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Ipr economical academic essay assignment - www.topgradepapers.com

  1. 1. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY www.TopGradePapers.com Introduction: past decades, it has been seen that most of the economies are moving towards economies where the ownership of the assets are in private hands, but now the trend has transformed its pace and it rs has taken turn to move to the new system which is intellectual capitalism. (Vassiliadis, B & Fotopoulos, V, 2007, p 84) interpreted intellectual capitalism as a knowledge or information economy in which intellectual capital (Non Tangible Capitalized Assets) in some sense is pe dominant. This industry, these days especially, has become the most important and vital for all the developed economies, on the whole, because this is the most growing and feasible industry; as it has highest potential for growth both domestically and internationally, as well. According to (Carnes, R & Hudgins, C, 2009, p 1) indicate that there has been always a debate that copyright Pa is harming a culture but in reality it is not true. Actually the pirates are the ones that are harming culture. Emergence of the culture comes when the rights of the radical innovators are secure. The evidence of this can be seen from the American music and movies industry where the rights of de creators are preserved (Carnes, R & Hudgins, C, 2009, p 1). The Intellectual capital industry, with its highest growth prospects, is also prone to many important issues related to creation, use, and distribution of the digital content through e-commerce channels. rapGTo 1 GET YOUR WORK DONE BY www.TopGradePapers.com
  2. 2. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY www.TopGradePapers.com Intellectual Capital needs Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), to motivate and secure the return of the person behind the innovation of the product or producing a valuable document or coming up with amusing sound tracks. The argument by (Carnes, R & Hudgins, C, 2009, p 1) goes with the discussion that intellectual property rights are causing harm to the society as a whole because rs they restrict the flow of products which are representation of our culture so they restrict the flow of sharing the culture. On the contrary, it is argued that IPRs are the baseline for motivating the individuals to come up with the innovative products and hence they contribute to the well being pe of whole of the society in the form of growth and newer technologies (Vassiliadis, B & Fotopoulos, V, 2007, p 86). Pa This issue is apart, initially the main problem is discussed which is the protection of this industry and safety from the malpractices which surpass the security barriers and misuse or steal the material from online libraries or wherever they are stored (Form: B2C or B2B). This has been de done with the use of technology, as technology provides opportunities for convenience and growth, at the same time it also pose threats because new technology brings new methods of malpractice with it. The digital media in the form of still images, video, sound, and multimedia shows potential for growth and improvements in their use because of higher enhance human ra machine interaction in almost all the form of business. ‘E-commerce channels have become a primary distribution channel for the digital media market. This thing has brought a dramatic growth and as well as losses in terms of transferring and sending illegal copies (Vassiliadis, B &pG Fotopoulos, V, 2007, p 79). According to the U.S intellectual property rights, the motion picture industry of U.S has faced the loss of $1.5 billion, record and music industry faced the loss of $2.3 billion due to piracy issues for the year 2003. The significant amount of loses have come due to the exchanging of pirated or illegal copies through internet (Vassiliadis, B & Fotopoulos,To V, 2007, p 80). IPR has been emerging as safety measures of the intellectual capital from all malpractice activities in order to save the intellectual capital market. There are three major categories of IPR protection are: copyright protection, trademark and digital products. There are various protection techniques such as prevention systems, digital watermarking (a technique used for copy detection), are becoming extremely popular (Article 2). These techniques can not eliminate the piracy but rather discourage it by supporting detection of stolen copyrighted GET YOUR WORK DONE BY www.TopGradePapers.com
  3. 3. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY www.TopGradePapers.com material. Data Rights Management systems have been proposed for the efficient and complete protection of digital content and management of licenses (Article 2). In order to manage, a new and complete system to protect the online content has provided the rs opportunities and complete solution to IPR (Article 2). The benefit of this system is that it can be used with the software a company uses to manage its online selling business, so the DRM system integrates with the current corporate system easily offering opportunities for growth and pe increasing efficiency. This is also very cost effective because to implement this software, there is no need for process reengineering, current system is well integrated and the software costs less; payments for the software are paid according to the usage of the service like the content which is Pa saved for the company, instigate cost savings of the company in the form of saved content misuse and steal of the product available online, further distribute costs for the usage of the software; the cost incurred for safety is minimal compared to the costs and misuse saved. DRM woks as independent software, because the DRM service provider authority gets the data from de the company to be sold on net and then takes on the responsibility of safety and proper distribution with the usage of tailored business model. According to Rossenbalt (2002), there are two major definitions of DRM systems; one encompasses the encryption techniques mainly, ra which is referred as narrow technique, and the other one is broader one which extends to the rights management by using the techniques.pG There are some new techniques introducing in the market that are related to the image processing which can also seen as a perfect solution for images and videos related content on the web (Article 1). These methods can be used to discontinue the illegal attempts to access the digital content available on net. Sometimes watermarks are visible to the humans and sometimes theyTo are hidden and not brought on screen but the software confirms its authentic source and access the site which initiates the illegal usage. One of the main concerns that each company has in a decision to adopt DRM system is security. There is no DRM system which can offer perfect security from the misuse and malpractice of the content available online, especially due to high costs associated with perfection. Some technologies either prevent the illegal use and other the reuse of digital Content, so total protection is a challenge most of the time with the usage of one selective technology keeping in view the cost constrains (Article 2). GET YOUR WORK DONE BY www.TopGradePapers.com
  4. 4. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY www.TopGradePapers.com Watermarks offering the advantage by offering multiple watermarks which run check more than once, but they are not always reliable alone. It is necessary to work with other procedures, and companies’ business model must adapt and check for durability. The major problem with rs security and protection is related to the deadlock, when a fake watermark is inserted and it becomes difficult to track the true ownership (Article 2). pe The extensive growth of digital media usage has offered a lot of challenges for security problems, related to distribution and sales, most of the time. This need has given birth to the extensive need of the development of new security methods, which extensively adapt to the Pa current business model and reduce the costs to its optimum level. The recommendations to improve the IPR are as follows;  According to the research, B2C model has facing more challenges. In order to cope up de with this issue, businesses should implement the proper and reliable systems.  Businesses should not give more attention to software costs, because these are ra significantly less than the losses that a business might face due to the piracy or other issues. If companies use relatively cheap software and its reliability is below satisfactory than they might have to bear low net income and more losses as compared to thepG expensive software.  Intellectual Capital provides us with many advantages, therefore different countries should form an international council or committee that provides IPR servicesTo internationally to the companies. Especially it would be very helpful to Multi – National Companies. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY www.TopGradePapers.com
  5. 5. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY www.TopGradePapers.com References: Rick Carnes & Coley Hudgins, (August 2009), COPYRIGHT IS CRUCIAL FOR CULTURE; Strong Intellectual-Property Rights Have Helped The Arts And The Economy, Nielsen Business rs Media. Bill Vassiliadis & Vassilis Fotopoulos, (2007), IPR Protection for digital media distribution: Trends and solutions in the E-Business domain, Hellenic Open University, Greece. pe Pa de rapGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY www.TopGradePapers.com