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Top line recruiting introduction


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Published in: Business, Career
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Top line recruiting introduction

  1. 1. Why use Top Linefor Sales Recruiting? presented by
  2. 2. Finding great salespeople can be hard... ...not finding them can be much harder!
  3. 3. You could do it on your own, but..... ...this is what clients say they feel like when they search for their own sales
  4. 4. Sometimes they place an advertisement.... ...and get too many bad CV’
  5. 5. Sometimes they hire a traditional recruiter.... ...who over-promises, under-delivers, and charges too much for little or no
  6. 6. Top Line is different...’s
  7. 7. We only work with salespeople... • No Marketing • No PR • No IT • No Finance.... Just Sales!
  8. 8. Top Line Candidates... ...must pass a sales assessment
  9. 9. About the Test • Only 40% of salespeople in Hungary pass • Test developed and used for 20 years • 500,000 tests used so far (Globally) • 95% of those who pass are successful • 92% of those are in top half of revenue producers in their company after one
  10. 10. Top Line Candidates... ...are interviewed twice by experienced SALES professionals; once for a general first impression, and once about each specific job they are recommended
  11. 11. Top Line Candidates... ...are carefully matched to each opportunity by both general criteria and job specific
  12. 12. Our Goal... that you should meet great candidates that offer a great choice no matter which one you
  13. 13. Why Choose Because your business runs on sales revenue........and revenue producers are what we help you find
  14. 14. +36.30.452.4994