations lies in the fact that they offer organized and coordinated health care services which at the same time is both cost effective and of high quality.

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Importance of the accountable care organization

  1. 1. The Importance of the Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)The importance of ACOs or Accountable Care organizations lies in the fact that they offerorganized and coordinated health care services which at the same time is both cost effectiveand of high quality. However it is difficult to achieve perfection through ACOs services unlessthe system structure is well planned and the plan well executed.According to experts all Accountable Care Organizations should be supervised by experiencedmedical practitioner and should be primarily focused on enhancing care quality for patients. Atpresent there are various private health care centres under reputed physicians which functionsas ACOs. The reason behind the growth of such health centres is payment incentives whichhave been designed to curtail medical expenses and to help build a favorable mechanism togain access in American healthcare industry.There has been a great debate amongst medical researchers over the matter as to whetherACOs are effective system in an economy like America or not. According to a report issued bythe commonwealth fund about 54 % of medical supervisors vote that Accountable CareOrganization is an effective model that proficiently caters to health care problem across overpopulated American states. The congressional budget firm calculated that Accountable careorganizations which have been modeled on Shared Savings Scheme can actually save federalgovernment’s treasury upto Five Billion Dollars (2011 to 2019)The concept of Accountable care organization as conceived by the government has beendeveloped to cover areas that lie within the reach of medical insurances. People who have filedforms of insurance whether with public or private insurers can take advantage of facilitiesprovided by ACOs. The benefit that an individual can reap by paying for ACOs is to consultexpert physicians regarding health care know-how and treatment. Part from this the patientwill also have the assurity that the health care services provided are of best quality and withinthe individual’s budget.The Accountable Care Organization program has many sub clauses explaining legal disclaimer,governance issues, conditions of partnering with healthcare centers, risk management,employment agreements and more. It is important that service seekers first understand thecomplication of the process and then decide upon whether they want to take on insurancecover for ACOs or not. For this matter consulting with a practiced insurer, one who isknowledgeable enough to explain ACOs system is a better option.
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