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Workers compensation academic assignment essay -

  1. 1. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on workers compensation 1 rs pe Research paper on Workers Compensation Your Name Pa University Professor de July 31, 2009 rapGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  2. 2. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on workers compensation 2 Abstract rs Workers compensation is an insurance system that issues cash payments and providing pe medical care for the people who get injured or died during their work time. This is given them to for the purpose of the compensation to avoid them to file a case against the company. This is a system which boosts the confidence of the workers regarding work processes and Pa vanish their threat of getting injured or some other incidence. Similarly it also tells us that the drawback of this system is the false claims and boosting costs of the firms. There are many strategies are being used like case management and the precautionary treatments to reduce de the cost of worker compensations. In this research paper we focus on the California steals industry that provide a major share of steel production to the world, this is the company ra which provides heavy workers compensations to get high morale of the employees.pGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  3. 3. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on workers compensation 3 Workers Compensation: rs It is an insurance system that issues cash payments and providing medical care. These pe payments are regardless of fault, to employees who are injured, disabled or died during the course of their employment for their compensation and to reduce the threats of the sue against company. State law requires the benefits be paid. History of Workers Compensation: Pa de Workers compensation laws were first developed during the early 1900s when industrial age was grooming and there were a developing industries and it resulted in growing numbers of industrial injuries. Before these laws were developed, workers injured on the job often were ra not treated well and compensation was not granted when an employee got injured due to the industry operations or due to the machinery used in the factory from their employers or frompG the peer workers. In 1910, representatives of various state commissions met at a conference in Chicago and they drafted the Uniform Workmens Compensation Law. Although this law was not adopted properly, this uniform law became the basis for state workers compensationTo laws and regulations. Till 1963 almost in all the states of USA these laws were adopted. Strengths and weaknesses of the Workers Compensation: The workers compensation system is basically a system and law that was developed for the benefits of the employees. Indirectly it has potential benefits for the industry too. It is obvious GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  4. 4. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on workers compensation 4 when you have happy and satisfied employee without any type of external threat like medical, causalities and incidents within a workplace, then the company has more chances for the maximum output within the limited resources, time and budget. As the happy employees always has a higher motivation level and affection towards their work and towards rs their company. They feel for their company and work efficiently and effectively. If we see it on other side of the coin, we will find this system as an extra cost to the company except pays pe and expenses. The employers are obliged to pay for it. That increases the overall cost of the manufacturing and decreases the company’s profits. Similarly in the worker’s compensation system all you have to prove is that you were at the work place. The workers compensation Pa does not testify that you may have been on fault or not; if a worker gets injury at the work place then he is entitled to be given worker compensation. That is also a point which is de widely misused by the employees at the work place. That is to be considered as the major weakness of this system which does not only increase cost but also an unethical behaviour among the employees. ra Relevancy and the current trends of the Workers Compensation:pG Many of the workers compensation claims are legitimate. But they are lacking witness and other required things. Due to above mentioned weaknesses of this system; new trends were developed in the market. These new practices are basically to reduce the false claims andTo investigating truly deserving employees for the claim approvals. In some of companies such practices are launched that reduces the accident causalities and the health problems related to the work place. For this purpose the manufacturing plant, environment and other factors are closely observed and use the possible precautionary measurements to reduce the impact on the health. For example use of gloves, special dresses at the places where germs attack rate is higher. Similarly boosting cost is also be controlled by the use of the case management. It is GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  5. 5. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on workers compensation 5 an increasing popular cost-control option. It is the treatment of the injured employees on a case-by-case basis by an assigned manager, usually a registered nurse, who coordinates with the physicians and health plan to determine which care settings are the most effective for quality care and cost. In all these processes the relevancy of the current actions with the rs worker compensation laws should be regulated. pe The Martin Marietta Corporation & analysis on the outcomes: California Steel industry is the only West Coast steel supplier manufacturing five different Pa product lines: hot rolled, pickled and oiled, galvanized and cold rolled sheet, and electric resistance welded pipe. In most of its product groups, they have the broadest production capabilities on the West Coast. They compete with other western U.S. steel manufacturers, de domestic suppliers from east of the Rocky Mountains, and with imported steel from around the world. In the previous years, steel industry is such a field in which the chances of the ra accidents and the other causalities are very familiar. The CSI is one the industry that provides heavy compensation to its employees and workers if they get any type of causality duringpG work hours. It is because if they do not do so, then an example would be set that CSI does not give compensation to the employee for the injury or to his/her family for the death then employee moral would go down. And most of the workers would not like to work for CSI.To Similarly they would avoid going near fire, hot iron and etc. This way the efficiency and the productivity can be affected. For this reason the CSI provides heavy workers compensations. California steels industry says that they are committed to quality, productivity, teamwork, and the betterment of our company. They offer a competitive compensation and benefit package. Employees share in the success of our company, through their profit sharing program and workers compensation. By using such statements and benefits, CSI actually GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  6. 6. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on workers compensation 6 encourages the workers to work for them. As there are huge benefits, some employees were misusing these benefits. That was increasing cost for the CSI. So the CSI has launched case management system for the claims of the causalities to reduce false claims. It is helping them to reduce major cost. Similarly the company has also provided the workers with the special rs dresses to be save from the fire and heat. That is also increasing workers confidence for the work atmosphere and by these means the CSI is progressing a lot and having a large number pe of satisfied workers relative to other competitors and industries. Pa de rapGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  7. 7. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on workers compensation 7 References rs Books: pe P. S. Barth and H. Hunt, (1980) Workers Compensation and Work Related Illnesses and Diseases Pa A. Millus et al., (1980) Workers Compensation: Law and Insurance. Websites: de ra GET YOUR WORK DONE BY